Smithy Lathe Review Guide: Manual, Grizzly Lathe, Smithy Milling Machine & Lathe Mill Combo

A lathe is a machine used to shape metal, wood, or other materials using a rotating drive. Lathes are used to cut, sand, knurl, drill or deform the materials using tools that are fixed to its rotating work-piece. Lathes are even used to spin metals and work on glass, and can even be used to shape pottery. There are various lathes available on the market today but the one we are going to talk about today is Smithy lathe. There is Smithy lathe manual and the automatic one available; you can buy the one that you think will be right for your usage.

Talon CNC 1315 Lathe

This lathe from Smithy has a heavy duty design which enables it to cut the heavy materials with accuracy without causing much vibration. The finishing that it gives is smooth and accurate, and with that it has features high precision design. The power and control of its spindle is at the industrial level which permits it to be applied for a wide range of turning purposes – from removing the heavy metals to fine finishing jobs. It has true industrial capacity with the inclusion of EZ-Trol software added with the encoder on spindle drive. As a result of this, it offers smart control of its features, the thread cutting process is done with precision and it consistently provides fine finishing to the materials.

On top of the heavy duty table of this Smithy lathe is a programmable 4-turret auto tool post which has the ability to change for enhanced and to provide accurate results. One good feature that is already atop this lathe is the fifth tool holder. The D1-4 chuck mounting system of this lathe machine is in accordance to the standards set by the industry which gives it precision and makes it easy to use. It is so designed that it can last for a really long time, and its mechanism is simple and easy to remember. The chuck can be removed by simply turning the key and it can be mounted back on the machine by following the same procedure. Another interesting feature of this lathe is its ability to automatically lubricate the system which helps to maintain the machine with less amount of effort. It has a coolant built into its system which includes a recycle pump, a coolant reservoir and a nozzle system. It also has chip collection system which has a chip collection tray where the chip falls in. It also has compartments built in it which can be used to store tools or other items for its maintenance. Last but not the least, it has heavy duty leveling pads which keeps the lathe machine stand firm on the ground without any instability. Smithy lathes are widely available; you can even buy a Smithy lathe for sale. You can even read Smithy lathe review where the Smithy lathe has been compared with the grizzly lathe. You can then make a prudent decision about the right lathe for your job.

Smithy CX-329

This Smithy milling machine is a heavy duty one and it can be mounted on top of the bench. The gear drive of this machine from Smithy assures ease of use with its right speed at all times. It works really quickly without the need of any tools. It uses R-8 tooling which means that the user does not has to reset when they need to change from angles to flat cuts. Its rotating head allows it to work at any angle and for large projects the entire area of the table can be used easing the complications. Its speed changes quickly and accurately because of its efficient gear drive.

This mill weighs 660 lbs and its dimensions are 36” L x 32” W x 48” H; its working area of the table is 28 x 8”. The Smithy CX-329 is a perfect versatile milling machine to be used in shops having a power of 1 HP, 110 volts and 15 Amps.

Smithy LX-329

This is another Smithy milling machine that works on large surfaces. The 8 x 28” table enables it to move 9” horizontally and 17” vertically. The gear drive of this mini milling machine gives the optimum speed which makes it easy to use. It doesn’t need special set of tools to make it work. It has a 9-button control panel, conveniently placed atop the swinging arm. The head of the mill moves in a smooth manner consistently on its axis so the results derived are accurate and offers great precision. It has a longitudinal ways of dovetail which lets it to move up and down without losing it alignment. It has adjustable gibs on all of its 3 axes, and there is an oil reservoir for each of its gear box. It also uses standard R-8 tooling like Smithy CX-329. It weighs 925 lbs and its dimensions are 33.5” L x 35.8” W x 35.8” H. It has HP of 1.5 with 220 volts and 10 Amps.

If you are considering buying a milling machine but you cannot make up your mind that which one you should buy then you should read Smithy milling machine review. It will not only help you choose the right one for you but it will also help you understand it better.

Granite 3-in-1 Combo

If you are looking for a Smithy lathe mill combo then Granite 3-in-1 Combo is something you should consider buying. Mostly the machines are either a lathe or a mill but this Smithy lathe mill combo can be used for lathe turning, milling and even drilling – all in one! The lathe part of this combo machine can be used to cut cylindrical or round pieces from even one of the hardest metals like carbon steel to one of the softest ones like wood or plastic. The diameters can be turned both inside and outside for precision. The milling part of this machine you will get smooth and flat surfaces at the angles of precision. The micro-feed controls of this part can be used to set the machine to create dovetails, shoulders, grooves and pockets by choosing its depth of cuts. The speed of the machine heads is variable so it is easier to do the job efficiently without having to worry about it. Lastly, the drilling part of this Smithy lathe mill combo can be used to drill, ream and bore holes using its rotating drilling head which can give a diameter up to 1.5”. The combo of 3 machines in one makes it easier to work and saves a lot of time. Some of the models of this are Granite CLASSIC 1324/1340 and Granite MAX 1324/1340.

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