Simple Woodworking Projects: Kids, Beginners, Small Project Ideas, Wood Carving and Carpentry.

Wood together with stone, soil/mud, bones, and other animal parts, is one of the most common materials worked on by our early ancestors. There are wood carvings and wooden statues as early as the Bronze and Iron Ages. The most notable wood workers in the ancient history are the Egyptians and the Chinese people. Today woodworking creations from simple to intricate designs became so much a part of our everyday grinds. However, most wooden furniture and tools now are more expensive and considered highly valuable due to ecological concerns. Simple woodworking projects though which utilize ordinary type of wood still abound and the creative and artistic endowment of modern day woodworkers, both hobbyists and professionals, are clearly reflected on them.

Simple woodworking projects usually are Do It Yourself tasks and are mostly used at home and leisure areas. The most common and popular projects include benches of all kinds, lawn chairs, tool box, bed frame, drawers, desks, tables, dressers and cabinets. The wood or lumber for these projects has two size categories; the nominal size and the actual size. What is the difference between the two sizes and why is it important to know this stuff? The nominal size or sawn size is the rough and original cut size of the wood while the actual size is the finished size for smoothened or dressed wood. If the nominal size of the wood is 2” x 4”, after it is dressed on four sides, its actual size becomes 1 ½” x 3 ½”. Some woodworking projects require rustic look while others require smooth finish, so before buying wood, identify which type is suited for your project.

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Simple Wood Working Projects for Kids

One of the best ways to instill confidence and build your kid’s self-esteem is by allowing him to do and create things that interest him with minimal help coming from you. Woodworking project is a popular way of to help your kid build a healthy self-image. It will improve his problem solving and creativity skills and can give him a sense of personal accomplishment. Just see to it that he starts with the basics and simple woodworking projects so he will not get frustrated during the process and drop everything at once. Begin with making him familiar with basic carpentry tools and the proper way to use them. Being systematic and organized with the materials and the procedures will make the task easier and more enjoyable for him, so you need to be also particular in that aspect.

Sandbox, stool, simple chair, sled, doll bed and doll cradle are good projects to start with. More complicated designs like play house, play kitchen, picnic tables, toy figures and small cabinets are good follow-up projects. He can even try a tree house if he becomes serious about this hobby. It is a good opportunity to bond with your kid while teaching him or her more than the lessons of simple woodworking projects.

Simple Wood Working Projects for Beginners

Well, for the case of all beginners always spend time to read the instructions and ensure safety first. Protective gears like glasses and gloves should be worn while working. Different wood working projects require different tools and applications so it pays to learn the basics first. Knowing the types of wood, sanding job, pre-stain wood conditioning and drying times are just a few of the things that entails woodworking. A well-ventilated and brightly lit working area will definitely give you best results for your initial projects.

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Simple woodworking projects for beginners can be food trays, magazine rack, compact disc holder, jewellery box, stackable shelves, coat and cap rack and peg racks. With these projects, you can very well practice your drilling, making mitre cuts, improve your lay out skills and doing biscuit joinery. Do not forget to eliminate dust; it greatly affects smooth finished projects.

Small Wood Project Ideas and Wood Shop Projects

Small wood project ideas are perfect as gift and give-away items. has a great line-up of delightful project ideas. Pen cases, business card holder, decorative statuettes, toy figures and picture frames are just some of the simple and small but charming project ideas. Selected project plans can even be downloaded free of charge. offers amazing wood shop projects. Information about the latest tools, practical tips for wood workers and seasonal promotions are also available in this site.

Simple Wood Carving Projects

Xyloglyphy or wood carving is a wood working project executed with a cutting tool such as knife and chisel. Wood carvings are commonly in form of figurine, sculptures and as ornament of a wooden object. An animal figure is one of the simplest wood carving projects which makes ideal for beginners. Penguins, cats, pony, and pigs are the most common because they are easy and yet can communicate different expressions. A horse chess piece is also one of the favourites of wood carvers. has interesting designs which range from practical to humorous pieces and one classic example is a carving of a life-sized human nose used as holder for glasses and reading spectacles. Wood carving requires artistic flair and innate talent because it is a form of art expressed in carving.

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Simple Carpentry Projects

Basic carpentry is important in completing your woodworking projects. Carpentry projects are more complicated than other wood working tasks.  Barbecue carts, vanity cabinets, cages, aquarium stand, headboards and bed furniture are simple carpentry projects which require carpentry knowledge but you can build these in your backyard. For complete basic carpentry plans you can visit Building bird houses, outdoor furniture, decks and staircases will be much simpler and easier with the well laid out s from this site.

Woodworking Projects

Woodworking projects, they are whether simple or elaborate, are an inexpensive form of diversion which at the same produces functional and practical products. It might entail minimal investment depending on your project but the result will give you back so much more. It is a commendable hobby so if you are seriously into it, it is guaranteed that nothing will be put into waste. Your time, effort, creative inclinations and money are all worth it; it can also be a very promising career and a good source of extra income.

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