Stabila Levels Review Guide: Electronic And Magnetic Level Sets For Sale

Whether you’re planning a Do It Yourself project or going for broke and starting a new business as a building contractor or home repair professional, the Stabila level is the brand to get. It’s accurate, modern, and has an excellent reputation for delivering the goods. In short, there’s very low probability of a back job because of the Stabila levels. However, let Stabila level sets tell you their story:

How It All Began

The mid 1880s was the start of the industrial revolution in Europe. Germany was building and one man, Gistav Ulrich, had a construction company that was booming. When his son Anton took over the business, he saw that carpenters had to work with a yardstick so he decided to create a tool that would be more than the length of one yardstick. This became the Ulrich Hinged Ruler. New designs in levels soon followed with aged teak as the main material. Later on light metal alloys were used. Their company motto was and remains, “Small but Fine” and it encompasses the concept of Stabila levels and other Stabila tools. In short, they may not be an expansive company, instead preferring to maintain quality over creating quantity.

Today, Stabila has a patent in its level design that remains unchallenged. It is a tool line that is sold in more than 50 countries around the world. Without a doubt, it is an expensive line but the approach of the company is to sell Stabila levels that will last customers a lifetime; if it gets passed from father to child, so much the better.

The Stabila Levels Warranty

For the US and Canada, the Stabila levels warranty for the spirit levels covers almost everything except if you bend the tool. The warranty covers the vials in the levels against fogging, leaking and problems with accuracy.

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As for the electronic levels, the limited warranty is a 2 year period that covers repairs on factory defects. An owner will have to provide the official receipt when filing a claim on their warranty.

The Kinds of Stabila Levels for Sale

There is a wide range of Stabila levels for sale. The manner in choosing the one that will be perfect for you would depend on whether it’s for personal use, frequent use, the kind of work required, or if it’s going to be part of your business tools.

Your choices in regular levels are:

  • Heavy duty Level Type 196
  • General Construction Level Type 80A-2
  • General Construction Level Type 196 LED
  • Professional Grade for Homeowners Type 70A-2

Your choices in Stabila magnetic levels:

  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Level Type 96M
  • General Construction Magnetic Level Type 80A-2M
  • Plate Level 2 Type 106T
  • Plate Level 2 Type 106TM

Your choice in Stabila electronic levels are: (There are models of the electronic levels that have been discontinued like the Magnetic TECH Level Type 196M and the 196E)

  • TECH Level Type IP65 3rd Generation
  • Magnetic TECH Level Type IP65 3rd Generation

There are new Stabila levels that have also been introduced like the Pocket Torpedo, Mason’s Level, and the Pocket Level.

The Big Question: Are Stabila Levels Really 100% Accurate?

Is it all just a brand name with an excellent marketing strategy or are the Stabila levels really 100% accurate? This is the question that boggles most beginners or soon-to-be DIY experts, and the answer can be found in the technology and design of the levels.

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To check the horizontal accuracy of your work, here are some simple instructions to follow:

  1. Put the level in a flat surface
  2. Mark one end of the surface
  3. Note the reading on the bubble
  4. Rotate the level 180 degrees and position it exactly on your mark
  5. Read what’s on the bubble. If the readings are the same, then your level is accurate

If you are using a brand other than Stabila, it’s possible to get inaccurate readings and then proceed with the succeeding steps in your DIY project. You’ll only realize that the readings were inaccurate when you come to a standstill in your project. Something does not fit or measure up. This means you have to backtrack and find the source of the problem. Having a tool you can depend on will prevent situations like these. Stabila levels have been around for so long and if it did not perform with 100% accuracy, it wouldn’t have become the most sought-after brand in levels in the professional world.

Other Features of the Stabila Levels:

  • The vial designs on the spirit levels are consistent whether in an upright position or upside down
  • Vials are easy to read
  • The bubble are ultra sensitive and precise using spring-steel slither thin indicators
  • It’s a tough tool and can handle being dropped, banged on, heavy handedness, and all the normal wear and tear of a busy construction site
  • Accuracy is certified and comes with a lifetime guarantee for non-electronic levels
  • All levels are made in Germany. The company does not outsource their manufacturing
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What’s The Feedback from Real Honest-To-Goodness Users?

If you don’t have an expert to ask regarding the Stabila levels, then you should look up feedback online or check with your local hardware store; people who sell hardware can certainly recommend the right tools for your DIY job. Stabila levels are consistently recommended 90% of the time because no one wants to recommend an iffy tool.

The most distressing feedback you could find from anyone is about the price. However, being an investment and hopefully something you will be using regularly for repairs or new construction projects, the price should be considered a proper response to the quality and superiority of the Stabila brand. You get to save on time, money, and effort.

There are cheaper brands but they are not slim type so it can appear to be bulkier and less compact. Your main concern other than competitive brands would more likely be whether to invest in the electronic Stabila levels or stick with the original non-magnetic models. Either type guarantees accuracy with the main difference being seen in the warranty period.

For new users who may use glasses, experts highly recommend Stabila levels because they’re easy to read. The IP 65 models can be used in any weather conditions but have to be kept away from being dropped into water. The electronic levels will need calibration periodically to keep them accurate.

If you want to do a job perfectly, you need the right tools. So far Stabila levels have consistently proven that they just plain work. For many folks, professional or hobbyist, there’s nothing more you could possibly ask for.


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