Quincy Air Compressors & Other Models Including, Westinghouse, Titan & Palatek

Air compressors are vital tools when it comes to working in a wide range of industries and when working on projects around the home. If you’re looking for an air compressor that is going to be used a lot then a Quincy air compressor may work well for you. The Quincy reciprocating air compressor model # 2V41C60VC is a very quiet one and will not disturb those around you, it does not have as much power as some of the industrial ones, but neither does it overheat and it is pretty cheap to run, with a PSI of 175, and a capacity of 60 gallons, you will find that it has little vibration and is made to last.

The Quincy air compressor with MAX package model # P2101CS12VCBM is a very heavy duty air compressor that has a motor to match; it comes with 10 Horsepower and a PSI of 175 (Maximum) and a manual or portable drainage system. There is a guaranteed operating life of up to 50,000 hours, which means this air compressor will last you years, even if you do use it every day. Granted, this model is a lot more expensive than some, but it is definitely made to last and you should not need to replace it for a very long time.

The old Westinghouse air compressor

The Westinghouse air compressor is a very old type of machinery and was originally used on locomotives in 1869, it wasn’t however, before the manufacturers of this air compressor were able to modify it and make it suitable for use around the home. There are many videos that give you examples of how the Westinghouse air compressors work and they are worth watching if you’re interested, just so you can see for yourself how air compressors have changed through time. There is an interesting article about Westinghouse air compressors here and how this particular brand and others are used around the home. This article may help to give you a better idea as to how compressors are used, especially if you need to find out a bit more about them.


The Bendix range

You can find a good range of air compressors online and it might be worth your while having a look at a Bendix air compressor or two. There are air compressors sold by Bendix that only fit specific models and makes, for example the Flange Mount Tu-Flo 700 is specifically made to be used with Caterpillar models and may not be suitable for other brands. It has a water cooling system and is driven by an engine, with an inlet port on the left and an outlet port on the left/top. The Bendix range of air compressors are made to be used with industrial machines as they are very powerful and are in need to an expert to operate them.

For some really useful information about Bendix air compressors, you might want to take a look at this website as it explains the difference between the Bendix models and others. You will also be given more information about air compressors which could prove to be handy and some guidance in case you need to do a bit of trouble shooting.

The incredibly popular Titan air compressor

The TAC-2T commercial dual tank air compressor is an incredibly popular Titan air compressor that is suitable for use in a wide variety of places thanks to its ability to be moved around. It is quite a light piece of kit, but that does not mean that it cannot handle the work that you have in mind, and with 5 HP and a gauge that is easy to read you might be prepared to pay out over a thousand dollars for it. you can get up to 100 PSI, which isn’t a great amount but it is reasonable considering the TAC-2T can only hold up to 2.3 gallons.


Loooking at Palatek air compressors

There are many industries that need to use air compressors and if you want a bit of equipment that is suitable then you might consider a Platek air compressor as these are made specifically for industrial use. The Industrial air compressor 5M is very easy to maintain and has an auto drain setting which always proves very useful. There are some optional pieces of equipment that you can have added to the compressor, but you should be prepared to pay extra for these of course. Whatever you decide to add, you can be sure that the Palatek 5M is suitable for all the industrial jobs that you need to undertake.

For a much larger air compressor the Palatek D1600P1CA-D1600P1CA air compressor range is a unique and useful piece of equipment. This compressor is towable and will give you up to 125 PSI, it comes with a Caterpillar or a Cummins engine and dual air outlets. Because of its sheer size and strength, this range is not suitable for use within the home or home workshop; it is very powerful and should only be used by experts who are used to working with air compressors as strong as this.

The Hitachi air compressor

Getting back to an air compressor that can be used in the home as well as other settings, the Hitachi EC12 14.5 amp 2 horsepower, 4 gallon oiled twin hot dog compressor may be what you need. It is noisy however and this Hitachi air compressor could let you down in that respect, but it also delivers its promises and has proven to be very reliable. One of the great things about this product is that it’s not too expensive and you can find that you get great value for your money.

The Hitachi EC119 2.5 HP compressor is another air compressor that is not going to cost you a lot of money; it will give you a good 90 PSI and it is relatively lightweight, but it has proven to be somewhat unreliable after a few months. In this case, you do get what you pay for, so it may be worth looking elsewhere.


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