Small Woodworking Projects: Free & Easy Woodcraft & Carpentry Project Ideas

Woodworking is a craft as old as time; whittling and sculpting have long been popular crafts. As time went by and people started using furniture a bit more comfortable than rocks and the ground, woodworking became less of a hobby and more of a trade. Small woodworking projects are ideal for someone who’s just starting in the area of woodcraft; it’s not a good idea to start your woodworking hobby by attempting to build an armoire when a simple box or doghouse will teach just as much.

The strength and flexibility, as well as the incredible versatility of wood make it an ideal material with which to work. Its malleability and the virtually endless possibilities it represents mean you can create anything with wood, from building a simple birdfeeder to carving an incredibly complex statue to making every piece of furniture in your home. Turning a few simple planks or a knot of wood into a work of art is truly an extraordinary skill, but it is one that takes time and patience to master. That’s why it’s a very good idea to start off your woodcraft with small, easy woodworking projects, so as not to get overwhelmed or lost in the process of creating your art.
Small Woodworking Project Ideas

The beauty of starting off with a small woodworking project is that you’re not setting yourself up to fail right away. Furthermore, it will take you less time to finish a smaller project, which will help to instill not only a greater understanding of how to work with wood, but a sense of accomplishment and pride in what you’ve created. Thus, you’ll gain not only much needed experience, but confidence as well.

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  • Boxes

Boxes are some of the easiest things to make out of wood. Beginners can easily make boxes, although it’s not as simple as just gluing a few pieces of wood together. You’ll need to measure your wood slats, and then measure them again, before you cut them. Then you’ll need to ensure that all the pieces are the proper size, and that you know where they go. Depending on what medium you’re using to connect the pieces, you can glue or hammer or screw them together. Although there are several techniques you can use to connect pieces of wood together without any other material, such as a dovetail joint, you probably won’t want to attempt that until you’re a little more advanced in your craft. There are many different sizes and uses of a wooden box, here are some ideas on how to create yours.

  • Wood toys are a bit difficult to make as compared to other types of simple woodworking projects. As they are toys, a lot of attention should be given to their detailing and they need to be carved in such a way that the details are enhanced. Toys such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, fire trucks, airplanes, kitchen sets are popular children’s toys, and are wonderful woodcraft ideas. Making a set of alphabet blocks for children is also relatively simple, especially if you rely more on painting than carving the cubes at first. Wooden toys can be carved and then painted and sealed, and will make a lovely addition to any child’s toy box or shelves.
  • With a little patience and the right materials, any adult or child can make a bird house. They are really effortless to make and you don’t even require special carpentering skills. You can put them up in your backyard, garden, on trees, inside your house, where ever you like as they will only enhance in the beauty of visual appeal. And they’re relatively simple to create. Here are a few examples of how to create a unique, wooden bird house.
  • A shelf is one of the easiest woodworking projects, which makes this craft ideal for beginners. It’s easy for adult and as well as children. You only need to put together planks of wood which are shaped, sanded, polished and varnished and then you can install the shelving wherever you please.  Being that, if made and installed correctly, you can use shelves to hold your things, these are both decorative and functional in nature; you can be as austere or artistic as you please.
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There are many other easy woodworking projects can you can try out on your own, here are a few ideas to get you started. Many people create woodcraft, both as a profession or as a hobby; nevertheless it’s not restricted to one field of people. Anybody who wishes to can start and learn step by step. It’s just a matter of concentration and devotion needed, but creativity and ingenuity don’t hurt either.

If you want free woodworking projects you can find a lot of them online. If you are confused with a particular design or pattern of the project you’re going to make, you can always check around places for ideas to get a clear a picture of what you want. It can be amazing when numerous creative wood craft ideas come together to make a splendid piece of art that leaves in awe. Binky’s Woodworking has lots of ideas and tools for the carpentry novice.  everybody once in a while should try their hands on woodworking.


Woodturning is a kind of woodworking that uses lathe to make wooden objects. An inert tool is used to cut and shape the wood while the wood is rotating, which makes woodturning a bit different than ordinary woodworking. Many complicated, intricate designs and shapes can be created through the woodturning process.

The turning tool is made up of three steels, carbon steel, high speed steel and powdered metal. There are a lot of different types of tools used in the craft of woodturning such as a roughing gouge, bowl gouge, spindle gouge or detail gouge, skew chisel, hollowing tool, scraper, chatter tool, parting tool, and many more.

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There are some safety precautions that should be taken; eye protection is the most important thing you’ll need to ensure you have when turning wood, or doing any kind of woodworking for that matter. Special goggles or glasses are advised to wear with built-in respirators. Ear protection should also be one of the main concerns if you’re working with power tools in your woodcraft or carpentry, as the motor’s fan noise can be really loud and damaging to your hearing. Foot protection can be taken care of by wearing special leather steel-toe boots for any kind of shop activity.

Woodworking is a very creative and resourceful hobby. It takes time and patience to create an wooden piece of art, but in the end it’s all worth it; the exertion, the effort and time pay off with pride, accomplishment and experience.

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