Performax Drum Sander Guide: 10-20, 16-32 And 22-44 Review Plus Parts

The best way to come up with an excellent woodwork finish is through drum sanding. Drum sanding provides a polished finish not only to new woods, but it surely can bring back old and stained woods close to their original condition. A drum sander is a basic but very powerful machine. It operates with a sander conveyor belt that uses rotating drum. This drum can be adjusted to achieve the desired or proper sanding depth for your project. This equipment comes in various sizes, there are bench and table top models, which are larger and for the more serious sander, and then there are small handheld models. Drum sander equipment is quite expensive so deciding on which brand to purchase or to rent needs thorough consideration and should not be done on impulse. It will greatly help to ask for guidance of experienced operators in making the best choice both performance and cost saving.

The Performax Drum sander can be a great choice is if you are looking for a worthy drum sander. It is highly regarded as one of the best in its category. It can withstand long hours of use and is widely known for its durability and strength.  The Performax drum sander is designed to drive away heat resulting to prevention of drum warpage so it can be used continuously for long hours without worrying about overheating.

Performax 22 44 Drum Sander Technical Details

This machine is powered by a 1-3/4-horsepower motor and can accomplish sanding a 22-inch wide swath in just one pass. Its aluminum drum operates at rate of 1,700 rev. per minute which makes removal of stocks in such a great speed a snap. For efficient tension control, the Performax 22-44 drum sander has zinc plated steel tension rollers fixed beside the drum. It has an operator friendly design and its ball bearings have permanent lubrication for easy control. Accessories that are included with your purchase are one 80-grit abrasive strip, trackers, a caster set and a TufTool.

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This 22 44 drum sander is the top of the line model and delivers the meanest job of a maximum of 44 inch width in just two passes.. It can be fed with up to four inch thick wood and still gets the job done at the maximum level. To ensure operator’s safety, it is installed with a safety power switch in case of overload.

The Powermax is quite heavy with a shipping weight of 209 lbs, however it is typically shipped free of charge if ordered online through sites like

Performax 16 32 Drum Sander  

This drum sander has two powerful totally enclosed fan- cooled motors that are equipped with original belt trackers for getting rid of tiresome manual belt adjustments. It is also highlighted with a special spring clip, an innovation by Performax which holds the sandpaper rolls on ends. This novel design is intended for fast paper changes.

The 16-32 Plus model can be used with different wood sizes. Sanding is not a problem even with three inch thick wood or material as thin as 1/32 of an inch. This versatile machine can even be fed with woods of various lengths.

Like other Performax sanders it is bundled with a five year warranty that covers everything from the drum to the handle of the sander.

Performax 10 20 Drum Sander

This drum sander features 1 hp TEFC motor and the patented SandSmart speed control. This variable speed feature produces a great finish at a rate from 0 to 12 ft per minute. It is ideal for wood carving shops because of its compact size. Its drum ball bearings are also permanently lubricated for superb control and durability. Its large hand wheels provide easy adjustment and it has a four inch dust bag for easy collection of dust during the sanding process.

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As part of Performax’s commitment to excellent customer service, most of the parts of its drum sander equipment are covered by warranty. For units which are out of warranty period already, parts are readily available at reasonable prices. Performax makes all their hardware manuals available online for further references. Going through and following instructions carefully ensures maximum benefit from your unit. This is a noble way of sharing and giving valuable service because it can be accessed anytime free of charge.

More from Performax

Jet drum sander conveyor belts are available in different sizes with a starting price of for $14.99 for the smallest size and $48.99 for the bigger sizes. Before making a purchase be sure to get the correct and appropriate belt measurement of your drum belt.

Other accessories and complimentary parts like wrap abrasive strips and sandpapers in different grits, open stands with shelf and infeed/outfeed tables are also being offered at reasonable prices.

Performax Drum Sander Review

Performax drum sanders have consistently been receiving satisfactory feedbacks from their clients. Its only downside, like all the other drum sanders, is its massive weight. But it has compensated by making an easy assembly process for those who purchase sanders online and may not have the assistance of a hardware store specialist.

Clients are willing to invest in this major purchase because it has been known for durability and dependability. Even if it serves as the workhorse in their shops, it never lets their business down. It has proven to be a precision machine with excellent product results. Each product model is designed specifically for the varied requirements of the clients and every concern that arises in the process are addressed as promptly as possible.

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Its durable and solid construction, easy to control and easy changed belts are its blockbuster features which really get to the clients. Performax drum sanders have become indispensable equipment pieces in several businesses and with homeowners alike. Among its class, Performax can proudly claim to be one of the most preferred and trusted names in terms of quality and reliable drum sanders. Purchasing and renting one of their sanders is sure to be a wise decision for anyone taking on a new project.

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