Shovel Types Wiki Guide: Hand, Spade, Garden, Coal & Snow Types


No matter where you look for the description of a shovel it would still say that it is used for digging and it is long or short handled.  Since time began numerous humans have always find the need to dig holes in the ground either looking for food, a hobby or for construction. The generic composition of a shovel is the scoop that is used to dig or transfer dug materials and the handle, but in modern times we now know that there are various shovel types with various compositions.  Some scoops are wider or smaller than others and sometimes the handle is also longer or shorter than others.

The tool that is partnered with the shovel is the pick axe.  Throughout history the combination of these two has created the pyramids and other gigantic construction piece with the use of extensive labor. Before the advent of the new technologies the main forms of excavating gold and other minerals from the bosom of the earth, is done by manual shoveling and picking.  One shovel type seems to exist until the application of “science of shoveling” was introduced in the 1890s.  The scientific management of manual shoveling was developed to reduce the labor cost and to increase the productivity of the laborer.  The introduction of different shovel types was made during this time as well.

Nowadays manual shoveling is no longer used when it comes to commercial purposes because of extensive mechanization.  More often the use of shovels is for gardening and removal of snow in the driveway.  Agriculturists also employ the use of tractors in the cultivation of the farms and in Asia manual use of shovels is still of importance in the maintenance of rice farms. The generic look of the shovel may confuse the individual in making an accurate categorization of its usage. The shape of the scoop if it is round or square dictates for what purpose it is made. Other differences in the handle like if it’s T-handle or D-handle will help also in categorizing and differentiating shovel types.

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Types of Shovels

The shovel type wiki is now incorporated in computer games but the same type of usage is applied. In it clearly discusses how the shovel is made from different materials like wood, cobblestones, iron ingot, gold ingots and diamond gems.  Each of these when used as a point has its advantages and disadvantages when playing the game.  The speed and durability when each of these materials is used as point of a shovel will have a different effect on the block types during the course of the game.

However, outside of the gaming world shovels are even more important to the functioning of society. Shovels as a gardening tool are used in the cultivation of the plots or the clearing of weeds and bushes to make a garden look appealing and clean.  Various types of garden shovels are being designed with a specific purpose in mind. The point of blade is usually formed straight down making it suitable for use in soils that are tough.

The rabbiting spade is for transferring young plants and setting out seedlings.  It is also good for removing bulbs because it makes clean deep holes and removes dirt easily with its 10 inch blade and narrow curved design. In protecting the garden from pests putting up the fence with a garden post hole digger will not be much of challenge. The round point digging shovel will make gardening easier because of its capacity to remove large quantities of dirt in the working area. The SEPTLS76043516 – Round Point Digging Shovel is one of the products that are sold through, the site clearly emphasized its usage and features of the product.

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Despite the mechanization of coal industries, shovels still play a major role in the quarrying of this mineral. The coal shovel types can be as large as the mechanized caterpillar 325d coal shovel which is shown in several online videos, or as handy as the Silverline 868763 No 2 Shovel with PP Shaft that is featured by The purpose of a coal shovel is to transfer coal from one storage place to another or for using it immediately.  The appearance of the manual coal shovel scoop is usually a wide flat edge and the sides are curved for maximize performance.

In places where winter hits hard every year a snow shovel is a tool that households cannot be without.  Several snow shovel types exist on the market. It can be run by electricity or can be made of different materials like aluminum or steel. The design may be ergonomic or it can be a folding or push snow shovel.  Some manufacturers even created snow shovels for children.  The electric snow shovel is easiest way of removing snow from the backyard or roof without using too much effort.  The most popular snow shovel type is made of aluminum because it is lightweight and durable.  The price of the aluminum shovel may range from 10 dollars to 100 dollars depending on its make and sturdiness.

Other types of shovels are scoop shovels type and the grain shovel types serve the same purpose.  These long handled tools are usually made of metal and the short handled are sometimes made of wood or plastic.  The long handled shovels are used to scoop up snow or sometimes grain and the short handled are used in picking up grain or other materials and placing it in the weighing scale for measurement.

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Handles of a Shovel

Shovel handle types may be short or long depending on its purpose. Some companies employ the use of technology in making the handle comfortable and easy to manipulate by the user.  One of the product that can be considered as a hand shovel type is a trowel. Chimney Plus 603007 Marshalltown Pointing Trowel 6 Inch x 2.75 Inch is a great example of hand shovel at

Sometimes the handle may be made of wood or sometimes metal. Be it a spade shovel type or the rounded in shape it is still necessary maintain your equipment and never to allow the elements take their toll on the equipment. Cleaning and stowing it away will ensure that the product will maintain its usefulness for a long period of time.  The effects of rain and other elements on the shovel will harm the handle if made of wood it can break easily and if it is made of metal rust will make the tool blunt.  To get rid of these inconveniences proper care and maintenance must be properly observed at all times.

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