Silky Saws Reviews & Guide For The US And The UK

Serious gardeners need equally serious tools. The one thing that every gardener needs is a pair of good pruning saws. There are different saws that can do specific gardening jobs, you need to have at least one good saw if you fancy yourself a good gardener. A versatile hand saw for general pruning jobs is important, you will need a rather small one for detail works, and you also need a pole saw which is great for those out of reach branches. When choosing gardening saws you need to choose carefully; choose saws that are high quality and perform well. When it comes to quality, there is only one brand name in saws that you can trust, Silky Saws.

The Company and Its History

Silky Saws are all manufactured in Japan, and the company has been making some of the finest wood cutting saws since the 1900’s. Now, using advanced manufacturing technology, they are still constantly raising the bar when it comes to product excellence. No other saw brands come close to Silky saws when it comes to quality and strength. The company paves the way for the entire industry, they always lead the pack when it comes to saw blade design and innovation, making the brand name Silky synonymous with perfection.

What Makes Their Saws Special?

Only the finest laser cut and impulse hardened steel goes into each Silky saw. This unique method of hardening steel makes for a blade that is stronger and longer lasting, while still giving the right amount of hardness and flexibility, and with a huge variety of different models you will definitely find a Silky saw suitable to your distinct needs.

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The blade is not the only thing that makes these saws made by one of the best manufacturers of wood cutting saws in the world, it is the total design of the saws that make them the best. The handles of the saws are ergonomically designed so as the user will not find it hard to wield; made with durable plastics and rubber padding, the handles are almost as durable as the blades themselves. And to protect the high-tech saw blades, each straight and curved blade. Silky saw has a protective scabbard that fits snug around the blade; protecting it from the elements and also keeping it safe.

Hand Saws

Silky saws offer a wide selection of hand saws. They come in several shapes and sizes that are sure to fit all the needs of the serious gardener, carpenter, woodworker, or any other profession that requires the use of a saw. You can choose from either a curved blade saws for aggressive wood cutting, or a straight edge saw used commonly for precision cutting. They also come in various teeth size, smaller for more delicate jobs up to the larger ones used for fast cutting of larger pieces of wood.

One of their most popular models, the Silky Saw F180 folding saw, is probably the most versatile of the bunch. This folding handsaw, with its compact design, is perfect for most pruning jobs and folds neatly and safely for easy storage. And unlike other folding saws, the F180’s 180mm long blade locks in two different angle positions to ensure easy cutting. The Silky Saw F180 folding saw comes in two variants, large teeth for general to heavy pruning jobs, and smaller teeth models for delicate, detail work.

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Pole Saws

Pole saws are used for pruning the branches of trees and reaching the tops of tall hedges, and because these kinds of jobs require the cutting of rather large pieces of wood, you will need a robust blade to handle the abuse. Pole saws is one of Silky’s specialties, and they also provide the world’s most extensive line of fixed and extendable pole saws available in the market today. Silky saws pole saws are made with a lightweight pole for easy manipulation, and the same precise-cutting blade that is present in all Silky saw models.

Silky Saws Hayauchi 2 Pole Saw

The Silky Saws Hayauchi 2 is the bestselling aluminum telescoping pole saw that Silky has ever made, in fact this is the saw that is preferred by most professional landscapers. One of the features in the Hayauchi that makes it so popular is its aluminum alloy telescoping pole. The pole is oval-shaped to allow precise control over the direction of blade when cutting, the shape also helps in keeping the pole rigid and keeps the pole from bending even at maximum extension.

The blade of the Silky Saws Hayauchi 2 features the patented Silky 4- Retsume, this means that the blade appears to have four rows of teeth, which enables this bestselling pole saw to tackle even the toughest pruning jobs. Besides the teeth design, the blade also has two sickles incorporated in the design. The upper is for cutting vines and serious undergrowth, while the lower sickle is for undercutting the bark of trees. All of these features plus its ergonomic design, are what makes the Hayauchi the best pole saw available in the market today.

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Silky Saws Reviews

Because they are still in business for nearly a century means that Silky Saws must be doing something right. You will find it hard finding customer review that have anything negative to say about Silky saws, you will almost always find satisfied customer reviews about any of their products. Silky saws employ the latest technology in manufacturing each one of their award-winning saws, while still maintaining their age old tradition of not skimping on quality.

High quality wood cutting saws, those are the things that you can expect to come out of the Silky saws factory. Silky saws take pride in being the frontrunners when it comes to quality and innovation in wood cutting instruments, so you are sure that you only get the best when you buy your own set if Silky saws. So if you consider yourself as a serious gardener or woodworker, you will only want the best tools for your job, so only use Silky saws.

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