Ready Mix Concrete Price 2023 Guide: Pricing Per Yard Calculations, Bags And Companies

For well over several decades now, applying ready mix concrete has been the practice in the construction industry.  This is especially true in road construction as well as in erecting high rise structures like buildings and other edifices requiring the use of cement mixing.  Gone were the days when labourers had to mix cement, sand, gravel and water manually.  The introduction of this method has considerably lessened the time consumed doing the process manually.  There is also the assurance that the right mixture is achieved. This is because some construction jobs require a certain mixture of the materials and it varies depending on the type of concrete needed in each particular instance.  Road cementing for example, requires the mixture to be more in terms of cement and gravel because roads are subjected to the daily pressure of vehicles using it.  The same is true in case of high rise buildings and the Ready Mix Concrete Company is in charge of coming up with the specified mixture in each case.

For those in the building and construction industry, the ready mix concrete price varies depending on the company offering this type of service.  It is then important for the builder to find the most reasonable price being offered by companies in this line of business.  To be sure, there are times of the year when the price is lower and this refers to what is commonly called as the ‘off-season’ for construction activities.  For tropical countries, the off season pertains to the rainy season while in countries with four weather conditions, it is the time of winter where construction activities normally ease.  These are the seasons where the price is normally lower and the chance awaited by some builders especially those in the horizontal type of construction.

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Concrete Tools

There are several tools that are used in the concrete pouring industry.  The following are just a few of these occupational mainstays:

Cement mixing truck

A truck mixer captured is used to transport and pour concrete into a slab.  They are a normal fixture in most construction sites and have been a useful tool of those engaged in the construction business.

Portable mixers

A portable mixer can be towed and is normally used in smaller construction and concrete pouring requirements.  It is a larger version of the popular mortar mixer in the 1970’s and well into to 1990’s and still being used to this day though in smaller and pouring requirements.

A Beneficial Innovation

One of the novel ideas in the field of concrete mixing is the introduction in the market of a ready mix concrete bag.  This unique offering enables homeowners and even construction experts to use it in various needs such as countertops. It only needs to be added with water as all the ingredients are already well mixed and ready to use.  Customers can even choose from the available shades and even the coarseness or fineness of the sand can be chosen in some brands. It in effect eliminates the use of shovel and the usual manual mixture of the needed materials, much to the convenience of users.  It is also more economical and it is not as messy as the old approach used before.

The cost for ready mix concrete will also vary according to the company offering this kind of service and it is important that the person availing of this type of service to conduct the necessary canvassing of prices.  Aside from local sources, the internet is also a viable alternative for looking at companies engaged in this business.  Another factor that will definitely affect the pricing of ready mix concrete is the potency of the mixture itself.  As mentioned earlier, the kind of structure to be built determines what type of mixture is needed and this certainly will affect in most instances the costs involved.

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The price for ready mix concrete will also depend on the volume needed by the client.  The more the requirement, the bigger the discount is always the rule of the game, so to speak.  It is then important that the person or company purchasing this service to know exactly what they need in terms of volume.  This is because there are concrete mixes that are quick drying and therefore there is a need to supply the requirement within given intervals otherwise it might not bond and cure properly. There is a method or formula applied by companies for calculating the price of ready mix concrete and it is done by determining the size of the area that needs concrete pouring. The length, width and thickness are all factors needed in determining the mix needed for slabs and the formula is even available in some online site.  The same follows in the case of footings and columns needing the same concrete mix.

Normally, the area is calculated by square feet, by square meter or even per yard depending on what type of measurement is traditionally used.  The thickness of the concrete is also part of the computation.  The size of the area, the thickness, the type of mix, the volume needed and other related factors all play an important role in determining the appropriate pricing.  Some companies also offer a per yard price for ready mix concrete.  Thus, it is always imperative for the client to know what exactly he needs and to choose the right supplier in each case.

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For bagged concrete mix, the instructions given in the packaging must be followed in order to get the most benefit and to maximize its use.  It is even actually advised to buy more than the needed because the left-over can be kept for future use.

A New Trend

The price for ready mix concrete in 2011 is a lot more competitive than in past years and this is because of the dynamism in the industry as well as the effects of globalization where companies in this business are more able to close offshore deals.  Nowadays, it is normal to see a big construction project in one country being undertaken by a foreign company and this is not only the result of their proven capacity to engage in such activity but also because of their ability to provide the most cost efficient services to clients.  Big companies especially those in the United States are also opening cement mixing plants in different states to position their business and capitalize on the ever continuing and growing need for their services.

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