Porter Cable Compressor Review: Parts, Troubleshooting, Bosch and Senco Air Compressors

Compressors are machines that can decrease the volume of air or other gas. They come with an array of classifications that can be applicable with the different aspects of power tools. As described by experts, compressors are similar to pumps because of their comparable function, that being to increase the pressure on a fluid as well, as its capability of transporting fluid with the use of a pipe. Before, compressors were huge and usually had a large base, making very difficult to transport. However, throughout time and constant improvements, portable compressors have emerged.

Essentially, a portable cable compressor has a wide variety of uses which can be applied both at home and in some small business ventures. Generally, it comes in variety of shapes and sizes wherein each type has its own characteristics and uses; the majority of portable cable compressors produce 1 to 2 horsepower. One of the most beneficial uses of these compressors is their capacity to power some pneumatic power tools. Other functions cable compressors can be used for are tire inflation, industrial applications, safely removing of debris from tools or worksites, and painting, as well as a replacement for electricity. Since the birth of portable compressors, the Porter Cable Corporation has been known to be among the best manufacturers and producers of all cable compressor products. Porter compressors have been favorable compared to other similar brands, such as Bosch compressors and Senco compressors. The company itself was founded in 1906 and based on the Porter cable compressor’ reviews, it has already been proven to be one of the best products of its type.

Porter Cable Air Compressor

Perhaps one of the most known products of the Porter Cable Corporation is the Porter cable air compressor. This product comes in many types and classifications and each type has its own distinctive use. Either way, one thing is common with these products which have high quality standard as well as its proven worth when it comes to providing pneumatic power in supporting your power tools.

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Porter Cable C3551 4.5 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

Known to be one of the best selling products of Porter Cable Corporation, the Porter Cable C3551 4.5 Gallon Portable Air Compressor is low to the ground and rides on wheels, providing ease of use and transport. Yet, the most important feature of this compressor, and the most lauded, is its 150 PSI maximum pressure that can give you more usable air than the 125 PSI maximum compressors. Most operating tools only require 90 PSI, making the Porter cable air compressor able to produce more work time between recharges, resulting in more work done in less time. Other features of this product also include:

  1. The storage capacity of the air tanks is 4.5-gallons, which can support consistent, continued use of brad and finish nailers, staplers and for occasional use of framing and roofing nailers.
  2. The air compressor runs at around 1.3 horsepower, is a mobile air compressor that runs on a single tank, optimum for contractor use.
  3.  There are two poles with start induction motor that revolves at 3,450 RPM, allowing for the greatest possible amount of air to be delivered.
  4. To ensure you do not accidentally trip your circuit breaker while using this air compressor, it includes a 12 amp motor draw.
  5. The air compressor’s system is lubricated by oil, which means the pump can be utilized on any surface even if it is not level, and is constructed of a heavy weight cast iron cylinder.
  6. The Porter Cable C3551 has an 8- ounce oil capacity and a total roll cage for the protection of the compressors pump and motor while in use.
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For more information and pricing for this product, you can check the www.toolking.com/porter-cable-c3551-factory-reconditioned-4-5-gallon-portable-air-compressor?, which can provide consumers with important and relevant info, as well as reviews from other owners of this tool.

A high quality site is known for its credibility and reliability when it comes to selling products such as porter cable compressor as well as Porter cable air compressors is www.amazon.com, wherein a variety of products are presented including their pricelist and special features, and consumer reviews of each.

Porter Cable Air Compressor Troubleshooting

Basically, Porter Cable’s air compressor line is made up of tools that are all designed to provide help to both at home and in shop projects. However, if these products are not taken cared off properly, they become susceptible to problems that usually include air leaks, problems with its motor and the build up of too much air pressure with no relief. In every basic problem, simple solutions are also available, either in the manual or the www.ehow.com website, which can provide detailed help in figuring out what’s wrong and how to fix it. To know more regarding the process of Portal Cable Compressor troubleshooting, here is a quick overview of the basic problems that usually occur with these products.

  • If your compressor is otherwise running fine but stops without warning while in use, turn it off and allow its motor to cool down.  Once the motor is cooled down enough, the compressor will just automatically restart; this problem was probably caused by the overheating of your compressor’s motor, and set off the motor overload protector.
  • If the motor does not run anymore, unplug the compressor from the current electrical socket and plug it on to another socket. Look for factors that can contribute to this dilemma such as checking the fuse box for blown fuses or a tripped circuit breaker.
  • If the safety valve pops off, turn the compressor off. Do not use it again until it has been evaluated by a professional; safety should always come first.
  • If an air leak does occur, check the fittings of the machine and tighten them if necessary, in order to stop the leak from progressing. However, if the air is already leaking enormously, it is advised to have the compressor professionally repaired.
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Porter cable compressors are widely used in a great variety of ways.  It may come in different characteristics, sizes and shapes, yet all have proven their worth. When it comes to high quality standard features applying power pneumatic to power tools, Bosch and Senco air compressors don’t come close to the Porter cable air compressor. The prices and features these products make them reasonable investments. Perhaps most importantly, based on consumer reviews, the productivity and features of Porter cable compressors are highly regarded and considered among the best air compression and assisting power tools. Check out Amazon.com today to see the selection of Porter cable air compressors, their features, and what each customer has to say about their own purchase.

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