Sharpstone Grinders Review: Crank, Clear Top and Clean Grinders

Herb grinders, as you can tell by the name, is an implement used to grind herbs and the like. The herbs in question are possibly things like flowers, dried or fresh leaves, tree bark, just about anything that you can think of that has medicinal qualities. Besides medicinal herbs, they are also usually used to grind tobacco, as well as any other extracts derived from plants.

Herb grinders are usually in the form of a small canister that fits in your hand. The two halves of the canister house rows of sharp grinding teeth. To use these herb grinders, you place your herbs in between the two halves and proceed to twist them against each other. The herbs get ground by the interweaving rows of teeth as you twist the two halves of the grinder, giving you a uniform texture and also extracting the essence of the herbs and segregating any residue for easy disposal.

Herb grinders are a big help in minimizing the work of preparing herbs and the like for use. You can have them ready in seconds instead of minutes! If you want one for yourself, then you would only want to have the best, so you should choose only Sharpstone Grinders.

Why Sharpstone Grinders?

Out of the numerous herb grinders out on the market these days, the brand name Sharpstone Grinder typically stands out from all the rest. Known for their extremely sharp grinding teeth, and their innovative, stylish designs, Sharpstone is the brand that most people trust. But you might ask what makes their herb grinders so great?

  1. They are made using state-of-the-art processes – All Sharpstone grinders are made using CNC machines, highly sophisticated aluminum shaping machinery that precisely cuts the aluminum to make sure that every grinder comes out perfect, every time.
  2. They are safe to use – All Sharpstone grinders have a Teflon O-ring inside them that prevents any metal shavings from forming and getting mixed in with your herbs. And besides each component fitting perfectly with each other, these grinders also have strong neodymium magnets to ensure a tight seal when you close the grinder.
  3. They are tough and reliable – Being made of aircraft grade aluminum and tough polycarbonate plastics, Sharpstone grinders can last for years even with daily use.
  4. They are very affordable – You will never find another quality herb grinder that is quite as affordable as Sharpstone grinders!
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Now that you know the reasons why Sharpstone has the bestselling grinders available on the market these days, you may want to get one for yourself. You now face the difficult task of choosing among the array of models that Sharpstone grinders have to offer.

Types of Sharpstone Grinders

  1. Sharpstone Hard Top Grinder – These are the most popular model of grinders in the Sharpstone gallery. Made from durable and lightweight aluminum, these herb grinders are guaranteed to give you a perfectly uniform grind every time. These grinders also come with a specialized pollen catcher, so none of your herbs go to waste. These grinders come in different sizes, ranging from the XXL which is 3 ½ inches in diameter to the smallest one which is only 1 ½ inches. These also come in different colors, including the special edition pink Sharpstone grinder that shows support and awareness for breast cancer victims.
  2. Sharpstone Grinder with Clear Top – These are the grinders that instead of being wholly encased in aluminum alloy, the top part has a clear window made of tough polycarbonate plastic. The clear top allows you to see just how fine or coarse the grind is; now you have full control over the quality of your herb grinding without having to open the grinder itself.
  3. Sharpstone Grinder with Crank – These are just like your basic Sharpstone grinder with a clear top, but with the addition of a handy hand crank for easier operation. Using the crank, you can now grind herbs faster than just twisting the two halves of the grinder together.
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Whichever model of Sharpstone grinder you choose, you can be sure about the quality and workmanship that went into making it.

Where can you get your own Sharpstone Grinder?

There are several ways you can get your hands on these high-quality pieces; one of them is to just visit the website of their official reseller, If you are in the United States, you can also inquire about Sharpstone grinder wholesale prices. Prices on the website do not include the delivery charges, and it takes 2 to 3 days to deliver within the US, 4 to 7 days for orders from Canada. If you are living in another country, you can also get an authentic Sharpstone Grinder from

Taking care of your Sharpstone grinder

Now that you have your own high-quality grinder, you should know how to properly take care of it. Residue from herbs and other organic materials that are left in between the grinder’s teeth can become toxic if left alone for some time, which is why you need to clean your grinder often. The mistake that most new owners make is that they wash their grinder under running water or just throw them in the dishwasher; these methods do nothing but ruin the precisely milled aluminum blades.

The proper way to clean a Sharpstone grinder is by using a special cleaning solution that comes with every grinder. You should clean your Sharpstone grinder after every couple of uses to maintain the blades’ sharpness and reliability, as well as ensure safety from toxic or cross-contaminated materials.

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Herb grinders are convenient tools that make quick work of grinding your herbs. There are literally hundreds of brands and makes that you can choose from, but if you want the best then you should choose only Sharpstone grinders. With unrivaled quality and design, nothing else in the market today can compare with a Sharpstone. Just make sure that you only get your Sharpstone grinder from reputable retailers or from the official website to make sure that you are getting only the authentic product.

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