Proxxon Lathe Review: PD400, PD230E, DB250, Rotary Tools & Lathe Accessories

If you are in the market for quality, industrial-grade power tools then look no further than the German-based and globally represented company of Proxxon.  Not only does this manufacturer offer quality tools, but they are dedicated to quality customer service 100% of the time, regardless of your location.

Founded in the late 1970s, the German company of Proxxon was dedicated to providing all sorts of power tools for the working professional that were quality made and durable. Their tools were created with one goal in mind, to do specific jobs right, each and every time. As soon as they hit the market their consumers understood their potential and found that they could live up to their word.  Proxxon then became a world-wide figure in tailor-made industrial power tools and today they can be found in many shops and garages all over.

Perhaps one of the most widely recognized tools created by Proxxon is the Proxxon lathe. While this lathe does the typical work of other lathes that are used to hold materials while the operator sands, polishes, or drills on the material, there is more to the Proxxon lathe.  The Proxxon version of this tool is designed to be quieter, quicker and more efficient than any other lathe on the market. The quality of this lathe, coupled with the dedicated customer service of Proxxon, ensures that you are getting a top of the line industrial tool.

Reviews of Proxxon Lathes

While there are various models of Proxxon lathes, there are plenty of Proxxon lathe reviews online from consumers who have used and purchased various models.  Those who purchase their lathes from online claim that their lathe was delivered with detailed instructions on how to assemble their lathe with ease.

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Many consumers, who purchased their machine claimed that it was durable and lasted for several years without replacements or repairs.  Consumers who purchased their first lathe through Proxxon claim that they will never select a lathe made from any other company.

Proxxon Products

In understanding the great feedback that consumers have for Proxxon lathes it is important to assess the uses and benefits of some of the most popular Proxxon products.

PD-400 Lathe

The Proxxon lathe PD-400 is a compact, yet powerful lathe that is backed by a 220-240 V engine which is perfect for use on aluminum, steel and nonferrous metals. The operator can select from up to six different spindle speeds making it easy to complete internal and external thread cutting, cross and straight cutting, slotting and taper turning.

PD-230 e Lathe

The Proxxon PD-230 e lathe is common in many garages where homeowners like to work with their hands on various projects. This tool is ideal for use on brass, steel, aluminum and even carful enough to work with plastic. The PD-230 e comes with the capability to cut and customize threads, with a feed that is automatic and a headstock chuck.  Perhaps most inviting about this lathe is that it is a mere 30 pounds and only takes up 21 inches of space on your work bench, making it easy to remove and store when not in use.

It is important to note that Proxxon lathes come equipped with an emergency on and off switch which protects the operator from harm or damage to their project in the event that control is lost of the machine.

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DB-250 Micro Lathe

The DB-250 Proxxon lathe is most commonly used for smaller woodworking projects.  This easy-to-use interface is backed by a powerful motor that turns the lathe smoothly allowing you to create the ideal finish.

Reviews of this product claimed that it was the perfect lathe for turning small items for dollhouses and arts and crafts. It is the perfect lathe for the beginner woodworker who does not require all the bells and whistles of other industrial lathes on the market.

Rotary Tools

There are also several Proxxon rotary tools available on the market for handheld use for crafts and smaller projects of engraving, polishing, grinding too.  With various models of rotary tools manufactured by the company they are all lightweight and perfect for even some of your smallest home projects. The variable speeds, quiet, yet powerful motor and operation that is smooth and free of all vibrations, there are none better on the market.

Every purchase of a Proxxon rotary tool comes complete with a case, accessory kits and even six collets. Just like the larger lathes that are manufactured by the company these handheld power tools also have replacement parts available online or through several hardware stores in North America and part of Europe.

Lathe Accessories

Proxxon also manufactures replacement and additional featured accessories that are ideal for any lathe project you may have. The following are just a few of the accessories that the company offers:

  • Cutting sets ( 8x8x80 mm and 6x8x80mm)
  • Drill chuck
  • Turning radius attachment
  • Turning center attachment
  • Chuck with four jaws
  • Chip collecting tray and splash guard
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Each of these accessories is available through the Proxxon website, but may also be purchased through some hardware stores. There are several accessories which are available for both table lathes and handheld rotary tools as well.

Replacement Parts

While many consumers claim that they rarely have ever had to replace any part of the their lathes or tools from Proxxon, sometimes when you use your tool to its fullest replacement can be inevitable.  With a manufacturing plant in North Carolina, residents of the United States can send their product to their warehouse in the event that it is deemed defective and the company will either refund your purchase price or they will send you a replacement. If it is just an issue of finding the right replacement part the 1-800 number available on their company website is dedicated to helping consumers with all their questions and concerns, even if it is just as simple as choosing the right replacement part for your power tool.

While there are many lathe and rotary tools on the market few are backed by such a strong company that is dedicated to perfecting their products and providing quality, durable and industrial-grade power tools.

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