Sandblaster Rental Equipment: Portable, Construction & Industrial Reviews

A sandblaster can be a very powerful tool for all of your home DIY projects or to get the job done on a work site. If you are trying to remove rust, paint, or anything else that you don’t want to use chemicals for, the sandblaster is going to be your best option. One of the easiest ways to get the most powerful sandblasting tools without spending a lot of money is to rent one. If you plan on doing a lot with a sandblaster, though, you can purchase a smaller gun model for your home, too.

Determining Your Needs

What do you plan on doing with the sandblaster?

  • Removing paint
  • Etching Glass
  • Hobbies
  • Large volumes of work

If you are using a sandblaster as part of your hobby, you may want to consider a great little handheld sandblaster gun. One such is made by Pit Bull and has had some excellent reviews. Air Sand Blaster Gun. It is very affordable and you can get it set up within a manner of minutes. Then you just need to determine what type of abrasive you are going to use.

For just about anything else, you will likely want to consider sandblasting equipment rentals. This will ensure that you have the highest grade equipment on the large scale that you need to get the job done quickly and effectively. Plus, you can always ensure that it is going to run the way you want it to because they have been maintained well.

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Tool rental is very common simply because so many DIY people and contractors need the ability to access different tools on occasion without wanting to make an expensive purchase for a one or two week project.

Where to Find Sandblasting Rental Equipment

You can find industrial sandblasting equipment and portable sandblasting equipment from most rental supply stores. There is going to be three parts to most equipment. That’s going to be:

–          The abrasive

–          The compressor

–          The blaster nozzle

The compressor is the primary thing that makes it portable or industrial. If it’s lightweight or on wheels, it’s considered portable. If you need something very forceful, then it will likely be industrial and be in the form of a giant box compressor.

The blaster nozzle needs to be considered, too, so that you have some sort of control over the abrasive’s flow out of the nozzle. The larger the nozzle, the wider spray you are going to get. If you are trying to create designs in the wood, paint, or glass, then you want to make sure to ask the place that you are getting the sandblasting rental from for a smaller nozzle.

Choosing Your Abrasive

When you are getting your sandblasting rental supplies, the vendor will likely ask you what kind of abrasive you are looking for. Sand is not usually an option because of the silicosis lung disease that has developed because of long-term exposure. To avoid any confusion before you start shopping, you may want to visit which will list some of the more popular abrasives that you can use. This will range from copper slag to corn cob.

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Some equipment rental stores will sell the abrasive to you when you rent the equipment, otherwise you may have to buy it on your own. This is available online as well as at home improvement stores.

Using a Sandblaster

One of the downsides to a sandblaster rental is that it doesn’t provide you with the instructions like when you buy a product new. While you can ask the person behind the desk of the equipment rental store, they may not have the knowledge that you need to make sure that it operates like you intended for it to do. The odds of the rental coming with an instruction manual are unlikely, so you need to find another option.

YouTube offers many different videos so that you can find out exactly how to hook up your sandblaster and begin sandblasting whatever it is that you rented it for. Your DIY project is on its way once you have the equipment, so find the helpful videos you need. You can watch them from the comfort of your home over and over again until you are very sure of what you are doing. To get everything set up, this video has proven very helpful for many: Best of all, you don’t have to ask anyone for assistance because you discovered it on your own. Then you can show off your brilliant cabinetry and no one is the wiser to your skills with the fancy equipment.

Brand of Sandblaster Rentals to Look for

Like all equipment, there are brands that work better than others. If you want to ensure that your sandblaster is performing at its very best, then you need the very best.

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Construction equipment rental of sandblasters are going to be in a different category than the smaller ones and therefore different names apply to each.

Grainger is a great provider of sandblasters. They offer a wide array of compressors that give you the power that you need to get the job done right the very first time. There are also many kinds of cabinets available to house the compressor so that you can find one to meet your specific needs.

If you are looking for something smaller, Pit Bull is also a very reputable brand of a compressor gun that is a lot more portable, but made for home use as opposed to commercial use.

Finding Sandblasting Equipment

If you are in pursuit of sandblasting equipment, you may not always be able to effectively find it under that name, primarily because it is no longer sand that you are blasting. You may want to search for “abrasive blasters” so that everyone in the industry knows exactly what you are after. It will show that you know what you are talking about and give you instant credentials when you talk to an equipment rental store so that they give you a good price.

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