Speedaire Compressor Parts Review Guide: Portable Parts, Compressor Manual & Dayton Compressor Parts

It seems that there are a lot of Speedaire compressors but not enough parts gauging from the number of panic-stricken owners. Is it really a problem with supply or suppliers? Apparently the problem lies in the older models of the compressor and the current source for Speedaire compressor parts may not always have the parts required. It isn’t a problem unique to Speedaire compressors, it happens when there is a changing of the guards.

The Speedaire Compressors
An air compressor, like the Speedaire compressors, is very common around anything to do with the automotive industry. You need air for your vehicle tires, staple guns, and other power devices. It’s a handy machine to have around especially the portable compressors. However, they do have wear and tear and eventually they can falter or fail in spite of its rather simplistic engineering.

The basic objective of an air compressor is to draw in air and spit it in controlled volumes. The Speedaire compressors have been around for quite some time and have been a household name for a good number of years. It is now being managed by Grainger but there are many who still associate the Speedaire compressors with Dayton. Dayton is another product line under Grainger mainly to do with motors and pumps.

Dayton Compressor Parts

The main confusion for most new to air compressors is where to find parts and why there are Grainer Speedair parts and Dayton compressor parts for Speedaire. If the motor on your Speedair compressor is the problem, you could turn to the Dayton product line for a compatible motor. If it is any other compressor part, go to Grainger first. Either way, you can visit the Grainger website for more information on the Dayton compressor parts.

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Air Compressor Parts

Before you start shopping for air compressor parts, you need to know the part that’s causing the problem. Any DIY manual on how to operate and troubleshoot an air compressor can help you but you can also go back to the store you bought it from and ask for help. Usually they check the following:

  • Piston housing
  • Motor
  • Starter
  • Pressure switch
  • Unloader valve
  • Other valves
  • Compressor head

The common air compressor parts that tend to wear down are the following:

Safety Relief Valve – If you have to replace this, make sure you get the one that is ASME-certified. This is the part of the air compressor that releases air from the air compressor before it gets to a dangerous level. It always that air compressors are left on and since they’re not noisy machines, it could go unnoticed for some time. The safety valve is an essential component because it pushes excess air out so the equipment does not get damaged. It’s like a warning sign for anyone close by that the air compressor has been left on and unattended. The common cause for replacing this part is corrosion or clogging. You can check the ring around the valve for signs of these problems.

Pressure Regulator – This part of the air compressor reads, displays, and maintains the air pressure and works in conjunction with two other parts: the tank gauge and the oil level. The tank gauge measures the pressure found inside while oil level checks your oil.

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Manual Thermal Overload Control – This is self-explanatory and can be used to override the controls in case the air compressor starts to overheat. It’s a button that is easily accessed but once you activate it, you can’t turn on the air compressor until it has cooled down sufficiently.

Other parts of the air compressor are the belt guard, hose rack, couplers and inflation kit.

Why Replace Parts When You Can Just Buy A New Compressor?

If you have a Speedaire compressor and you are looking for parts, then it means that before it broke down, you were happy with its performance. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even bother spending more money on parts. Let this be your guiding principle when people ask you why you won’t just buy a new air compressor instead.

The fact is the Speedaire parts are not expensive which means you won’t be spending a lot to have the compressor repaired. If you can’t find the parts from the dealer you bought your equipment from, look on the internet or contact Grainger.  Most experts who use air compressors would recommend the Speedaire until it literally breaks apart or the parts are no longer in production and there are no replacement options. It is a dependable machine and worth maintaining.

How To Find Spare Parts

Grainger has their system all in place and their dealers are all well-versed with how to handle replacement parts. With the Speedaire compressors, all you have to do is find the nameplate. This nameplate should have the model number, stock number which is a 5 digit sequence and make. It would be great if you have a copy of your receipt and your Speedaire compressor manual. If you can’t find the information on the machine, it will be in the manual or receipt.

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Most experts would suggest you keep a supply of some of the most commonly worn down parts. You don’t need a lot just one extra spare for each part. Since you are advised to maintain your air compressor regularly by, the spare parts will come in handy when you most need it. It will save you time and possible money because the part may not be needed right away so you get it at a lower price.  Grainger has always stressed that they keep a steady supply of Speedaire compressor parts for models that are as old as 10 years, maybe more. They know that these types of equipment last for decades so part of its service is making sure the spare parts are readily available. If you follow the direction on how to maintain the Speedaire compressor, it should last you 20 years or more provided you use it properly.  This means cleaning and making sure it has oil.

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