Power Saw Types Guide: Circular Saw, Reciprocating, Sabre, Miter And Table Saws

For most people who are interested in carpentry or do-it-yourself projects, an essential tool to buy is the power saw. Not only does a power saw reduces the work load required of the individual, it also allows for much more accurate and faster work. The simplest power saw types are handheld, and can be easily maneuvered for precise cutting. However, if you ever go to buy a power saw, you will be simply amazed by the various power hand saw types that are available; there is one for every type of cutting purpose, whether you need to cut through a huge piece of log, or just a hard-to-reach corner. As such, before you go out to the market to get your power saw, you need to know of the different electric power saw types available on the market.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is a type of power saw that is fitted with a circular blade that allows for rotary action cutting. This power saw type can be used for both cross cutting or long cutting (i.e. ripping). Circular saws come in two types, the portable power hand saw types and the fixed electric power saw types, however the power hand saws are more common. Depending upon the diameter of the circular saw blade you can cut varying sizes of wood pieces, although the circular saw is mostly used to cut larger pieces.

The power saw blades for circular saws are sized by the diameter of the circular blade. While selecting the power saw blades, you should also remember that most circular saw models are only able to cut sizes half of the blade size they are fitted with. The circular saw is most limited to cutting straight pieces as it’s unsafe to use for tricky or complex cutting. Since it is used by your own hand, complex cuts can lead to slips or safety hazards. Traditionally, it is important to use any circular saw with all appropriate safety measures as it is the most dangerous of the electric power saw types. However, recent models of circular saws are fitted with more safety features to avoid operational injuries.

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Reciprocating Saws

A reciprocating saw, primarily is fitted with a toothed blade and a mechanism that calls for a reciprocating (i.e. to and fro) motion to achieve cutting. It is equipment, which is more widely preferred to circular saw when the work piece involved is of a moderate size or hard-to-reach places have to be cut. It is even much easier to handle and possesses less risks than a circular saw, making it also ideal for beginners.

There are various reciprocating power saw blades that can be fitted into a reciprocating saw, the difference mainly being size and type of metal. Depending on the type of power saw blade, the reciprocating saw can be used to cut through metal, wood or ceramic. Generally, reciprocating saws are preferred to make straight cuts, although they can be used to make other forms of cuts, they are not easily controllable to achieve precise curved cuts.

Sabre Saws

A sabre saw is a form of reciprocating saw, which has all the mechanisms of a reciprocating saw with an added design feature that allows for more precise control. On the sides of the frame on to which the blade is fitted it has two supports on which the machine can be rested. This is much safer and more precise than the reciprocating saw. It is also known as the jigsaw for the level of precise cutting it can achieve, exalting comparisons to the cutting of jigsaw puzzles.

Chop Saw or Miter Saw

Power miter saw is one of the power saw types that is used for cross cutting or chopping wood quickly, and it can also be used to make angled cuts. It should be noted that a miter saw is not one of the power hand types of saw. Most common miter saws are 8” to 12” in size, however the table sizes go on to almost 24”.Although, it is portable, and its function is not handheld, it has to be placed upon a level surface and the work piece is to be placed on the board of the miter saw. Powered miter saws operate on circular power saw blades, which are lowered to make accurate angled cuts on the work piece.

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Chop saws are electric power saw types that are mostly used for framing or molding.

Table Saw

The wood working mechanism shown in most movies where a circular blade is fitted upon a table is the table saw. It is mostly used to make cross cuts and large cuts on large wood pieces. Obviously this is not one of the portable power hand saw types of saws, and its operation requires considerable space. It is mostly used for extensive wood working processes, such as furniture making. For a table saw, you can set the depth of the cut by adjusting how much the circular blade protrudes above the table. You can adjust the speed of the blade and the angle at which the wood piece is cut by adjusting the angle of the blade.

Other Considerations

Most of the time the type of power saw you buy depends on your requirement and necessity. However, power saws are not the only thing you need to consider when buying a power saw but you also need to consider the power saw blades. Depending on whether you will be using your power saw for larger cuts or cross cuts, metalworking or woodworking, accordingly you will need to select the appropriate power saw blade. Metal blades are more costly but they have a longer life and the blades do not damage easily. Similarly, when getting a power saw, you also need to buy the appropriate safety equipment.

It is important to purchase a saw and familiarize yourself with the product before working it, this can cause an accidental slip up in use and it can cause quite heavy physical losses to the user.

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