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The Spetsnaz shovel is a small metal hand tool and is one of the most popular and specialized weapons of the elite Russian Special Forces. For trained soldiers, it is not just a simple shovel or spade used for digging, but it serves several functions from hand to hand combat as a sharp weapon and as a shield, up to even deflecting a fast moving bullet. It has sharpened edges which make it a deadly weapon, although there are no documented reports that it was used for actual combat in recent times.

What is Spetsnaz? The Russian army Special Forces were originally called the Spetsnaz. They are regarded as the elite best trained force of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This group is deployed on special missions like counter terrorism attacks and for highly skilled operations including assassinations, sabotage and stealing vital information from the enemies. Their training includes extreme physical and mental endurance exercises, and they are considered the counter part of the elite US Navy Seals and the Delta Force of United Kingdom.

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

Cold Steel is a company committed to provide its customers the world’s sharpest and strongest knives. It has been serving its customers for over 30 years now through online purchasing, and mail and phone ordering only.  Among its best products is its Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel. It is almost an exact replica of the original Soviet Spetsnaz special shovel. The only difference is Cold Steel used tougher steel which was heat treated for optimum strength and hard wood handle. It is designed for multiple functions such as machete, paddle, axe, hammer, hatchet, and cleaver. It is also very effective for digging and dredging and very easy to throw. This shovel can be a very fierce weapon during emergency cases as it is only 19.7” long and weighs 26.6 oz.

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This Soviet Russian Spetsnaz Shovel is available in special discounted sale of up to 46% at certain online stores. Cold Steel and Best Glide Aviation and Survival Equipments and eBay are accepting orders through their online stores. Free Super Saver shipping is also being offered by Amazon.com for purchases over $25.  Customers then can choose which among the available dealers can best satisfy their requirements when it comes to deciding where to buy Spetsnaz Shovel online.

Spestnaz Shovel Fighting

In a warfare training of Spetsnaz soldiers, it is of vital importance to focus on the fighter’s ability to take on a hand-to-hand combat. Their expertise in how to use hand-held weapons and different devices and tools such as the shovel is very important. This tool is basic component of a regular outfit and, it is a ferocious and dependable a weapon in a close combat. Spesnatz shovel fighting can be deadly if trained fighters are engaged. This weapon can even surpass the striking power and the range of a combat knife. And because it is lightweight, it can be effective in both close and middle distance combat. It is not only useful in actual combat but also an effective self-defense technique.

Spetsnaz Shovel Throwing

The Spetsnaz shovel is an outstanding throwing implement. In the hands of the initiated, it could be a very potent and lethal weapon enough to stop any opponent in his tracks.  Distance range can be up to 10 meters or even more if made by a well-trained expert.  The shovel itself is especially designed aerodynamically to be thrown and hit the target with ample accuracy.  The weight balance between the handle and the blade makes it perfect for throwing and this is one feature that comes in handy especially in close quarter combat.  It is then no wonder that from a simple multi-tasking implement, the Spetsnaz shovel has evolved into an important accessory for combat training by elite forces around the world.

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When it comes to throwing, this important combat accessory requires muscle power and target accuracy.  Military instructors learned in its use offer special courses to members of the Special Forces and it is then normal to assume that most if not all of them who are issued this shovel are skilled in different throwing techniques.  As for those who bought this magnificent tool online or commercially using other local sources, training when it comes to throwing can be provided by instructors available online.  There is no more secrets to its use and those wanting to get a hold of this tool can do so at anytime they prefer with its full potential fully explored in detail.

Spetsnaz Shovel Review

Even after many years of usage, this survival tool can retain its sharpness and functionality. It shows no sign of wear off, the most of which are ordinary scratches. It is also being considered by users as a dependable device at home. Knives and guns which are intended for protection need special storage place at home while bats are too obvious a protective weapon. But Spetsnaz shovel is disguised as an ordinary tool and can be placed strategically at home without the intruders realizing that it is a deadly weapon.  It can be put in the car or even carried in backpacks by those travelling on foot and wanting to go hiking.

Many who have availed of this unique tool have high praises for it and swear that is one of the most worthy acquisition that they have made as compared to other supposedly multi-purpose tool in its class.  The list of satisfied clients is growing and it is actually hard to find anyone who bought this product and had misgivings later on.  Rave reviews continue to be made when it comes to its versatility and it is no wonder that some of its competitors are now struggling in the market owing to the fact that the Spetsnaz shovel has overtaken them in terms of sales and popularity.  Those wanting to get a chance to own a piece of this excellent implement can do so by visiting online stores and there are many to choose from.

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