Router Bits Profiles: Charts, Freud Router Bits and Reviews

For the woodworker who desires to create unique and amazing woodcrafting projects that are not done with the typical straight line cuts, then perhaps the inclusion of router bits are just what you are looking for.  Router bits that are cut at various angles, or with even various designs are ideal for projects that you want to add a little flair to or merely for the at-home project that requires a different angle.  Before purchasing just any router bit it is important to understand the manufacturers of some of the router bits, the designs and materials router bits can be composed of and what you can expect to do with a particular router bit profile.

Router Bits

There are some router bits which are most commonly used in both professional and personal use of woodworking, so perhaps having one of each of these bits could be beneficial for your woodworking tool collection.

Straight router bits- A straight router bit is the basic bit that is used for straight line cutting. This is really multi-purpose and can be used foranything that you just want the flat and straight cut to, like cabinets and simple craft projects.

Rabbeting router bits- These bits are able to do vertical and horizontal cutting at the same time.  You will often see this bit used to create perfect angles in projects.

Joinery bits- This type of bit can come in various interesting and unique sizes and shapes, so they are ideal for those specific cuts that you want to be a little more designed than just straight.

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Flush trim router bits- The flush trim bit is used for trimming the edges of wood so that it is able to run flush with another item, this bit is not used as often as say a straight router bit but it is very useful in some projects.

Edge forming router bits- Edge-forming are for the detailed projects that need intricate edging, the edge forming router bit is ideal, but it is a bit that should only be used by experienced professionals.

Chamfer router bit- For the just for fun, or beginning woodworker this bit can be used to cut and complete edges throughoutt a piece, like a frame or model.

Router Bits Profiles Chart

While these are just a few of the most common router bits, if you are looking for a specific router bit profile, then it would be beneficial to take a look at a router bits profiles chart.

This chart is a listing of all router bits and their specifications, it is a comprehensive source of information if you are looking for the meausrements or stylings of various routers when starting a new project and purchasing a new router bit.

The router bits profile chart reviews three different router bit measurements: the shank, the body and the tip. However the shank measurement is perhaps the most important to pay attention to.

The shank is the area of the bit that actually attaches to the router and fastens it into place for save woodworking. When working with your shank you want to be sure that it is firmly in place and that there is no give to it, or risk serious damage to your project and injury to your person while in use.

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On a profile chart you can expect to see the measurements of shanks by their diameter, and there are two sizes, a ¼ in. and a ½ in. For the beginner or hobbyist who uses their router sparingly, the ¼ in. is perhaps the easiest to work with. For the professionals and those who work with their router frequently then the ½ in. is a little more durable and reduces the amount of vibration that the user feels.

Router Bits Manufacturing Companies

There are several companies which take pride in their collection of router bits, some professionals suggest if you buy your woodworking tools from a certain company then perhaps purchasing your bits from them would also prove successful.  Here are some of the companies that sell reliable router bits for woodworking.

Freud– Freud router bits profiles are among some of the most reliable available on the market. They have options for every skill level of woodworker and every style of cut that is needed for your project.  Here are just a few of the specific router bits that they carry:

  • Mortising bits
  • Slot Cutting bits
  • Spiral bits
  • Lettering bits

Amana- Amana is another company who stands behind the quality of their router bits and creates every detail up to the Holtz BG German standard for quality and excellence, so you know you are getting a reliable piece of equipment. Here are some the specific router bits that they carry:

  • Cove bits
  • Paneling bits
  • Spiral bits
  • Slotting

Shopping for Router Bits

When shopping for router bits it is important to first take note of the type of project that you will be completeing and the cuts that you will need to make.  Understanding your final desired outcome is important when selecting the appropriate bit to work with, as the wrong angle or type of cut can require you to start over with a whole new piece of wood.

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Once you have a rough idea of the cuts that you will be making then you can determine the profile that you will need in order to create the efffect you desire on your wood.  Professionals suggest that if you are using a new router bit that perhaps you should try it on a spare piece of wood in order to determine that the profile of the cut is what you are looking for specifically.  This will ensure that you do not ruin your project with a cut that cannot be reversed.

As you can see selecting and considering router bits for your project is not something that can be done on the spur of the moment. It is quite important for you to understand the profiles and measurements of router bits that you are interested in working with, the success of your project rests on selecting the right bit.

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