Snap On Torque Wrench Buying Guide Plus Digital, Dial And Inch Pounds

Snap-on is one of the leading designers, manufacturers and marketers of professional tools in the US.  It is a 2.4 billion dollar company employing over 11,500 people worldwide.  Founded in 1920, it has a long lasting reputation as one of the top S&P 500 companies.  The company began with just ten sockets that would “snap on” to any one of the five interchangeable handles.  This concept would revolutionize wrench industry forever, and their direct-marketing concepts would revolutionize the sales industry.  Their walk-on, fully stocked vans that came directly to the customer, as well as extending credit to their customers pioneered today’s familiar dealer van channel.

As a world leader in quality professional tools, their precision torque tools are no exception to their unquestioned leadership in this industry.  Snap-on offered a huge selection of torque screwdriver, torque wrenches, and calibration equipment to tighten just about any fastener with unsurpassed accuracy.  The factories and mechanical shops throughout the world regard these tools as industry leaders.

Today’s high-tech machinery and components can be affected by the slightest variance in the torque of their assembly bolts and screws.  Over-tightening can ruin the function of gaskets and moving parts.  This is why there can be no compromise in the quality of the tools used to measure torque.  Snap-on tools are considered are considered a cut above competing tools such as Craftsman or Matco and the wise choice for the mechanic or industry that will not accept anything but perfection.

Inch Pound Torque Wrench

For measuring low torque on precision, delicate assemblies, the inch pound torque wrench is a necessary precision tool.  With accuracy of ± 4% clockwise and ± 6% counterclockwise from 20% of full scale to full scale, Snap-on guarantees precision.  This OD series, dial torque wrenches provide consistently accurate reading in a rugged, trouble free design.  Each wrench comes with a certificate of calibration giving the actual certification readings of each wrench by serial number.  The ratchet head is sealed to keep out dirt and moisture and designed for high strength and long, virtually maintenance free life.  Each wrench is equipped with a Minimal Friction “Hour Glass” Cam that retains and releases lubricant where needed to reduce friction.  The scale is laser marked on these dial torque wrenches and easy to read in varying light sources.  The instrument cannot be accidently disassembled, even if wound down past the scale due to a positive stop that is standard on all OD series wrenches.  Each instrument comes in a custom-fit storage case to provide long-term protection.

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Snap On Digital Torque Wrench

TechAngle is the name for two of the Snap-on torque wenches available in 3/8” and ½” drives.  The 3/8” torque wrench is rated from 5-100 ft./lbs.  The ½” drive is rated from 12.5 to 250 ft./lbs.  Both have a reversible-ratcheting flex head.  The handle is made of vinyl, sturdy, and very comfortable.  The LCD screen is located in the grip.  With the built in angle gauge, these wrenches do the job of multiple torque wrenches by allowing you to perform “torque plus turn” specifications without changing tools.

The digital aspects of this wrench are provided power by a 9 volt alkaline battery with up to 80 hours of use between changes.  There is a low battery indicator, and the wrench will automatically shut off after two minutes of rest to help preserve battery life.  The battery door is designed to lock in place to prevent FOD.  This precision tool also features preset, peak hold, and audible alert as well as vibrating alert modes.  This tool is tough as well as precise, as it is designed to withstand shocks and drops that are sure to occur from time to time in any shop setting.

Since this is a digital tool, accuracy is even greater than the mechanical models at + / – 1% from 20% to 100% of full scale in both directions.  The over torque alarm shows red to alert you when you have exceeded the set torque.  This same alert will turn yellow when you are approaching (90%) your target torque.  When the target torque is achieved the light will low green.  A secondary, audible alarm goes off when the desired torque is reached.  The display can be flipped 360 degrees to accommodate right or left hand usage.  A great benefit of the digital aspect of the wrench is that you are able to switch between in./lbs., ft./lbs., N•m, and Kg•cm on one wrench.  This versatility means that no matter where in the world you are, or what unit the instructions are using, you will not need to do any conversion or use a different wrench.   The display is large (2”), making it easy to read.  The polycarbonate body is tough and insures long life and durability, while the cushion grip reduces strain during prolonged use.  These wrenches are designed to be equally accurate in either direction so torque may be measured for standard or reverse thread bolts and fasteners.  Each wrench comes in a custom storage case for secure, life-long storage and protection.

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Another line of Snap-on torque wrenches is the ElectoTork.  This model is available in a 3/8” torque wrench and ¼” torque wrench.  These wrenches are the wrenches designed for low-torque measurements.  There are two 3/8” models.  One measures 25-250 in./lbs. while the other measures 5-50 ft./lbs.  The ¼” drive torque wrench measures 5-50 in./lbs.  These wrenches all carry the same features, regardless of the specific model chosen.  These wrenches have the largest storage capacity of preset torque values in the market at 4000.  There is a RS-232 connection on the wrench that allows for the capability of downloading individual torque values and store values when connected to a printer or data logger.  You may select “peak hold” and “track” modes of operation.  As with the TechAngle models, you may select multiple units of measure.  These models include the units in./oz., in./lb., ft./lb., N•m, dN•m, k•gm, and kg•cm.  the accuracy is guaranteed at ±1% from 10% to 100% of scale.  The quality construction and proven industrial quality as such that all ELECTROTORK® electronic torque wrenches are designed for continuous use. Products

You will not find any Snap-On tools on  Snap-On will not sell their products on this website, though you can purchase their products on their own website, or from your local Snap-on salesman.


While more expensive than available options, Snap-on provides the highest quality, most accurate, most reliable dial torque wrenches on the market today.  Likewise, Snap-on digital torque wrenches are second to none in workmanship, accuracy, and longevity.  When you want the best, you want Snap-on.

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