Schulz Air Compressor Review: Industrial & Home Pumps And Parts


If you are looking for a reliable air compressor for whatever purpose you have in mind, the brand that you can trust is Schulz air compressors. With Schulz the only thing that you will get is a guarantee that you will get more than what you expected.

Schulz has been in operation for more than 40 years, and they wield an impressive track record in the air compressor industry where companies are known to come and go. The long track record can be attributed to Schulz’s dedication to create only the best equipment for their customers, and for more than 40 years this is what they have been doing.

Schulz was founded way back in 1970’s in Brazil. Back then most of the company’s operations centered mainly on the foundry area of the factory, they did not start making the Schulz air compressor that made them famous until 1982. In the first few years of the air compressor production Schulz only had two models of compressors, but that number rapidly rose until in just a few years they had the most complete line of air compressors in all of Brazil and South America.

In 1999 Schulz air compressor started to expand their company to the United States and thus was born Schulz of America. With huge warehouses located in Atlanta, Georgia, Schulz of America extended the reach of the company and now you can buy their products in over 60 countries nationwide. Whether you are looking for Schulz compressor pumps or parts, you can easily get them through any one of their official dealers.

Different Uses of Air Compressors

Industrial Purposes

The first thing that may pop into your minds when you hear the word air compressor might be a factory or a production line of some sort. It is true that air compressors do play a huge role in the manufacturing industry, from the large presses that are used to form sheet metal and plastics, to the paint sprayers used to give the finishing touches to a product. Almost everything that you have in your home air compressors has a hand in making in one form or another.

Home Use

Even though air compressors are mostly used in heavy industries, there are still lots of them being used in regular homes all over the world. Small capacity air compressors are being used the world over in different tasks. Are you a hobbyist that likes to tinker with cars and anything mechanical? You can use an air compressor in your garage with different attachments to do different jobs. Attach a spray gun and you can do touch ups on your car’s paint job, or use a smaller compressor with an air brush attachment to customize the paintwork.  Smaller air compressors are even ideal for filling tires and pool toys for the kids.

For the typical person’s garage, the best choice for an air compressor would be the ones with slightly lower capacity tanks and that are portable so that you can drag it anywhere you will need it. From loosening bolts or simply inflating a flat tire, a Schulz air compressor is certainly a welcome addition in anyone’s garage.

Medical Usage

Most people get surprised when they find out that there is even a Schulz air compressor that can be used in medical clinics. The medical industry that seems to make use of air compressors a lot is dentistry. Almost everything that moves in a dental clinic is powered by an air compressor, the seat, the vacuum used to get rid of saliva, even the rotary toothbrush and dental drills, all of them are powered using compressed air.

The difference between the air compressors used in clinics is mainly the size. Since clinics are rarely big enough for a full-sized air compressor, a smaller one with the right amount of power will be enough.  But for medical use just being able to fit inside a clinic is not enough, an air compressor needs to be quiet and produces minimal vibrations so that the patients are not bothered. Not to mention oil-free so that the quality of the air it pumps out is clean and fit for medical purposes.

Whatever kind of air compressor that you may need, you can be sure that there is a Schulz air compressor for you. Not only does Schulz carry a long list of air compressor models that include heavy-duty compressors used by manufacturing companies, light-duty and portable air compressors for the regular handyman or hobbyist, there are also compact oil-free air compressors that are perfect for medical clinics.

Schulz Air Compressor Reliability

What once was just a company that only offered two models of air compressors now has grown into a multinational company that has one of the most complete product lines. But the large choice of models is just one factor in the success of Schulz, they would have never lasted as long as they had if their products and services are lacking.

Schulz air compressor pumps are made from cast iron forged right in their own manufacturing plant. Some of the features of a Schulz air compressor are: receiver tanks made from the highest quality steel, low RPM motor to lessen energy consumption and vibrations, and lots of safety features. Stringent quality control and testing make sure that each and every one of the units that roll out of the factory will give the same amount of performance and customer satisfaction as the last. Their company also provides each consumer with quality customer service for their product needs or even with questions regarding the right replacement parts.

By just doing a quick search for Schulz air compressor reviews you will find that the people who have availed of these air compressors cannot find anything bad to say. With a 2 year warranty on Schulz air compressor pumps and parts, you will definitely find that Schulz definitely gives great customer service and stands by their products.

So for great products and service you need not look any further, go and get a Schulz air compressor today!

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  1. Steven Wilkens

    I have a 5hp Schulz compressor that was said to deliver 20cfms, if it delivers half of that I would be surprised. It can’t keep up with two air tools working at the same time. Would never recommend this brand to anyone and will have to replace it as soon as I can.

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