Rogue Hoes Tool Review: Garden Hoe Types Including Scuffle & Heavy Duty Hoes

Gardening is one of the most heartening activities and a beautiful garden is sure to bring a sense of tranquility within you. To maintain a beautiful garden however, it is necessary that you possess a good gardening hoe like the rogue hoe. Although seemingly simple tools, garden hoes are quite useful and some gardeners even go on to say that a good heavy duty garden hoe is the only tool you need for gardening. It can be quite aggravating to get the exact hoe for you because of the different variants and types available on the market. It always helps to plan your purchase of a hoe.

The Price Matters

Often tools for DIY projects are over-priced for one simple reason, they are mostly sought out of habit rather than necessity and as such people are willing to pay higher prices for them. However, do not assume this notion for a garden hoe. Normally, the quality and sturdiness of gardening hoes only increases with price. You should remember that a hoe is a tool that you will be constantly using when maintaining a garden, and as such it needs to be durable. A cheap hoe will only break, rendering it useless for any gardening purposes. As such, it’s always good to get an economically priced quality hoe such as a Rogue hoe.

Two Hoe Categories

Before you get a hoe, you should realize that there are different types of hoes available on the market. These can be mainly divided into three categories:

  1. Specialty hoes
  2. Common hoes (can be used for both purposes)
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Common hoes are generally designed to be used for both soil moving and weeding purposes. However, it is normally considered that they do not excel at either purpose. It is always better to find a specialty hoe, like Rogue Hoe from Rogue Hoe Tools.

Types of Hoes

Although common hoes are quite few and similar it is specialty hoes like Rogue Hoe that vary in design and purpose. Each specialty hoe is unique and specific to certain common situations and purposes. Amongst the many types of specialty hoe are:

  • Warren Ho-. This is one of the oldest hoe types for gardening purposes. Since the 19th century, it has been a popular tool for cultivating. Its head is shaped like an arrow that allows for easier immersion into the soil, and hence better cultivating. If you are looking for a Warren Hoe with a third blade at the arrow point, it is best to opt for either Rogue Hoe 00g or 00g-54.
  • Collinear Hoe- If you are looking for a blade with which you can easily uproot weeds in a simple sweeping motion, collinear hoes are the best choice. With a rectangular shape and wide blade, weeding with a collinear hoe is as simple as making a shave. However, you should note that you select a model that has a wide base like the 7½” provided by Rogue Hoe 75g.
  • Scuffle Hoe- A scuffle hoe is the best garden hoe to deal with weeding. Normally the scuffle hoe’s head is attached to the handle at the center, and opposing sides of the scuffle hoe have bladed edges. Consequently, weeds can be easily uprooted with an oscillating motion. However, nothing compares to the three edged scuffle hoe provided by Rogue Hoe Tools. You can read any Rogue Hoe review on the internet, and you’d get all of them recommending a rogue hoe for scuffle.
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Why Rogue Hoe?

With the amount of emphasis that a Rogue Hoe receives from any Rogue Hoe review, you must be wondering why so many prefer this brand. There are a lot of reasons for people liking Rogue Hoe, from its quality to its durable build, but most prominent features include:

  • Swan Neck- With the exception of most scuffle hoe manufactured by Rogue Hoe, all of them come with a swan neck handle. This is quite a safety feature for any hoe. Normally, a hoe is bound to even slice or move soil at the slightest push. But this is not the case with the swan neck handle. The handle makes it so that the hoe is only moved at a pull force, saving your precious flowers and plantations from any unexpected damage.
  • Length Handles- One of the most common complaints with hoes is their short length. Of course, handy hoes are meant to have a short handle length but the problem mostly arises with large length hoes. Most ‘large’ length hoes are often even shorter than 4ft, and as such liable to make your back ache, after a few minutes of use. In comparison, all Rogue Hoes come with an additional option of adding 60” to the handle.
  • Sturdiness and Quality- If you have ever used gardening equipment, you would know that the hard often breaks from the handle at the point of connection. Once this happens, the equipment is bound to break again and again. Moreover, you would also know that it happens with most equipment after every year or two. However, most rogue hoe reviews will tell you that whatever rogue hoe tools you get, whether it be a rogue hoe rake or otherwise, it remains sturdy even after decades of constant use. If you are looking for a heavy duty garden hoe, rogue hoe is the best option.
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Tool Care Advice

Obviously knowing a good brand or the types of hoe is not all the information you need to have good hoe experience. You also need to know how to maintain your tool. Here are a few common pieces of advice:

  • Scrape of all dirt from your hoe after using it
  • Wash it with only water, and clear with a dry cloth immediately
  • When not in use, leave it sprayed with WD40 or any other anti-rust spray
  • Use linseed oil on the wood handle for increased life of wood
  • Sand the handle for a smooth grip
  • Sharpen the bladed edge of the hoe on a weekly basis

A hoe is one of the most important tools required for gardening and it is an almost essential one. As such when selecting a hoe you should not select substandard brands or inappropriate types. It is important to get a well-known brand that you can trust upon and the exact type of hoe that you need. With the right hoe, like a Rogue Hoe, your gardening experience will be made much simpler.

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