Primatech Nailer Review: Hardwood & Pneumatic Nailers Guide

Technological advancements have made house building faster and more durable with less construction costs in the end. Pre-fabricated materials are available and can be utilized to make your home construction complete in no time at all. It is not only in making houses that technology has made an impact but practically in all forms of daily life activities.  Technology has also had an impact on the instruments that we use in construction, one of which is the Primatech nailer.

Before, installing a wall and putting floor boards in would require the use of a hammer with the possibility of hitting one’s finger with some regret. With the advent of a nail gun the work has become easy and can be done without hazard once safety precautions are in place. One of the best nail gun products that can be found on the market is the Primatech nailer.

A hammer can be used in varying angles and degrees to accommodate the needs of the user and it can be used to nail any type of work that requires it. The functionality of the Primatech nailer is limited with its suited purpose especially in installing roofing or floor boards that sometimes require angles in order to nail the material. But this does not mean that the product is not effective, in fact it replaces the traditional hammer because of its ease of use and durability of its finished work. With the different types of nailing work to be performed different types of nail guns are available to choose from.

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Nail Guns to Choose From in a Variety of Jobs

1/ Pneumatic nail guns – Recommended for offsite jobs, the only limitation of this product is the bulk that tags along with it that provides the air pressure in order for it to function. This is the most popular type of nail gun in the market, and examples of this product line include the pneumatic floor nailer.

2/ Cordless nail guns – Suited for hard to reach areas and that offer a limited source of power. It works with a gas canister that triggers combustion with the battery pack that is built in.

3/ Electric nail guns – These can be hazardous because this type of nail gun are harder to control and manipulate

4/ Floor nail guns – A Primatech floor nailer H 330 Pro series is one of the best examples of this product. The full product line can be seen at, along with other Primatech nailers for sale.

5/ Roofing nail guns – These are designed purposely to install the cumbersome roofing of  construction jobs.

6/ Finishing nail guns – These nailers are used for cabinets, furniture and similar projects that require an added touch to finish the job.

In choosing a nail gun it is not enough only to know the type of nail gun that is needed it is also of prime importance to note and compare different brands that are available on the market. The things to consider in selecting the type to avail are power and the magazine type of the product. There are selections to make when it comes to the power source, these are the pneumatic power source that comes with a compressor or the electric and the cordless power source that comes with a flammable canister that powers the product thru combustion.

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There are two types of magazines that are utilized to feed the nail gun, a coil magazine and a stick magazine. The coil magazine has maximum capacity of more than three hundred nails and the stick magazine has a load of only 20 to 40 nails. has further information about nail guns and shows videos on how to properly use this technology.

Different types of nail guns would also mean a difference in pricing. Primatech nailer prices will also depend on the model series of the product and its functionality. The hardwood floor nailer series has a price of range of 172.95 pounds to 565 pounds. Each product has its pros and cons when being used but each one has a specific purpose that will meet the needs of the buyer.

Parts of a Nail Gun

Primatech nailer parts are made to endure and can be trusted to deliver when called for. The design of the product can accommodate all sorts of tongues and groves that hardwood floors have to offer. The Primatech nailer can be utilized to fasten an engineered 9/32” wood to a solid wood with a measurement of 33/32 inches. The product line features a cast body made of aluminum for weight reduction and durability. The plastic base is designed in order not to damage the material being worked on, and the ergonomic design and its lightweight feature will reduce stress and fatigue to the user.  The nail gun has an exclusive feeder design for quick loading in order to do away with the inconvenient exterior spring loader.

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Other features and parts of the product are a continuously adjustable base that can fit the profile of the floor being nailed. The design of the product is made in such a way that there will be no contact on the edge of the flooring. When the nail gun is being used there is no need to hold on to the trigger because of its hidden safety feature. Primatech nailers have a quick load design and come with 2.5 lbs mallet as an accessory. Other features and product specifications can be evaluated at

The high end product of this brand is the Primatech q550 which is engineered to install a 3/8” to ¾” engineered and hardwood floors. The product uses the company’s own nail design which is the 18-GAGE 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ Primatech L-type nails. The engine that is used to power the product is the company’s own make which is the PrImact engine. The design and features of both the product and its power source is made with the use of the most current technologies available today. Nothing less for the Primatech consumers, who are searching for a quality and durable nailer, from a strong and dependable brand.

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