Reviewing Garage Storage Solutions: Different Types, Make Your Own, Overhead Garage Storage, Garden Tool Storage.

Finding the right type of garage storage solution can be difficult, and it can leave you with a mess in your garage or a lot of different types of storage that make the place look just as untidy as before. For a great storage system that is guaranteed to make a huge difference to your garage, I can recommend the UltiMate garage storage system that comes with 10 different units. It is quite expensive and is sold for just over $1,700 but you end up with a great looking storage unit that has so much room you might be hard pressed to find enough tools etc. to fill it. You do have to assemble the unit yourself which could take some time, so you may need someone else’s assistance, but once you have the storage you need you will be pleased with your effort.

The Inter-lock three shelf storage system that includes 3 shelves and 1 large and 1 small cabinet is much cheaper than the UltiMate garage storage system, it is smaller but it can hold a lot of tools and more so you can have a tidier garage that also has a clean and modern look. At a cost of about $390, these units are a lot easier to assemble because they interlock, so the screws and nails you usually have to deal with when you’re building storage systems are non-existent, and it makes the whole unit pretty strong too.

Make you own garage storage solutions

if you need some ideas about constructing your own storage systems then you don’t need to be an expert, you can make garage storage solutions yourself and if you need a bit of inspiration and help then this site might be able to give you what you need. It can help to give you some great ideas, and if you think that it all looks a bit too complicated or that you may not have the time then do not worry, it can help you decide what storage solutions you would like. Remember that it’s important to have a tidy and safe garage and if this means you have to pay cash to get it that way, that’s fine, especially if you end up very happy with the way it looks.

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Types of garage storage solutions

There are a lot of different types of garage storage solutions and they can all be found right here this website is quite good because it goes into good detail about the specific types of storage you can get and it may help to inspire you if you are a bit stuck for ideas. You may just be thinking about different shelving units and cupboards but you can also find storage systems for bicycles and overhead storage systems too, which can save you even more space. is a good website to check out too, and it goes into quite a bit of detail that may prove to be handy. You should be prepared to be reading for a while as the site seems to go into every aspect of storage, but again, if you are short of ideas, then it’s worth reading it.

Overhead garage storage

Earlier I talked very briefly about overhead garage storage systems, and how they can save a lot of room. If this is an idea that appeals to you then the MonsterRAX overhead garage storage rack, could interest you. For approximately $250 you get a very strong system that can hold up to 600 pounds in weight, and you also have the opportunity to vary the drop, from 18 inches to 33 inches, depending on the amount of room you have spare. Storing something overhead means the material that holds your goods needs to be string and this storage rack is just that, made from industrial strength steel, you can be sure that whatever you store is safe and secure.

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For a cheaper solution, the Hammertone 45 inch by 45 inch overhead storage system can work well for you at just $60. It can hold 250 pounds in weight and is made of steel wire that has been powder coated to give it extra strength and versatility. If you want to get the things that you store down easily, then you should think about putting the two shorter bars that come with the system, at the bottom, that way your things are easier to reach. You also need to make sure that you don’t over-tighten the screws as this could cause problems; you just need to find a happy medium and make sure the unit is tight enough, without in damaging the bars, while being strong enough to hold the things you store.

Garden tool storage

If you’re a bit of a gardener then you may be thinking about some garden tool storage, the Rubbermaid deluxe tool tower rack is a particularly good system and it even comes on casters so you can wheel it around if needs be. Holding up to forty tools, this rack can save you a lot of room. You may wonder if this tower rack is strong enough to hold that many tools and I can assure you it is and that the casters make it easy to maneuver around too. At just under $50, you will get a great deal for your money.

The Holeyrail Garage Organizer is excellent if you want to hang your tools up on the wall, not only is this a great way to keep your garage tidy, but it saves a lot of room too. With the capacity to hold up to 600 pounds in weight and a very easy installation process, this organizer is affordable (Sold for about $25) and easy to use, both indoors and out. You should be aware that the required ‘Pegs’ to build this system are not always included with the product, and you may have to buy them separately, so it’s always worth asking if they come with the Holeyrail Garage Organizer that you’re thinking of purchasing.

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