PetSafe Dog Fence Review: Reviews, Fence Collar & Troubleshooting

A fence is used to keep in pets and block out the neighborhood for a little bit of privacy. What if a person does not want to build a fence, but pets still need to be contained in an area to keep them safe? That is where PetSafe fences come in; they are low maintenance, but high quality means of keeping animals safe inside a particular area.  There is a variety of fences that also come with different levels of control, so that the beloved furry member of the family will be safe and will not run off.

Whether it is a small dog, large dog, or even a cat, there are different types of fences that will meet any and all needs of the pet. PetSafe offers two types of fencing and containment options: the first is wireless containment and fencing, the other is wired underground fencing.

Each of the wired underground fences contains 500 feet of wire and 50 flags for visual assistance in seeing where the barrier is. There are also options to buy additional wire to enlarge the area for the pet to run around in. Each spool has an extra 500 feet of wire, and using extra transmitters the containment area can reach up to five acres. The wireless containment dog fences are portable, allowing for moving the fence if need be. It also allows the pet to go on family vacations without the stress or worry of either being tied up or running off.

PetSafe Collars

All PetSafe collars are waterproof, so if your pet likes to play in or around water, there is no worry about their collar shorting out. These collars also come with different settings for different training purposes and pet temperaments. For households that have more than one pet, it is possible to have more than one collar per fence. The Stay + Play Wireless Fence Receiver Collar is also rechargeable, although the charger is sold separately from the Stay + Play Fence Kit. The other collars are battery operated.

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Each collar comes with an owner’s manual that is easy to read and follow and helps the owner understand how the collars work. The collars are adjustable and can fit any neck from 6 inches to 28 inches, although they also have collars that fit smaller dogs and cats. They recommend using the small dog in-ground fence for dogs less than 6 pounds; PetSafe also has a fence specifically engineered towards keeping cats in their boundaries.

When putting the collar on your four-legged friend, there are two short contact points built into each receiver, but if the animal has long or thick fur then there are long contact points that screw onto them. Once the pet wanders into the boundary zone, the contact points send a little static pulse, a tiny electric shock, that lets the dog know that it is near the fence and should not go further.

Using the PetSafe Manual to Help Troubleshoot

The PetSafe manuals are very easy to read and follow. The kits also include CDs that contain video content that help you step by step in setting up the fence and putting the collar on the animal and training the pet.  They include warnings, frequently asked questions, cautions, how to use the collars and fences, and help with troubleshooting. How to fit the collar on your pet and how to set the fence in the yard are also some helpful tips included. There are some videos that can help understand how to install the fence, here is a link to a very helpful video: It also comes with a guide on how to train the pet to know and understand boundary, as well as let them know that it is not a form of punishment, but a fence that will keep them safe. The manual has contact information if a phone call or letter is needed to answer questions. It also contains the company’s website information or to purchase more of their product.

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There are a few common troubleshooting problems that owners come across. One of these problems is that the receiving collar beeps, but the pet does not respond to the static charge. To check if the collar is working correctly, walk slowly towards the boundary line and watch the indicator light, if it flashes then it is, if not then check the batteries and change them if necessary and do the test again.  If the light still does not come on, then the collar may need to be replaced. If the light is working then the pet may need to have the collar adjusted or their fur trimmed to make sure they can feel the static correction.

Cost and Reviews

There are a few companies that make in-ground fences, but none as cheap, durable or dependable as PetSafe. Just going to and typing in ‘PetSafe Fences’ will bring up a multitude of wonderful reviews of all of their products they provide. The Deluxe In-Ground Fence, product number PRF-304W, has 46 reviews with a four star rating. All have found this product to be reliable, safe durable and cheaper than other companies and would greatly recommend it to others.  Here is one such review:

“5.0 out of 5 stars PetSafe eFence, April 28, 2010  By bill “bill” (Jefferson, SD USA) The manual is pretty easy to understand and shows many example ways to place the wiring. The training section is okay and probably really dependent on the individual pet. We rented a 1″ trencher for about 400 feet of wire. For us, full installation and trench filling was 2 days. At times it is hard to hear the beep. The manual does say that beeping sound might be difficult to hear and it is in windy situations and/or if your hearing is poor. Would be nice if the LED lit up when the beeper goes off. So far it works quite well and only took 2 or 3 days to train our dog.”

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When comparing companies, PetSafe has the advantage when it comes to little dogs. Normal sized collars do not fit comfortably on smaller dogs as they may be too loose and constantly move or even possibly fall off. PetSafe is the only company that has collars specifically modified for small dogs that have different static corrections specifically set for smaller dogs. The small canine collars are compatible with other fences like the deluxe in-ground fence and wireless containment fence. So if there is more than one dog in the family and there is a large dog and a small dog, there is no need to buy separate fencing systems, just one system and an extra collar.

There are many sites that offer PetSafe fences for dogs, but in order to get all the information about each individual product and to order any accessories the best sites to use are: and

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