Rotozip Attachments Review: Zipmate, Flexshaft, Dremel, Spiral Saw & Vacuum

Rotozip is a cut out saw/dry wall router that can be used on the drywall, but with so many bits you can use to cut out the saw on tile, flooring, marble etc. The Rotozip brand has created plenty of attachments for their products, enough so to be called truly unique in the hardware business.

Rotozip CRCT1 – Circle Cutting Attachment

One such Rotozip attachments part is the Rotozip CRCT1 circle cutting attachment. It can be used with Spira-Cut Rotozip and Roto-Mite. This circle cutter allows you to make clean, fast, as well as perfect circles. Other technical details are:

  • It weighs around 4 ounces.
  • It cuts circle of around 3-1/2 to 12 inches in diameter.
  • It is ideal for light ceiling cutouts in drywall and for acoustic tile.

Rotozip ZM3 Zipmate Attachment

This Rotozip Zip Mate attachment is easy and fast to use. It allows making intricate cuts for a particular job, such as very hard material, to be done very easily & without the help of a wet-saw. The main features of this attachment are as under:

·         It minimizes the vibrations.

·         It eliminates excessive noise.

·         During the cutting action, it provides a clear line.

·         It contains LED light.

·         It contains a ClearVue guard

·         There are no tools needed for guard reposition.

Rotozip FS2 Flex Shaft Attachment

The good thing about the Bosch FS2 Bosch Flex Shaft is that it fits all Rotozip Spiral Saws. It helps to clean up the rough surfaces and edges. The other feature includes the following:

·         It weighs 1.3 pounds with a length of 2.25 inches.

·         It is designed for holding 1/16 inches to 1/8 inches diameter accessories.

Rotozip Attachments Dremel

There are also some Rotozip attachments dremel and rotary tools available in market. They are usually available in bulk, which would be in a sort of package or bag of 25 bits. This Rotozip dremel can fit in Rotozip porter cable and any other rotary tool that accepts the 1/8 inch bit.

Rotozip Tool Corp. ZM3-1100 – Zipmate with X-Shield

Rotozip attachments ZM3 1100 allows you to cut easily the wide variety of materials like stone, ceramic floor tile, cement, slate steel, sandstone, concrete etc. The other features of this tool are as mentioned below: –

  • It cuts up to 9/16 depth easily.
  • It has quick release body latch, which makes it easy to reposition your guard without the requirement of other tools.
  • It allows you to make a very solid and intricate cut without the hassle of using the wet saw.
  • It also deflects sparks as well as fragments so there is no chance that you may get hurt during cutting or making a hole.
  • The gearing of this tool is integrated, while it contains a sealed bearing.
  • The length of the tool is 4.5 inches while the weight is 1 lb.

Rotozip Spiral Saw

The technical details of Rotozip spiral saw are as follows:

  • It has soft grip body.
  • 5.0 Amp Power.
  • 30,000 RPM.
  • It quickly releases foot.
  • The switch is sealed which protects it from excess buildup and dust contamination.

Rotozip RZVAC1 – Dust Extraction Vacuum Adapter Kit

Rotozip attachment vacuums helps to capture all the dust and debris from the cutting site. This attachment easily fits to the dry/wet shop vacuum hose and keeps all the surfaces which you need to cut and the floor clean from all kinds of debris and dust, making it easier for you to work on a clean surface. Also it has a transparent base which allows you to see the cutting surface and helps to remove the dust and debris easily. The Rotozip dust extraction vacuum adaptor also works excellently with the model spiral saws.

Bosch Rotozip TD1-10 – Rotozip Tile Dock

This model of Bosch Rotozip helps to reduce the tile breakage and also prevents the broken tiles further by supporting them from the below. The various other features of this system are discussed as under:

  • It is a quick clamping system which is used to secure the tiles for the various difficult cut-offs works.
  • The adjustable vacuum hose collects all the debris and dust.
  • It is a convenient accessory as it stores the tile dock accessories and with the tape measure and pencil storage, it is an important tool to have.
  • It is compact in size due to which it is a portable tool.
  • The corner tile dogs provide the extra grip on the tiles making it easier to cut.

Rotozip parts

There are almost thousands of Rotozip parts available in the market. These parts are available through various sellers and they have everything to make your Rotozip work like new again. Also if you are not sure that what is wrong with your equipment then are various tool repair forums as well as the vendors which will provide you services. Many Rotozip sear parts, Rotozip misc parts, Rotozip router parts etc. are available in the market as well as online.

Rotozip Rebel Spiral Saw and Zip-Mate and Circle Cutter

The Rotozip rebel is a full kit which contains the following items:

  • Rebel – it is the latest Rotozip spiral saw.
  • 2 – 1/8 inches sabre-cut bits for cutting wood.
  • 1 – 1/8 inches guide point bit.
  • 1 – 1/8 inches and one ¼ inches collet.
  • A zip-mate starter kit included.
  • Depth guide as well as collets wrench.
  • And all of these above mentioned accessories within a carrying case.

Rotozip Attachments Reviews

Many happy customers have left Rotozip attachment reviews all over the internet praising their tool and what they use it for the most. Most state that they didn’t know how they ever got along without their newfound “toy” and that there is nothing better on the market.

It is these reviews that assist new consumers in determining the need to purchase their own Rotozip accessories.  There is no doubt that every handyman should have a Rotozip tool in their garage, along with plenty of attachments too!

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