Sears Air Compressor Product Review Including Craftsman Models & Manuals

Air compressors are a vital piece of machinery and they can come in many different sizes with different levels of pressure and abilities. For use in carpentry in the home workshop or in the work place there is a Sears air compressor available for every job.

The Craftsman 3 Gallon Horizontal air compressor is more suited to home use and comes with a maximum tank pressure of 125 PSI. This particular air compressor is very flexible when it comes to joinery, carpentry and various inflating jobs, but it lacks the power that is needed for industrial jobs, however the relatively low price does reflect this and the Craftsman 3 Gallon Horizontal air compressor is ideal for the smaller jobs and can be found here

The Most popular air compressor is the Craftsman Professional 60 Gallon air compressor, this is an incredibly quiet compressor as compared to those of a similar size; holding conversations when using this compressor is not a problem and can be used with most attachments. Known in the past to leak air from time to time, this particular compressor is usually pretty durable and at half the size of some of the older but similarly powerful air compressors, the Craftsman Professional still manages to be one of the favorites.

Air Compressor Buying Guide

There can be some confusion when it comes to buying an air compressor, as previously mentioned; there are many different types and sizes for a whole range of jobs. If you are unsure as to what type, size etc. of air compressor you need, then you may benefit from taking a look at an air compressor buyers guide. These guides go into great detail about the complete range of compressors and can help to make things a lot clearer, especially to those who are purchasing a compressor for the first time. An air compressor buyer’s guide can be found here and it clearly explains every aspect you need to take into consideration.

The range and power

Another very popular sears craftsman air compressor is the Craftsman Professional 80 Gallon 2 Stage compressor; it comes with an SCFM delivery of up to 175 psi and requires 230 volts of power. Because this particular compressor has such a large capacity it is manufactured predominantly for use in the work place rather than in the home or home work shop. The amount of power that it needs may cause a problem if you use it daily simply because it is likely to need its own power socket.

When it comes to taking a kmart air compressor into consideration you should be aware that this stockiest is unlikely to sell air compressors that are used by contractors. There is a very good range of compressors however and you can find those that hold up to 80 gallons. The TNT 3 gallon air compressor has proved to be very popular and is known as a ‘Budget’ air compressor. Those who have small projects to work on at home will find this compressor very adaptable and although it’s not very suited to working on motor vehicles, it is ideal for other smaller jobs about the home and in the work shop.

The Powermate one gallon Pancake air compressor is ideal for the smaller and lighter jobs and proves to be very easy to move around because it weighs just 14.1 pounds. This compressor will take about fifteen minutes to fill and can refuse to work properly unless you do fill it before beginning a job, but for what it costs, it is a fairly reasonable air compressor that is good to use on small projects.

 The best air compressors

The DEWALT 15 Gallon 120-Volt Electric Wheeled air compressor is one of the most loved air compressors due to its ability to give you up to 200 psi along with the opportunity to use it in a number of places because it is portable. The drain valve does sit quite low to the ground and it could get damaged if you do not work to protect it, but otherwise this is one of the best air compressors around. This highly recommended wheeled air compressor can be found here at a reduced price.

You need to take into consideration the jobs that you are going to undertake, if you buy an air compressor that is too powerful, then you may have problems with your power supply particularly if it does not give you the voltage that you require. If you but an air compressor that is not powerful enough then you may struggle to get your jobs done effectively and efficiently. This is why it is vital that you take your time and make sure you get the right tools for the job.

Finding a manual online

Once you have the correct air compressor you may need some help using it, fortunately you will be able to find a sears air compressor manual online (Found here)that you can download and print off. There are 29 different manuals available and you will also see there are contributions from site members who have given their own advice based on their experience of using that particular air compressor.

A range of compressors from Lowes

If you’re looking to buy a Lowes air compressor for use in your home work shop or garage then the PORTER-CABLE Porter-Cable 1.5 HP compressor may be ideal. It has a 26-Gallon tank and is capable of up to 150 Psi. This air compressor can be louder than some but using it continuously for seven days is possible.

The Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon air compressor boasts up to 200 PSI and can be used to a multitude of tasks. Although the tank just holds 20 gallons it can give you the same air power that a 26 gallon tank does. Another benefit of using this Campbell Hausfeld is that it’s very quiet and durable, allowing you to get on with your work without many distractions. This air compressor is very easy to move around and comes on a good set of strong wheel that supports the unit while you work.


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