Rockwell Woodworking Tools Guide: Jawhorse, Sonicrafter & Blade Runner Equipment

Old timers will remember the Rockwell woodworking brand with some nostalgic effect as to its durability and dependability. Most who have encountered the brand will only have positive things to say about its functioning and efficiency. During high school workshops this woodworking tools can be found as one of the machines that students use to learn in order to create their projects and develop skills at the same time. But as the years go by the tools seem to have disappeared from the shelves of the shops who are selling the product that is until 5 years ago when a brand new Rockwell woodworking tool rolled out from the manufacturing plant of Positec Tool Group.

The Positec Tool Group has purchased the brand name from the original owners but still carried the tradition of creating dependable woodworking tools. To augment their commitment towards dependability and durability the company has offered batteries for life in their Rockwell cordless series of woodworking tools. They are serious about this program because they believe that it is a complete waste to throw away a perfectly fine tool when the battery is dead. For paying the shipping cost of only six dollars the company will replace the battery of the cordless tool for free and the old batteries do not have to be returned but simply to be disposed of responsibly. More of this story can be found on the website

Rockwell Woodworking Series

The Positec Tool Group has practically revived all of the Rockwell woodworking tools. The products that are at the moment is successful in its launching is the Rockwell jawhorse and the Rockwell Sonicrafter. The jawhorse is considered to be the only workstation that a person will ever need. It has the ability to exert one ton of clamping force and is purely made from solid steel. It has an easy portable folding design for easy keeping and uses a foot pedal in order for the hands to be free when clamping. The technical details of the jawhorse include:

  • It is equipped with a lock release switch for easy maneuverability of the material being clamped.
  • The jaws have the capacity to open up to 37 inches.
  • It has all terrain stability because of its tripod base.
  • The Rockwell woodworking jawhorse has only a weight of 43 pounds and will not need any tools when to be folded and tucked away for future use.
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The sonicrafter is a multipurpose tool that can be used to address various tasks without the disadvantage of cluttering the working area. This Rockwell woodworking equipment has the following features that were reviewed at

  • The motor has a variable oscillating speed which maxes out at 20,000 per minute.
  • It has a 6 foot cord.
  • It would take only 15 seconds to change the Rockwell blades because of the integrated hex wrench design.

The sonicrafter kit, when purchased includes the following:

  • 1 semicircle Rockwell woodworking blade.
  • A universal End cut blade.
  • With 15 sanding sheets.
  • A sanding pad.
  • A hex key.
  • An adapter.

The performance review of the Rockwell woodworking machinery is that the operator will not experience a kickback, it can work in tight places, and will cut solid and rigid materials. The strongest suit of this Rockwell multi tool is its ability to perform precision cutting of the material.

Other Rockwell power tools like the Rockwell blade runner is also a must have by professional woodworkers and amateurs alike. This multipurpose tool has the ability to cut straight lines and curves the materials which include ceramic, wood, tiles, plastics, and even metals. With the weight of just 17 pounds this machine can be set anywhere either in one’s own shop or the jobsite itself. It is equipped with a T shank jigsaw blade and can be changed in less than 3 seconds. This Rockwell woodworking series tool can easily be attached to any vacuum for easy cleaning. The specifications of this brand include:

  • Power voltage of 120 to 160.
  • 5.5 amperes.
  • No load speed limit.
  • A portable Rockwell table size of 17 inches by 15 and ¾ inches.
  • It has a stroke length of 7/8 of an inch.
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Even though that there are new owners of the Rockwell woodworking power tools the Rockwell bandsaw was not revived in the production line. Most of the products that are available for sale are those that are owned by private individuals or companies who have already no use of the saw. The durability and dependability of this product even though it has already become a sort of novelty cannot be dismissed. also carries perfectly well conditioned bandsaws of this brand although it has a very limited warranty which is mostly 7 days. Nevertheless if one has a defective bandsaw of this brand the parts of the can be bought from this site and may be utilized for repairing the defective saw. carries the Rockwell scrollsaw as part of its product line sold on the market. The technical details of the machine include that it is light-weight and easy to transport, with table bevels that ranges from zero to 45 degrees.  Additional specifications include a variable speed for precision cutting, an on board dust blower with a dust port for extraction.

The product is being described as a great value in one’s personal home workshop. This Rockwell woodworking product is guaranteed to give accurate clean cuts with its 16 inch scroll and variable speed of 4/5 inch stroke. A positive review it received was that it is a good saw for a good price and the company gives good service to its customers. The critical review it garnered was that the air hose coupler was damaged on the first day of operation and the machine was vibrating a lot. The foot that holds the stock is also weak and can bend very easily was the claim of another user. But despite this all in all the machine received a rating of 3 and 5 stars from its reviewers.

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