Pittsburgh Tools Guide: Torque Wrench, Lifetime Warranty, Quality And Craftsman Tools

A torque wrench is a highly essential tool, not only for mechanical engineering departments but also for most jobs related to automobiles. Torque wrenches were initially invented in the year 1918 in New York City, used for the tightening of bolts and nuts. Whenever the precise application of a specific torque is essential, torque wrenches are best option.

In the field of torque wrenches, Pittsburgh Tools has proven to be the best in quality, and they’re trusted by millions of users. These tools are loaded with heavy duty cams and entrusted pawl mechanism systems that have been very useful for home users. With torque ranging from five foot-pounds to four hundred foot-pounds, most of the torque can be delivered by using wrenches from Pittsburgh Tools. They not only provide torque wrenches that can be used in the reverse direction but also those which are handy enough to use with ease.

Types of Torque Wrenches

If we take a look at the varieties of wrenches available worldwide the mostly used will be:

  • Beam Type
  • Deflecting Beam
  • Clicker or Ratchet
  • No – Hub Wrench
  • Electronic type Wrenches
  • Angle Wrenches
  • Mecha-tronic Torque Wrenches.

Among the variety of available torque wrenches the most commonly used types are the beam wrenches and clicker wrenches, although the demands for mecha-tronic wrenches are increasing day by day. Pittsburgh Tools has tried to provide their customers with a wide variety of tools while also keeping in account the varying trends of the market.

Range of Torque Wrenches

Although there are many varieties of torque wrenches supplied by Pittsburgh, the most popular of these are:

  • ¼” Drive, 20 to 200 in. lbs: This is a high quality torque wrench used most commonly, by both experts and rookies. The torque ranging from five foot-pounds to eighty foot-pounds makes it flexible enough to be used for various jobs. The ability to use this wrench in the reverse direction with length 14” – 1/4” makes it handy for use in different projects. It can provide accuracy within +/- 4%, which is appreciable in the case of a mechanical torque wrench.
    • Range of Torque: – 20 to 200 in. lbs.
    • Type: Reversible Click – Stop or Click – Release Type.
    • Construction: – Chrome Vanadium Steel.
    • Locking Mechanism for securing setting.
    • Price Range on Amazon: – $28.99

·         3/8″ Drive Torque Wrench Clicker: The latest 3/8 inch drive torque wrench from Pittsburgh Tools is a clicker type wrench which automatically clicks and breaks free when the required torque is achieved. It is a stock part in Harbor Freight Tools, showing how popular this type of wrench is.

  • Range of Torque: – 5 to 80 inch-pounds
  • Type: Click – Release Type.
  • Construction: – Chrome Vanadium Steel with milled knurled handle.
  • Equipped with: – Sturdy molded storing case.
  • Price range on Amazon: – $17.97
  • 1/2″ Drive – Reversible Type: It also has the heavy duty cam and pawl mechanism and has a reversible type 1/2 inch drive. With a precise accuracy of +/- 4% it is quite an accurate tool for critical use.
    • Range of Torque: – 20 to 150 inch-pounds
    • Type: Click – Reversible Type.
    • Length: – 18 inches.
    • Price Range on Amazon: – $19.49
  • Half inch Extendable Ratchet: A handy ratchet with half inch drive. It can handle the torque varying from 2ft.lbs to 400ft.lbs. Extremely useful for difficult to reach jobs. A versatile solution for many problems.
    • Specialty: – Six locking positions
    • Type: Heavy duty Chrome Vanadium type.
    • Length: – Extendable from 12 inch to 17 inches.
    • Gear: – 72 Tooth gear action.
    • Price Range on Amazon: – $29.99

Other Competition in The Business

Another big shot in the business is Craftsman Tools. They have been a competitor in the wrench making business for a long time. With the wide variety of tools, especially high quality torque wrenches, Craftsman Tools has become a popular brand name in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

Stanley Tools also has a good reputation in the manufacturing of hand tools for mechanical work. They provide a wide range of tools including measuring tools, finishing tools, fastening tools, flashlights and wood-working tools.

Guidelines for Purchasing a High Quality Torque Wrench

Whenever you’re looking to purchase a torque wrench, make sure to follow these guidelines to get the best quality for of your money:

  • The most important thing to check for in a torque wrench is the ACCURACY of it. Moreover, it is very important that the equipment maintains its accuracy for a long time. You shouldn’t have to get it re-calibrated every month or two; it will be a waste of money then. For your good, all tools from Pittsburgh come with a lifetime warranty. You can put your trust in any product from this brand name.
  • Make sure that you check for the certificate of calibration to clear this doubt from your mind. Each torque wrench from Pittsburgh is accompanied with a certificate of calibration and tested for quality as per the standards.
  • It is very important to know how to use a torque wrench in the proper manner. You can learn it through this video, which will be very useful to watch before using this equipment.

Reviews about Pittsburgh Tools

It is essential to know that the most important part of a good purchase remains in the quality of the product and the amount you pay for it. With the lifetime warranty on the products provided by Pittsburgh Tools, these are understandably the most wanted tools in the industry. Remember the cheaply made and low quality products can be inexpensive in the short run, but will never last forever.

These tools come with a life time warranty, which is why they are trusted by so many customers around the globe. The craftsmen have rated this brand the number one amongst its competitors. They are affordable, they are high quality and they come with a lifetime warrantee.

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    I have owned several tools and had zero issues. This torque wrench broke first use. Bought through harbor freight

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