Snow Shovels For Sale Guide: Wheeled, Electronic, Ames True Temper, Steel & Ergonomic Snow Shovels Reviews

Places that experience snow will always have snow shovels for sale especially towards the end of the 3rd quarter up to the following year’s 1stquarter. But being a yearly occurrence, the local government already has everything in place to help people cope with snow, so should we even have to consider snow shovels in our budget?

The new shovels for sale are not cheap; especially the electric snow shovels for sale. Decades ago, one would just get a hand shovel and work his way through the front yard or driveway. As far as responsibility, it went only so far as one’s property line which means once snow gets on the street; it’s the job of the city to clear. Ask your grandfather or any one who over 60 and has shoveled his way through inches high snow, and they will proudly tell you that shoveling is a man’s job and helps build character.

Before you can fully grasp the need to buy a new snow shovel, it’s best to understand the different varieties now on the market.

The Ergonomic Snow Shovel

It’s a hand shovel but built in a way that the handle is slightly crooked to compensate for heavy snow build –up. The ergonomic snow shovel is easier to handle and because of its unique handle, your back is not stressed. You don’t have to bend not lift the snow when you scoop. Other benefits include:

  • Lightweight design
  • Safety since the scoop is designed to be smaller and for less load
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to store

If you are going to need a hand shovel this year and you want your investment to last more than just a few years, buy the ergonomic snow shovel. As you grow older, you will want something that does not strain you physically. It is best for use in places where you experience heavy, wet snow. One model that is increasingly popular for use in heavy snow is the Ames true temper snow shovel, which can be found at any hardware store.

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The Steel Snow Shovel

If your property is large and the amount of snow is so widespread, you are better off with a steel snow shovel. It is durable, inexpensive, and very productive to use. You can cover more ground faster with the steel snow shovels for sale.

The Electric Snow Shovels

Obviously you will need an outlet to plug this kind of snow shovel so it is limited to areas close to your home. Electric snow shovel for sale are also called power snow shovels. It’s very much like the snow blower or thrower. It can’t break ice so it’s ideal for places which experiences light snow fall. Also important with electric snow shovels for sale is that you don’t need oil modifications, fuel up time or messy maintenance.

There are different types of snow shovels for sale but basically they fall under the following categories:

  • Electric-powered
  • Gas powered
  • Combination of electric and gas powered because of the electric starter

These snow shovels for sale can clear a distance of 12 inches at a time, and a depth of 6 inches. It can handle about 300 lbs of snow a minute but you will have to pay the steeper of $100 or more for one.

The Snow Shovels with Wheels

These are usually snow blowers with up to 8 HP although the heavy-duty snow shovels with wheels are equipped with at least 9 HP and cost more than $1,000 each. The lower end snow shovels with wheels are considered either single or double stage and have a price range of $200 to $900 each. These types of snow blowers are gas-powered. The differences between the single and double stage snow blowers is basically found in the amount of snow it can handle in one go.

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Why Buy a Power Snow Shovel?

Price aside, the electric snow shovels for sale and the gas-powered shovels have benefits far beyond its cost. They are easy to use and carry around. They have the elements of being ergonomic or less stressful on the body which means you get the full convenience of modern technology. Although the electric snow shovels for sale consume power, they are more environmentally-friendly than the gas-powered shovels. You also get the job done quicker which means less time outdoors which limits your chances of getting sick.

Compared to the snow blowers however, the electric snow shovels for sale don’t have the far-reaching features and is maxxed out with a 12 inch pathway. For deep, heavy snow, the blower is still more effective. You can’t use the electric or gas shovels in areas where there is gravel like a driveway because it will pick up the tiny stones and ruin your shovel’s blades.

The Difference between a Snow Shovel Thrower and a Snow Blower

There is just about one main difference between a snow thrower and a snow blower. This would be the number of augers used. With the snow thrower, you only get one auger which is mounted horizontally. The snow blower has 2 augers and can work much faster. Other differences can be found in the uses of each:

  • You can’t use a snow thrower on wet snow because it will clog up your machine. This means that as soon as the snow starts to build up, you need to rush outside before it starts to melt
  • Snow throwers have 2, 4, 5 or 6 HP engines. The 2 HP is really like a toy and for minimal snow
  • Some snow blowers can be attached to a lawn tractor
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Tips to Help You Decide

Obviously if you live in a place where there is snow, you will need at least one snow shovel for your home and one handheld plastic shovel for each of your cars.  Here are some useful tips that may help you decide which snow shovels for sale will help you most

  1. Many snow blowers with tracks instead of the wheels are hard to shift and maneuver
  2. Snow shovels with wheels will push the snow to make a clear path but it will have spillage which means you don’t get a straight path behind you but something that narrows down the farther your distance. You will need to manually clear the spillage which means double effort on the same area

Ideally, you have to do some research on the different brands of snow shovels for sale. What may be the best for one may not necessarily be your best. You may not want a snow pusher shovel or an electric model, so if you can, go over the owner’s manual or the details and specs of each model. This information should give you enough to decide which type is a justified expense.

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