Porter Cable Biscuit Joiner Review: 555, 556, 557 Models And Blades

A porter biscuit joiner is an essential tool in the kit of any woodworking craftsman. A biscuit joiner can be used to connect two pieces of wood through the insertion of a biscuit.  Joining wood through biscuits can be done with various types of wood, lumber and even with some composite forms of wood panelling. When used, it produces a neat joint between woods free from nails or screws that are traditionally used for this kind of task.

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Porter Cable Biscuit Joiner Blades
If quality and dependability is needed, the Porter Cable biscuit joiner has been proven to be the leading equipment in its category and continues to satisfy carpenters and other wood craftsmen.  It is capable of using 2 sizes of blades that can create the space necessary for seven sizes of wood biscuits.  It can thus be used for making joints from the smallest to the biggest wood panels or slabs where wooden biscuits may be needed.

Below is a picture of a 6-tooth Porter plate joiner blade and is one of the most sought after blades from this particular brand.

Porter-Cable 5558 4-Inch, 6 Tooth Plate Joiner Blade

A smaller version of the blade is available with a 2-inch and 4-tooth feature for smaller incisions.
Porter-Cable 5559 2-Inch, 4 Tooth Plate Joiner Blade

The Porter Cable biscuit joiner has been in the industry for quite some time and therefore boasts of several product line ups to choose from.  Though the brand is popular in general and therefore patronized widely, there are some products in its line-up that have really made a mark in terms of impressive performance and customer satisfaction.  They are presented here for your perusal and added information:

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Porter Cable Biscuit Joiner model 557

The image shown below is the popular 557 model with a powerful 7-amp output.  It has a 10,000RPM and equipped with a saw dust bag for convenience purposes.  This portable plate joiner can be tilted from 0 to an amazing 135 degree angle for a more effective plate joining task. For tilting, it is equipped with an adjustable stop upon reaching the 90 degree angle.  It is capable of using 2 blades with 2 and 4 inches sizes for versatility and ability to accommodate up to seven biscuit sizes.  This product has received excellent customer reviews and continues to lead the market in its class.  It normally comes with a 4 inch plate joining blade, a carrying case, an allen wrench and a safety manual for would be users.  It is also covered by a one-year warranty which is a standard for most Porter Cable products.
Porter-Cable 557 7 Amp Plate Joiner Kit

Porter Cable Biscuit Joiner model 556

This is one of the more reasonably priced Porter machines and is advisable for those starting out with relatively lighter woodwork as compared to the 557 model.  It similarly runs on 120V and has a credible 5 amp with 8000 RPM output.  Its fence has an adjustable range of from zero to 90 degrees and a vertical slide tuning.  It comes with a 6-tooth carbide featured blade, a carrying case and the standard one-year warranty that comes for every purchase of this featured brand.  The price is definitely lower than its successor and therefore ideal for those wanting to learn the ropes of plate joining in woodworks.  It is known for its durability and dependability which is why it continues to sell decently in local distributors as well as online outlets.

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The Porter Cable Biscuit Joiner model 555

This is the older belt driven version used in plate joining.  It has a 5 amp power and 8000 RPM that can be used in a lot of wood joining tasks.  The mere appearance of this equipment exudes durability and its performance has ratified this observation in many ways.  Being the older version, it is not equipped with some of the newer features present in it successor models but it has proven its worth during its time and still continue to satisfy users from around the globe.  It is even said that some owners of this model are stuck with this equipment because it just continues to work and perform their biscuit joining works.   The cons of this product include the noise generated by its motor and this can be attributed to the belt used to propel it that produces the sound over a certain period of usage.  Another is the absence of a dust collector which makes it a necessity to wear a mask and the like to prevent wood dust from being inhaled.


The Porter Cable Biscuits

The task of joining woodworks would be impossible without the wooden biscuits to begin with.  Luckily for consumers, there is a ready- made wooden biscuit that can be bought in both online stores and local distributors.  It comes in different sizes and customers can choose which of the given sizes are needed in any case.  Shown here is the Porter Cable biscuit size 20.  It is available in most credible online sources and can also be delivered free of charge upon reaching a certain amount of purchase.  It is also available in other sizes for the customers’ utmost convenience.
Porter-Cable 5553 No. 20 Biscuits (1,000-Pack)

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Just like any tools in the market, Porter Cable biscuit joiners have received varied reviews from professionals, enthusiasts and customers alike.  There are several brands in the market offering the same kind of wood plate joining services and it is part and parcel of the trade to be compared to other competing brands.  This is a healthy atmosphere as it will give the would-be users and potential customers the needed guide in deciding which of the competing brands is best suited for their needs and their budget.

Being the leader in the industry, Porter Cable biscuit joiners have over the years earned a reputation for durability, and dependability, as well as the most important after-sales service and parts availability.  The pricing strategy for this product is quite ideal as it is not the most expensive and definitely not among the cheapest either.  Customers then can avail of this brand by choosing which fits their budget or which is best suited to their woodworking activities. Most online reviews have heaped praises for this brand and it is expected to continue satisfying customers in the future.

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