Norton Sandpaper Review Guide: 3x Sandpaper, Sheets, Rolls, MSDS And Distributors

The Norton Company is the largest recognized manufacturer and supplier of engineered abrasives in the world. The Norton Company has everything that will improve your home which includes the do-it-yourself and through the contractor. There are a number of products manufactured by the company which helps in fixing small jobs. Whether you need to grind, sand or polish, the Norton Company will serve you the best products on the market.

Norton Abrasives make use of wide variety of sanding, grinding as well as polishing abrasives, and they have been in the market since 1885.

Norton Sandpaper

Norton sandpaper is a little more expensive than the other sandpapers and there is a reason behind it, the cheap sandpaper that mostly the carpenters’ use is of cheap quality and they don’t last longer like the Norton sandpaper. Also the Norton sandpaper does not clog up. They claim it to be the best sandpaper available on the planet.

The properties of Norton sandpaper include:

  • It cut faster.
  • It lasts longer than any conventional sandpaper.
  • It runs cooler and due to this reason it lasts longer.
  • More consistent and flexible.

The best thing about Norton sandpaper is that they make use of Zirconia alumina which itself is a sharpening abrasive which allows you to cut faster and last longer than the sandpapers made up of aluminum oxide.

Norton 3X sandpaper

Norton 3X sandpaper has a number of qualities, including:

  • It works on all kinds of surfaces.
  • It reduces the sanding time.
  • It does not clog, tear or transfer the color on other surfaces.
  • It can be used after sealing, priming or staining to smooth out the surfaces.
  • The paper backing is also flexible and gives a consistent finishing than fiber backing or any cloth. It is thicker than the polyester film backing.
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Due to all these properties, it has become the first choice for sorts of sanding projects. You can get the Norton 3X pack of 20 from Amazon at a discount price along with free shipping. In order to review the customer feedback, price and shipping, visit the Amazon site:

There are also few kinds also known as grits available in these 3X Norton sandpaper. These are the 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320 and 400 grit sandpaper. A few of these would be mentioned here:

180 Grit Norton 3X Sandpaper

The 180 Grit 3X sandpaper has following qualities:

  • It works faster.
  • It is more durable.
  • It longs last than any other typical sandpaper.
  • It gives smooth and consistent finish on almost all types of surfaces which also includes the painted and primed surfaces.
  • It does not get clogged, or tear.

You can also get this fabulous sandpaper from Amazon. To purchase or to find other details, visit the Amazon store:

80 Grit Norton Sandpaper

Similarly like other Norton sandpapers, this 80 Grit sandpaper works perfectly on all kinds of surfaces just with a little difference that it is for moderate removal. If you need 80 Grit Norton sandpaper, you can get it from amazon at a discounted price. For purchasing and more details, visit the site:–11-Inch-20-Sheets-2641/dp/B000GT432Q/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1323609490&sr=8-3

There is plenty of other grits of Norton sandpapers available and you can use the one according to your job requirement and needs. You can find the various grit sandpapers from Amazon as well as from this site along with the price tags:

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Norton sandpaper sheets and Norton sandpaper rolls

Norton sandpaper sheets are easily available from Amazon, and you can get various grit sheets and rolls at a discounted price through them as well. These sheets are available in various lengths and widths like in 9’’ x 11’’ and in various packs like in 20 sheets pack or 50 packs of sheets.

Three Famous Types of Norton Sandpaper Sheets and Rolls

  1. One of the Norton highly reliable or hardest working sandpaper is the Norton Gold. It comes in disc form as well as in AirFile sheets. This is the fast cutting sandpaper which produces very fine results and its worth of your money.
  2. While the roughest and the toughest sandpaper by the Norton Company is the Norton BlueMag. This sandpaper is made up of phenolic resin as the bonding agent which will work even on metal as it is the coarse grit sandpaper.
  3. Third, the Norton Champagne sandpaper is also one of the best sandpaper to get as it will work on fiberglass, woodwork and in other coarse areas. The best thing about the Norton sandpapers is that these are made in such a way to avoid deeper scratches.

Other off-brand sandpaper may be cheap but it will not give such fantastic results like these sheets and rolls of the Norton Company.

Norton Sandpaper Distributors

It is highly necessary that when you purchase the Norton sandpapers sheets or rolls, you buy it from an authorized abrasive distributor because there are some distributors like auction sites, yard sales which are non-authorized suppliers. These suppliers may sell used, old or fake sandpaper which will not perform the way as Norton sandpapers are expected to perform. The Norton sandpapers are mostly made of organic products and they do degrade with time. So it is highly essential that the authentic Norton sandpaper distributors should be contacted while buying these sandpapers.

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Norton Sandpaper MSDS

MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets are managed properly by the Product Safety Department of the Norton Company. The Norton has a policy which the Norton distributors have to follow and the Norton sandpaper MSDS also falls in this category.

Some people may think that why even going for a brand while using an ordinary thing like sandpaper. But you need to know that sandpaper is not an ordinary thing, if you will have branded sandpaper like the Norton sandpaper than it will save you a lot of time while sanding the surface and it is highly essential in doing various chores. So save your time and energy and get the results you require with Norton sandpapers!

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