PLS Laser Repair Guide: Laser Level Reviews, Parts, Comparison and Hilti Laser Level

Pls laser tools were made in order to give contractors ease in transfering critical layout reference lines and points for job site tasks. They are all compact self-leveling and long lasting alignment tools. All contractors have basic alignment jobs to perform on sites.

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All projects have to be completed with layout of the work, installation of material and quality control. All these functions are accomplished by determining plumb references.PLS lasers provide bright, clear reference points and lines for quick accurate layouts.

Nowadays, contractors can choose between bubble vial levels, hybris laser products and rotary levels. It all depends on what gives the highest returns on your investment.

The PLS360 and HVR 505G are best for acoustical contractors, while a constant laser line for T-bar and wire installation is best for installing acoustic ceilings. Alternatively, the PLS3, PLS90, PLS180 and PLS5 are best for multiple alignment jobs including plumb and square alignment.

These tools were developed by proffessional carpenters, becoming the finest point to point and reference layout equipment. Point to point reference implies that one can plumb from ceiling to floor, or from 40 feet off the ground using a PLS3 or PLS5. Use a PLS90 to lay out the square, while the PLS180, PLS360 and HVL100 provide bright on-point reliable reference lines for plumb line and level refarences.The PLS180, PLS360 and PLS90 work for outdoor layouts in the sun.



This is a tough, small and easy to use laser. This rotary laser is best for drywall and interior acoustic ceiling facilities, as well as mid-range outdoor vertical and horizontal layouts. It is automatic, and self levels to within 5 degrees.

It is accurate to plus or minus an 1/8 of an inch at 100 ft. It can be managed from a distance using it’s remte control, and the HVD detector can catch the laser beams in bright sunlight. These are some of the tools that make this laser an efficient component. They come with a three year to life warranty, and you would not have to worry about parts and repair.

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Is simple and is up to three times brighter than your typical red rotary lasers available. It is best suited for mid and long range interior layouts, as well as acoustic ceiling and drywall layouts. On verticle and horizontal axes it has an accuracy of plus or minus 1/8 of an inch at 100ft. It self levels to within five degrees, has a quick set up and eludes bright clear laser lines. When compared to the traditional rotary lasers, thePLS HVR 505G is designed to give up to 3 times the visibility. In this case too, no need to worry about parts and repair, as they come with a 3 month to lifetime warranty.



This is an interior and exterior laser level used for laying out 90 degree right angles. It can be used in both interior and bright sunlight exterior settings, and also both square on slab and square on slope applications. It has a working range of plus or minus 250ft, a self leveling range of six degrees, and a battery life of upto 30 hours. It can be used on the ground or hosted on a tripod, saving time. As compare to the other traditional lasers, with this one, there are no 3.4.5 sagging string lines and guess work. Parts and repair are your least worry, as it comes with a 3 month to lifetime warranty.

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Is fully self leveling, and has no difficult to understand features or multiple knob adjustments as compared to rotary lasers with sensitive moving parts. It has a one button set-up for both indoor and outdoor applications. It operstes on 3D batteries, going for over 55 hours, has a work range of plus or minus 250ft, with it’s accuracy plus or minus 1/8 of an inch at 100ft. Parts and repair are covered in the 3 month to lifetime warranty.

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PLS 180

It has the longest angles, both fan and length of line, in the industry. Being fast, accurate and portable, this level, plumb and square line equipment is such a time saver, making the bubble vial and rotary laser look obsolete. The PLS SLD detector enables it for external use, executing short and mid-range exterior and veritcal layout jobs with ease. I boasts a self leveling range of 6 degrees, and weighs less than 10 ounces. It runs on 3 AA batteries for 30 hours. Parts and repair are covered in the 3 month to lifetime warranty.


It provides point to point outdoors and indoors alignment information fast and with ease, without omitting lines, only points. It is efficient for walls, pipess, conduits, door and window frames and much more. The device is self leveling to 6 degrees, accurate to plus or minus ¼ of an inch at approximately 100ft. It is a compact durable device weighing 12 ounces. It’s cantilevered nose allows for easy sight of the down beam over plates and tracks. In one of the reciews, one person wrote that he had been using one of these little plumb levels for aqlmost a month. He said, I quote, “In the full daylight it shoots a red dot visible, and makes locating plumb and level points a breeze. It’s great for framing, layouts, finish, etc…”As compared to traditional labour intensive construction levels, lay out reference points faster.


This is a small, light durable device that self levels to within 6 degrees, making it the most versatile laser alignment tool for professional contractors. It dons 5 bright points with all beams square to each other, and does not shoot lines. It is plumb from 50ft off the ground, or from floor to ceiling. Using the PLS pendulum target and laser detector, it can shoot level benchmarks and square on-slab even in scorching sunlight. The PLS 5 package includes a pendulum layout target, a magnetic wall bracket, a floor stand and a PLS HVD laser detector. Bieng covered by a 3 month to lifetime warranty, parts and repair are covered.

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This is a traditional optical level for general construction layout. It light in weight and has a tough cover for weather and dust resistant usage, has high quality optics and an automatic compensator, light weight.

HVL 100

Is a multi-purpose laser line tool, and is the best choice for demanding remodeling projects.It is the perfect tool for laying out kitchen cabinets, shower and bathroom tiles, wallpapers, electrical and HVAC jobs. It is full self leveling, and sets up easily, providing a 360 degree line of reference thrice, verticle and horizontal with a 90 degree layout. This means that floor, walls and ceilings are all aligned with one easy to use tool, and with the PLS SLD detector. The component is also enhanced for outdoor settings. It is accurate to approximately 1/8 of an inch at 60ft, being effective  up to 100ft. The HVL 100 is dependable and can be used on a variety of layout tasks. The package includes a heavy duty wall bracket, layout targets and an SLD laser receiver.

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Hilti’s latest  PP 10 red lasers have excellent beam visibility, brilliant weather protection and also have Auto-Alignment technology, all this in a compact design.

For more on the warranties mentioned above please check with your  nearest supplier of the products.

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