Sod Cutter Rentals, How They Work and What Are Their Prices

When you are tasked to cut turf or grass with thick layer of soil and roots, the best tool to use is a sod cutter.  This tool is important to landscapers because major sod cutting jobs are involved in lawn rearrangements and changing landscapes.  It is very ideal for cutting even and identical widths of lawn turf and for transferring or replanting to another location or garden.  Since this tool is not designed for light and ordinary grass cutting job, it is only to be used if there is a major lawn redesigning or any serious sod cutting task. For this reason, it is more sensible to just go to sod cutter rental stores if you need to use one. Renting is a logical option because it is quite a heavy piece of equipment and the price is a bit prohibitive at thousands of dollars for a good model. It is also a good cost saving measure because instead of hiring somebody else to make your lawn look great, you can do it yourself and that is something that can give you a great sense of accomplishment.

Sod Cutter Rental Price
Before renting a sod cutter make sure to check important details regarding your sod cutting job requirements. Sod cutter rental price depends on how long you are going to use the equipment so there are hourly, daily and weekly rates. Firstly, determine the size of your plot or lawn area. If you need to work on larger plot, you could save money by renting for the day, but if you will work on just a small plot, the hourly rental makes sense. Secondly, check the season and weather condition, renting this tool during rainy days is not sensible. To be sure of the availability of the sod cutter that you need, make your reservation in advance so you can readily have the tool when you need it.

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Manual sod cutter rental is fine for minor jobs such as making a small garden patch and simple grass trimmings. For larger jobs, renting gas powered sod is recommended; this equipment usually has four wheels and more than a few blades, it looks like a lawn mower.

In some areas like Toronto Canada, the average sod cutter rental price or rate is $59 for a minimum of 4 hours, $84 for daily, $296 for weekly and $888 for monthly basis. In other areas in the US, the tool can be rented between $70 and $85 a day. You can check the rates in your local area through online rental stores. Home Depot rental, Ryan’s Turf and other credible online rental shops are just a click away.

Bluebird Sod Cutter

Sod can cause trouble to the job of landscapers. Some sod cutters are ineffective as far as good sod cutting is concerned, but it is a relief that Blue Bird sod cutters are available on the market. These tools can remove sod in just a short time without damaging or messing it up so it can be used again elsewhere. They are extremely user-friendly and have a vibration-free handle which provides stable and smooth cutting action.

One of the most preferred models for this brand is the SC-18. It is equipped with a reliable 5.5 hp Honda engine and centrifugal clutch. It features an 18 inch blade which allows the user to work fast without exerting too much effort. Along with other similar models, these can be rented from sod cutter rental stores near your place.

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Gas Powered Sod Cutters

Gas powered sod cutters provides more accuracy and precision as compared to manual models. Sod cutting jobs can easily be finished in significantly shorter time with more satisfactory result. These tools are ideal for larger and professional sod cutting task. An assortment of attachments and accessories are also available for this heavy duty tool to facilitate an even easier job. A variety of blade attachments that are good for edging or for dethatching can be used with this equipment. There are also blades which have the capability to cut larger section of sod. A very helpful and functional accessory is the sod roller. It rolls and bundles the sod for the user saving him from back stress if he will do it manually.

How Does a Sod Cutter Work?

A sod cutter which is powered with gasoline works by slithering under the grass roots and cutting off a part or a section of a turf in lawns. These sections can be reused or replanted in other gardens or can be discarded through composting. Basically, this tool works like a shovel, the only difference is the edges which are serrated and beveled. These edges are designed for specific function; the serrated edge works its way through the grass roots while the beveled side stops the sod cutter from penetrating into the lawn deeply. Its design makes sod cutting easier as compared to ordinary garden shovel or conventional grass cutter. Mechanical sod cutters which are powered by either electricity or gas are staple equipments of landscaping professionals.

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Sod Cutter for Sale

Different brands such as Classen. Bluebird, Husqvarn and Ryan sod cutters which are all credible and reliable brands are for sale through various online stores.  Free shipments are arranged in selected areas and there is no sales tax applied in your purchase. Buying this tool may be a good option if you live in the country and you constantly work in your garden and flower beds. Clearing a path or a big garden area are no big deal if you have your own sod cutter.
Sod cutter rental is still a better option if you are just a hobbyist and not a professional landscaper. With all the easy to use and yet powerful tools available now, you can create your own fabulous lawn or garden. The prevailing rental rates are reasonable and you will be spared of maintenance and storage problems. You can have the tool when you need it without spending too much like when buying a new one, which is unnecessary especially when the tool is used just sparingly.

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