Prazi Lathe Guide: SD300, Mini-Lathe & Lathe Mill Combo Reviews

The purpose of metal lathe is to create individualized precision parts, large scale structures or assemblies. This machine works by turning the work piece on an axis and it is then cut, sand, drilled or deformed depending on the tool that is applied. Lathes are used in building bridges, ships, engine parts and even jewelry-making. When using a lathe for these various activities however, you may need to alter the attachments to cater to the needs of your specific project.

Since the discovery of metals a lathe in some form of fashion has been needed to make utensils, weapons and other odds and ends to address the need of humanity. With the evolution of technology lathe machines are not only used for metals but it also includes plastic and other form of materials. An example of a durable product on the market today is the Prazi lathe. Prazi is the German word for precision which can readily be attributed as one of the major characteristics of the machine.

The Prazi sd300

One of the Prazi lathes that is considered the king of the hill in its category is the Prazi sd300. This machine can be acquired with all the necessary accessories and will come out of the box practically ready to be used. This machining piece can easily be handled by one person to set up and with this feature it is preferred by most users. Other characteristics and features of the machine include:

  1. The cross slide and saddle hand wheels has a maximum play of .002 inches in both divisions.
  2. Headstock and the main spindle are casted from an aluminum alloy a thickness of .625 inches in some areas and the back is open for the accommodation of the motor mounting plate.
  3. The motor has an output of one third horsepower with wattage of 475
  4. The bed of this Prazi lathe has a diameter of 1.58 inches with 1.38 inches flat on the top. The length is 19.44 and with a major difference with other lathe machines because the bed is rounded in shape with a flat top.
  5. The tailstock has a travel of 1.57 inches with a Morse WT1 taper. The dial is located in the sliding ring for easy zeroing in and can be locked from any position.
  6. The compound slide is cast iron making it dependable and durable. It has a dovetail and made with gimbals for easy adjustment of the play. The radial movement of the compound is 45 degrees and pivots in a little pin and held in place by four screws. The Prazi lathe has a tool holder that is mounted on the top of the compound as well.

More data and details including the Prazi lathe review can be found on their website at

A premier website that has Prazi lathes for sale is They have been in the business for 25 years importing Prazi lathes to be sold in North and South America. The company offers the full line of the machine precision tools to their consumers at reasonable prices with discounts being offered.

What is a Mini Lathe?

Lathes are not only used for the purpose of shaping metals, wood and other materials, there are some that need to be subjected to a specialized lathe machine that is suited to the purpose. A variable Prazi mini lathe is an example of this kind of machining tool that is frequently used for personal at-home use. has suggestions in how to operate a Prazi lathe machine of this category in turning wood into specifications.

  • The wood must be blank and square and a crisscross line from one corner to the next must be drawn. When it is properly aligned the center point and the drive center hit it with rubber mallet. Make sure that the spurs have bitten into the wood by double checking. When this is done insert the material in the drive center of the machine headstock.
  • The wood blank when mounted it must be between centers of Prazi lathe and must be butted on one end against the center of the tailstock. The wood blank can be held firmly by spinning the tailstock spindle of the machine.
  • The tool rest when being aligned must be in parallel with the material and should be as close as possible without touching the object being worked on.

These suggestions are only for wood spindle turning, however the complete guide can be found on the website mentioned above. The website does not mention Prazi lathe prices but if there is interest in pricing has several options and much information available to consumers.

Another precision machine that is being offered by this company is the lathe mill combo specifically the Prazi Powerturn Powermill SD400-BF400 lathe. As the name implies it is capable of doing turning, facing, drilling and milling operations for both small and large projects. The bed of this Prazi lathe is a hand scrapped with a solid precise ground V-way design. The accuracy of the spindle is .002 inches with nine speeds that ranges from 170 to 3360 revolutions per minute depending on the discretion of the operator. The machine is being driven by two thirds horse power motor with 110 volts of electricity, which is more power than many other lathes on the market. The spindle has a heavyduty quill, column and the dials are in inches for ease of use. The weight of the machine is 350 pounds and can withstand the demands of even the most serious professionals. carries this product with a price tag 4,995 dollars and comes with BF400-400 Adaptor Boot & Mounting Plate.

Metal machining and other uses of the lathe machines are not merely for industrial purposes but for art as well. Artists have employed the use of the Prazi lathe creating works of art since the invention of the potter’s wheel.  Evidence of this is found on potteries and other similar works that have been discovered in places where ancient civilizations have congregated. To this day art works with the use of lathe machines are found as displays in big office buildings that adorns their surroundings and was.

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