Powermatic Table Saw Reviews Guide: PM2000, PM3000, Parts & Bandsaw Reviews

Powermatic is a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing saws. One of their most popular products is their table saw. Their table saw is a must-have now for builders, carpenters, lumberjacks and professionals of many other trades. It is also used by many hobbyists for DIY crafts in their spare time. It really is a perfect piece of equipment.

A table saw is essentially a saw with a table attached. It is handier than a hand saw but a lot bulkier to carry around. It is still well worth purchasing if it is going to be put to good use.

Types of Powermatic Table Saws

There is not only one type of Powermatic saw. There are two different types and many others within them. Here are the two sections and the many different Powermatic products within them.

Cabinet Table Saws – Cabinet Table Saws are simple ordinary table saws with a extra press underneath them. Here are some Powermatic types of these saws.

  • Powermatic pm2000 : There are many different versions of this saw too. There are ones with different PH’s and HP’s and many other features. It is best to get the one that suits you best.

Most of these have a Route-R-Lift and an 30 inch Accu-Fence system, which is handy if the table saw you need has to have them. This saw definitely has a lot of must have features.

  • Powermatic pm3000 : There only seems to be one of these at the moment, but I am sure that there are more versions to come. It has a 50 inch Accu-Fence system and a Poly-V drive belt that allows the machine to work quieter and more efficiently.
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It also has a push button arbor lock and quick release riving knife. These are really spectacular features for such a cabinet table saw.

Contractor saws

There are only two types of these and both are incredibly similar in name and use, but they are well worth having a look at if you plan on buying a Powermatic table saw.

  • Model 64A, prewired 115V : This version has a dust collection port and belt drive that stops the saw vibrating violently when you are trying to get work done with it, which is incredibly useful. It has a 30 inch Accu-Fence system as well. It permits a wider range of cutting, but does not come with a blade intact.
  • Model 64A, prewired : The only apparent difference between this one and the previous is the fact that it has a 50 inch Accu-Fence system. This is just as good as the previous, but seems to be better for projects a slight bit bigger than the other as it has a wider range Accu-Fence system.

Other Saws by Powermatic

Now, Powermatic doesn’t only manufacture table saws. They do many different types of saws. Here are a few for comparison.

Powermatic Band Saw – Their band saw is also incredibly popular in the building and woodworking business. It’s useful and easier to carry around than table saws. This particular band saw though has so much to offer to the consumer. It has a Poly-V belt that stops vibrations at the source and a quick tension lever that speeds up blade changes. It also has a sixty watt lamp built into it and a gooseneck chip blower. The bulb is not included, but since it has all these other features, it hardly matters that you have to buy a bulb with it.

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Panel Saws – These come both horizontal and vertical, depending on what kind of surface you want to use them on. The come with stock rollers on a crosscut carriage and long stock squaring attachments. It also comes with shrouded blades that reduce the dust and the noise the machine makes, which is handy if you have to work in a respectful atmosphere or you have trouble hearing over loud noises such as the noise other brands of panel saw make.

Rip Saws – While this machine is really bulky and quite heavy to lug around, there is no question of whether or not it can perform. With an adjustable position control box for convenience, it is perfect for people who are incredibly serious with saw work. It also has variable speeds and is made of full cast iron to make sure, heavy or not, it is incredibly sturdy and perfect for heavy work.

Where to Buy Powermatic Table Saws

There are many places to buy Powermatic saws, but the main place is from the website itself. On their website here à http://www.powermatic.com/Default.aspx they have a ‘buy online’ option.

This is probably a very useful method of getting one of these spectacular pieces of machinery. It would save you finding a shop near you that sold it and save you having to drive home lugging in your car’s boot. But, on the website, there is a handy store locator too. All you have to do is type in your zip code and it will tell you the nearest shop that sells the saw you’re looking for. This is handy if you want to go check the product out for yourself first before buying it, but it would be a hassle getting it home in your car, especially if you don’t even have a car.

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Another place to buy them is to buy them used on sites like Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist. It is a good idea to try and buy them used, as then you can buy them cheaper and they’re still in perfect condition if you’re lucky. The only problem with getting them used on sites such as these is that there is no guarantee that they are in the quality you need. You could always send them back ad demand a refund, but there is also a chance you won’t get compensation. It is a wise idea to try and make sure that you will receive the item in the correct standard first before purchasing. There is a chance of getting lucky and finding one of these Powermatic table saws in places such as a car boot sale, but if you need one right away, it is advised to just buy one from the manufacturer in the first place.

The reliability, functions and features of Powermatic table saws make them ideal for your work, no matter what industry you’re in.

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