Powerbuilt Tools Guide: Wrenchs, USA, Warranty and Reviews

Powerbuilt tools are the some of the best tools available on the market today. They enjoy a huge popularity the world over and are specifically designed while keeping the needs of customers always at the forefront. Alltrade Inc., manufacturer of Powerbuilt tools, ensures that their tools not only measure up to but in fact go beyond the quality standards of the industry set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI.) The company has successfully managed to gain the trust of its customers and has become the favorite and the most used brand in the market.

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Powerbuilt caters to the millions of clients in the industrial, trade and do-it-yourself sectors. The broad range of tools includes tools, cabinets, power tools, and power sockets. The information about the company and any of the products can be easily obtained by their official websites which are currently specified for the customers for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Taiwan. Consumers from other countries can also place their orders on these sites. Moreover you can also visit the website of the all trade firm that handles all the trading of the Powerbuilt tools.

Powerbuilt Tools Warranty

The reputation and the quality of products a company can be judged from the duration of warranty it provides. And when it comes to Powerbuilt what can be better than a lifetime warranty on most of their products? This warranty only holds for manufacturing defects in the product, not for any damage or wear and tear caused by misuse and abusive handling. This is among the main reasons their customers trust the quality of the company; Powerbuilt stands by its claim of manufacturing the best products and agrees to repair or replace the product if ever the need arises.

However, certain products such as the lift equipment, toolboxes, and roller cabinets have comparatively shorter warranties.

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Powerbuilt Tools United States of America

America proves to be the main and the biggest market for the Powerbuilt tools, especially because they are built according to the standards set by the American government. This is done by the guidelines given by American National Standards Institute. Powerbuilt gives its best effort in order to make sure the finished products are always better than the quality required. As a result, Powerbuilt tools can be found in almost any professional or hobbyists garage or workshop. Their durability, quality and reliability, and of course the aforementioned lifetime warranties, go to make Powerbuilt tools and products among the most popular within the USA.

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Powerbuilt Torque Wrench

Powerbuilt torque wrenches are specially manufactured with steel alloy components so that customers can work without worrying about their strength or durability. For the ease of operation, the torque wrench produces a clicking sound once it has reached the pre-set torque. Its specialty is the unique torque limiting feature included in the wrench. This feature cannot be obtained from any other brand as it is exclusively patented by Powerbuilt tools. The benefit that customers get from this that it minimizes friction, making your task effortless and safer, not to mention reduces the risk to your equipment due to misuse or overstressing. This torque is always dependable and can be used for rough tasks too, even in situations where the temperature goes as low as -20°C and as high as 50°C. Moreover, the ratchet head can be operated in both directions, clockwise and counter-clockwise, thus making this wrench usable regardless of the operator’s handedness.

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Although the operation manual is supplied with every torque wrench sold, you can easily learn how to operate it from these online instructions.

You can find the Powerbuilt torque wrench in many places, both online and in store, but you’re almost guaranteed the best deal by ordering this tool through Amazon. Different prices are available depending on the diameter and range of the torque. Complete specifications of all the models are also present, as well as customer reviews and recommendations regarding this torque wrench. The adapter for the Powerbuilt torque wrench is also available so that the wrench’s display and batteries can be charged easily.

Powerbuilt Hand Tools

A special range of hand tools is also available for craftsmen of all levels of skill. These items include hack saws, jaw pliers, mini-pliers sets, pivot jaws, screwdriver sets, nose locking pliers, shear sets and so many more for precise and efficient working. These items are available in all sizes, in sets as well as separate single pieces.

All the manual tools are durable as well, being made of a rust resistant, strong steel alloy that does not oxidize easily. These handmade tools are available at comparatively lower rates than those for the more advanced users, thus making these basic tools easily affordable for all types of craftsmen. All these items can be viewed at Amazon; you can always check out the customer reviews for these types of tools as well. You can get so much more information than just product descriptions after reading only one or two reviews from previous purchasers of Powerbuilt products.

Powerbuilt Versus Other Brands:

Powerbuilt is relatively cheaper than other comparable products, which makes their purchase more affordable for you. Moreover, the lifetime replacement warranty is not a small benefit to get when it comes to tools. The tools are also safety prone and if used according to the instruction manual will result in no damage to either the tool or the operator. Special features like that in the torque wrench are also added in certain tools which are uniquely patented for Powerbuilt, making this brand the only option to get if you want to take advantage of these innovative features. Powerbuilt is also the only brand of tool manufacture that offers such large range of tools, including both manually operated hand tools and the electrically powered, heavy-duty ones.

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Powerbuilt Tools Review

The main highlight that customers appreciate most about Powerbuilt tools is that they never refuse to replace any item and customers can pick a new product of their choice. Moreover, one reviewer also said while praising the tools that, “The Powerbuilt tool set is great to have in the car or truck because it doesn’t take up space and if you need a socket or screwdriver or wrench at home or on the go you will find it in the powerbuilt mechanics tool set I would recommend this tool set to anyone so bye one or as many as you need today its worth every dollar.”

Some of the customers also said that they were happy with the sturdy quality of tools, which take up less space and can easily be placed in their case once the task is complete. Along with this, some customers also say that the reason they chose Powerbuilt was because it cheaper that the other brands making this brand easily affordable, despite its upper-end of the scale quality and durability.

Powerbuilt indeed provides the best tools!

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  1. Angry and injured

    I just had a powerbuilt 3/4 drive ratchet fail while using it within the scope of “the instruction manual”. Because it was a total and catastrophic failure I don’t even want the warranty…. anything that fails so suddenly without warning and causes injury is not welcome in my tool chest. Never buying powerbuilt again and I’ll be throwing out EVERYTHING that says powerbuilt on it.

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