Shark Vacuum Review Guide: Steam Mop, Cordless, Steamer and Navigator Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Shark Vacuums are the exclusive manufacturers and sellers of the world’s best and top class vacuum cleaners and sweepers. Several unique designs and desired specifications in its entire range of products are what make Shark vacuum cleaners perfect for both household and even professional use. The success and popularity of this brand can be easily estimated by the numerous positive customer reviews and the increasing sales. If you wish for sparkling clean and dust free carpets, floors and curtains, with a minimum of hard work and effort necessary, then it’s very likely you’d be interested in checking out more about Shark vacuum cleaners.

Shark Steam Mop

These steam mops have completely changed the conventions of sweeping! Now, with the help of this steam mop you can get rid of even the most stubborn of ground in, stuck on dirt, no matter how old it is. Not only that, but it’s a virtually effortless process, takes a fraction of the time traditional sweeping does and picks up even those annoying pet hairs and that dust that seem to stick no matter many times you try to sweep them into your dustpan. The number one best quality of Shark Steam Mop, other than its light weight, is that it not only wipes your floors to a wonderful clean; this mop sanitizes your floors as it cleans them. It has an intelligent steam control system with three distinct settings that deliver astoundingly professional results. Previous customer reviews raved that even stuck on dirt gathered in high trafficked areas does not stand a chance in the face of the Shark Steam Mop. Your floor is left clean, sanitized and dry in just a matter of seconds.

The most commonly mentioned, highly praised feature in the majority of customer reviews is the double sided steam pocket, which reaches a greater surface areas, allowing users to clean and sanitize their floors in a minimum of time and energy. Moreover, with easy to change fittings and attachments, the Shark Steam Mop can be quickly transformed from a mop to a steam cleaner; a 20 foot long cord also adds to the convenience, so you won’t find yourself having to stop cleaning to unplug your steam mop and plug it back in every few feet.

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The water tank has a large enough capacity to make steam for approximately fifteen minutes of serious cleaning, which can be a little hectic if you’re working on a larger area. Fortunately, refilling it is so easy that it doesn’t seem to make a difference for most consumers. Furthermore, 99% floor sanitization is guaranteed, making the Shark Steam Mop the right choice for anyone needed to ensure extra clean floors, like moms with crawling infants and toddlers who not only play on the floor, but eat off of it when they can.

Browse through the Shark Steam Mop and its accessories here and see if the Shark Steam Mop isn’t everything you need for your hardwood or tile floors.


Shark Cordless Vacuums

Shark cordless vacuums are perfect for easy, breezy vacuuming of carpets and flooring and, most importantly for animal lovers, pet hair doesn’t stand a chance. The power and convenience these lightweight, cordless vacuums offer makes Shark a leader in the vacuum market. Up to eighteen volts of power in a simple vacuum makes Shark cordless vacuums effective at cleaning even the most difficult to remove dust and dirt from your carpeting. These handheld vacuums are equally suitable to be used in your car or boat as well as in your home because of their compact size and feather light weight. Previous customers expressed great satisfaction with the easily detachable and washable filter. Adding to this, these vacuums have an incomparable versatility; their attachments include a crevice tool, motorized brush, and dusting brush so that any surface can be cleaned easily and almost effortlessly.

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All you need is to choose from the numerous models available on in order to make cleaning fun and tension free!

Shark Navigator Vacuum

The Shark Navigator Vacuum is ideal for heavy duty cleaning tasks. Among the most appreciated qualities of this vacuum is its light weight, its ease of maneuvering being such that it practically glides on the floor, and its high capacity detachable dust canister, not to mention the fact that it is an all-around quieter upright vacuum. Its affordable price and the high quality customers receive for that quality make the Shark Navigator vacuum a highly popular model.

Many customers noted the fact that even vacuuming on carpet that had been previously vacuumed with another brand, the Shark Navigator still managed to suck out substantial quantities of dirt due to its extra powerful suction. Some reviewers even voted it the best vacuum cleaner.

Purchasing it is as easy as using it, visit and putting the Shark Navigator in your cart; it will be on your doorstep within days.

Shark Vacuum Vx3

According to, the Vx3 is a thoughtfully designed floor-and-carpet cleaner. It cleans every kind of dirt and debris from all different types of flooring, be they vinyl, tile, hardwood, or thickly carpeted. Two settings are available: a multi-surface setting for simple flooring, and a turbo setting for sofas and curtains, and most especially for cleaning pet hair. The plastic dust container makes it so easy to throw away the debris clean out and remove any kind of litter safely even if its glass, because the plastic keeps your hands from coming into contact with the contents therein.

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Customers were amazed by how effortlessly they could clean around furniture without the need to bend or to strain their backs. Also, the cordless design with a big vacuum cleaner is not readily available in the market apart from the Shark Vx3, so this aspect comes highly regarded. Customers were happy to know that this cordless design did not require them to stop and change the power outlets again and again when cleaning from room to room, because its rechargeable battery comes with a fifty minute run time with a single charge.

Although it cannot be classified as a substitute of broom, the Vx3 is a great sweeper; all you’ll have to do is keep drag it slowly back and forth so that the brush can sweep debris in, and you’re good to go.

Vx3 is easily available at Amazon, and with several customer reviews to read through, you can see for yourself whether the Shark Vx3 is the right vacuum for you.

Shark Steamer

This advanced steamer is capable of removing grease, grime, dirt, soap scum and all other kinds of tough and hard to remove substances in as little as a few seconds. Some consumers even mentioned that they were surprised to find that it even steams wrinkles out of their garments, which is a handy bonus. Standard features of the Shark Steamer include its light weight, ergonomic and easy grip make this steamer very user friendly. One interesting thing to note about this steamer is that it includes EPA registered disinfectants, which allows you to not only clean your home but also to sanitize it. Multiple attachable accessories are also available along with the Shark Steamer itself online.

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