Sharp Lathe Review: Engine Lathes And Lathe Grinders

The Basics

Sharp Industries is one company that has weathered the test of time in the field of machine tools and this is clearly evident in their more than twenty five years in business.  They have almost all kinds of machine tools serving various industrial and even home requirements over the years and the quality of their products has made them a household name when it comes to the market that they serve.  One of the many product categories that they have gave the company a strong lead among some competitors and this pertains to Sharp lathe machines that are known worldwide as an excellent precision equipment when it comes to metal works, spinning, wood turning, and even glass works.

The various models of lathes for sale by the company have made it available across a wide section of consumers such that you can find bench type lathe machines for home use as well as those big enough to meet the demands of industrial and other commercial type of usage.  The products of the company represent the expertise that they earned through the years of developing precision machines and tools and coupled with their dedication to quality products and services.  This could be some of the many reasons why they have endured and progressed over the years and this is further evidenced by their presence globally with over 150,000 products and models sold worldwide.

Sharp precision machine tools are engineered and designed to meet tough specifications and that is why the Sharp is known for making machines that last for a long time.  Quality and durability has been synonymous with the company’s name and this is further amplified by the inclusion of advanced technology in the making of their products.  No wonder the brand is most preferred by most machinists worldwide.  To further enhance the reliability of their products, they also provide a standard one-year warranty on all their machines and they have service centers strategically located in major cities.  As an added support, they also have available on a 24-hour basis and seven days a week ready to provide technical assistance group.

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Available Lathes

As for the product line-up available for Sharp Lathes, the company has a variety to choose from.  There are the high precision toolroom lathe, geared precision, high speed, flatbed, and heavy duty precision lathes. Various models are available for each category and there is a model available for any and all types of lathe machines needed by customers.  Any and all types of lathe machine works whether big or small is covered by the models available and the company has a vast dealer support network that makes buying their products easily accessible to clients.

To make sure that they give the best service and provide the needed assistance, they make sure to equip their frontliners the technical know-how and necessary expertise when it come to the products that they carry.  Added to this is the company’s commitment to continuously manufacture Sharp Lathe parts for every model that they sold in the market.  Considering that the company has been around for thirty years, and the fact that many innovations have been introduced in the past in terms of machine building technology, their commitment to provide parts and service even to phased-out models is another reason that has endeared them to many of their patrons.

Engine Lathes Models

One of the many features inherent in the company is their ability to produce high quality machines which is evident in every Sharp engine lathe models.  An example of which is model 1118H with a very high degree of precision and fused with advanced digital technology in handling speed using spindle drive mechanism.  Due to its high precision capability, this model can handle even jobs involving small parts.  Its especially designed alloy based bed ways also contribute greatly to the precision of this model and one of the many reasons why it is popular among industrial customers and machine shops all over.

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There are also models known as metal lathes and these are normally the unified piece base casting type that has a fully enclosed and a secured gearbox capable of performing a variety of threading without the necessity of changing gears.  All that the operator has to do is to twist a dial in the machine and the required size and other specifications of a particular job can be achieved.  The 4 jaw lathe chuck is a standard feature of this type of machine and any lathe machine for that matter.  Although there is available the 3-jaw, the use of the 4-jaw has many advantages for the machinists such as high precision centering, the ability to handle different metal shapes like  rectangular or square bars, versatility in working even off-center and the tenacity to provide more grip on round objects.  There also some disadvantages of using a 4 jaw as compared to a 3-jaw but the advantages inherent in its use far outweigh those of the latter.

Lathe Grinders

Lathe machines can also be equipped with what is commonly known as lathe grinders and this provides a useful inclusion to the already versatile and dependable high precision equipment.  With a lathe grinder mounted, other jobs are possible and a helpful aid in any lathe machine.    Another use for grinders is to grind chuck jaws in order to achieve the correct symmetry between the jaws and this is especially needed to get the desired precision in any given work.  The reason here being that the continuous use of the lathe machine overtime will cause the misalignment of the jaws due to uneven shapes being fed at any one time and the proper grinding of the said chuck jaws will restore it to its required precision and performance.

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Another brand that has made its mark in the precision machine market is known as Victor Lathe and they also have a wide variety of high performance machines designed to meet every machinists’ requirements.  Their product variety ranges from lathe grinder, drills, bandsaws, and even state of the art digitally controlled lathes.  Both Sharp and Victor products are available in many dealerships around the world and their products are also widely available online.

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  1. Frederick A. Mohr, III

    I am looking for a high quality used gear head metal lathe in the range of 12″ to 16″ swing and 33″ minimum centers, metric and inch threading with a lot of attachments. Is a Sharp/Takisawa lathe a good accurate lathe? Thanks, Fred

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