Plasma Cutter Reviews: Including Miller Plasmas, CNC plasmas, Gianttech Plasmas and Lotos Plasma Cutters

What is plasma cutting and how does it work? The process used to cut metals such as steel of different widths and thicknesses with a plasma torch is called plasma cutting. This procedure involves blowing compressed air at a very high speed through a nozzle, during which there is a formation of an electrical arc and the gas from the nozzle upon touching the surface to be cut converts that gas to plasma. What is plasma then? Plasma is a state of matter almost the same as gas with some its particles ionized, a process where the number of its electrons is reduced causing it to acquire an electric charge. Plasma is extremely hot (in the range of 15,000 degrees Celsius) which makes it ideal to cut and melt metal, as well as other applications involving the shaping of metal, like welding.

Different models and brands of plasma cutters are commercially available in most hardware stores. Metalsmiths find plasma cutters to be a very effective means of cutting both thick and thin materials. Portable or handheld torches can cut steel or metal plate up to 48 mm or 2 inches thick. Computer-controlled models, which are stronger, can pierce even steel up to 12 inches thick. Older models of plasma cutters work only on conductive or materials that can easily transmit energy, particularly heat and electricity; however, advanced technology now allows this tool to be used for plastics, glass and other non-conductive materials. Serious metal-workers also find it extremely useful in cutting the hard-to-do angled and curved shape angles.

Plasma cutter reviews coming from experts in this field greatly help beginners to decide which metal cutting machine is best for their requirements. Performance, quality and durability, reasonable pricing and reliable manufacturers are the most important factors to consider. Details about specifications, models and versions, suitability, performance review and again pricing, need to be carefully thought about before acquiring a plasma cutter.

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Plasma Cutter Prices

Upon their initial introduction on the market, plasma cutters were very expensive. This is the reason why only professional welding shops and a privileged few owned a plasma cutter torch. Nonetheless, current models are more reasonably priced now; even hobbyists can afford to have one of these essential metal-working machines. New models with inverter technology are lightweight and handy, but deliver better performance than the heavier and older units.
Plasma cutters are available with two different kinds of torches.  The more common type is the manual torch, with an approximate 70 degree angle built and allows easy handling even with one hand. The other torch type is the barrel-shaped and vertical machine torch (CNC) which has higher price. It is more convenient to use and yields better cutting results. The average price range of these tools is from $500 to $4,500.

Miller Plasma Cutter Reviews

Miller Electric is a known maker of high quality equipments and tools including plasma cutters.  Being one of the top manufacturers, its products are guaranteed to deliver high quality performance and known for durability. One of its best models is the Miller Spectrum 375 903891 which belongs to light industrial class. It has the capacity to cut through 1/3 inch of any mild conductive subject and can drag cut through 3/8 inches. This is a superior plasma cutter model and highly recommended both experienced cutters and beginners. Some of its excellent features are its portability and LED indicators for efficient trouble shooting, for pressure, temperature and power.

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CNC Plasma Cutter Reviews

Computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutters  has been in existence for more than 30 years now but it has only been recently made affordable for smaller shops and hobbyists. The CNC plasma cutting process is almost flawless and capable of surgical precision and accuracy. That is the difference between the manual plasma and CNC, the latter is totally dependent in the human hands that operate it.
It is a typical set-up nowadays that the operator’s or user’s personal computer is used to control the equipment and create the desired shapes and cut. The result is significantly smoother and cleaner, even with intricate and elaborate curves and angles, sharp corners and difficult inside cuts.

GiantTech Plasma Cutter Reviews

GiantTech proudly carries high quality products from China, including its finest plasma cutters and arc welders. This company is known for its excellent after-sales service, which is why most clients prefer to acquire tools from them. The management team and the staff are skilled welders and cutters, so they have inherent concern for their clients and customers. Their plasma cutters are especially designed for do-it-yourself users so portability and safety are its main features. The units are equipped with inverter technology so they are lightweight and environment-friendly. With GiantTech, the user will definitely achieve clean and smooth cuts on a wide variety of materials and surfaces.

Lotos Plasma Cutter Reviews

Lotos Inc. has been a recognized and credible supplier of affordable plasma cutting and welding tools since 1989. For more than 20 years, Lotos has been providing its clients with top-of-the-line industrial and portable plasma cutters. They cater to dealers and distributors, so their products are available in most local stores. The company’s latest high frequency inverter technology which utilizes V-MOSFET with Pulse Width Modulation is guaranteed to give precise and clean cutting task. There are different models for these top products which include LTPDC2000, LTPAC2500, LTP7000 and LTP8000.

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Plasma Cutters for Sale

Plasma cutters are available at almost all popular and credible equipment shops, either through online or walk-in stores. Seasonal discounts and mark-down prices are often offered to prospective buyers. Northern Tool and Equipment, Torchmate CNC, and Hypertherm Shop Data are among the top suppliers of high quality brands of plasma cutters.

This tool has been improved upon greatly over the 60 years since the end of World War II, and it has been trusted by professionals and hobbyists for that long. The models are modified and enhanced to assure quality cutting jobs. Despite the introduction of its closest rival, the laser cutter, which is very expensive, it remains ahead of its competitor because of its affordability. It has remained the preferred cutting equipment among professional metalsmiths because plasma cutters have established a respectable reputation through consistent reliability and high-quality efficiency.

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