Norton Grinding Wheels Review Guide: 3x, Abrasives, Surfaces, Suppliers and Catalogue

Grinding wheels are a staple implement in the workshops of DIY enthusiasts, as there are hundreds of uses for them. These abrasive disks are useful in woodturning, sharpening tools, cleaning welds, removing rust, and many other applications. If you fancy yourself a true craftsman, then you definitely should have one of these. But you should not go out and buy just any grinding wheel; you need to get the best if you want your projects to turn out nicely. And when it comes to that, the best grinding wheels that you can purchase are Norton grinding wheels.

Brief History of Norton Abrasives

For over 125 years, Norton Abrasives have met the world’s demand for high-quality abrasive products. Ever since the company started in 1895, no other company has even come close to Norton Abrasives when it comes to innovation and design, which is why you will see Norton products in almost every major manufacturing operation all over the world.

Norton Abrasives is the world’s largest producer of quality abrasive products. They offer abrasives solutions for just about any application you can think of, from industrial uses like construction and metal fabrication, automotive manufacturing and repair, even tools for the average do-it-yourselfer like you. So if you are in need of a high quality grinding wheel that will not let you down, Norton grinding wheels are for you.

Norton Abrasives manufacture two types of grinding wheels; each of them will suit all of your needs.

Norton Standard Bench and Pedestal Grinding Wheels

These are your not-so-typical grinding wheels that you can use for a lot of different jobs in your workshop. These surface grinding wheels are used in shaping and polishing wood, deburring and cleaning of metal surfaces, and a lot of other different applications.

There are 3 types of Norton surface grinding wheels, divided according to the type of materials they will be used on:

Green – For non-metal materials. This type of grinding wheel is usually used in woodturning, and other general wood shaping applications. Made of silicon carbide, these wheels will not heat up easily thus preventing burning of the wood surface.

White – This is commonly used for hardened steel like that in tools, which make this grinding wheel perfect for maintaining your sharp-edged tools like knives, chisels, shears and other bladed instruments. Composed of tough aluminum oxide, these grinding wheels are sure to last years in your workshop.

Grey – This is the surface grinding wheel is used for all general metal applications like grinding off sharp edges in sheet metal and cleaning welded joints.

Norton 3X Grinding Wheels

Bench grinders, though very useful, are very hard to maintain, especially if the attached grinding wheel keeps on burning because it got worn down pretty quickly. This will not be an issue when you use Norton 3X grinding wheels. This grinding wheel provides you with a clean, burn-free cut all the time all thanks to Norton’s patented SG grain cutting point design and controlled micro-fracturing.

Controlled micro-fracturing means that as you use the grinding wheel, new cutting points get made every time one gets worn down, like a shark that constantly replaces its lost teeth. This great feature means that the 3X grinding wheel does not need frequent maintenance, unlike aluminum oxide wheels that you need to dress every couple of uses. You only need to dress Norton 3X grinding wheels when you notice slight burning, which you will not be seeing much of for a long time.

Customer Reviews

You will have a hard time trying to find an unsatisfied Norton customer. Not only do their grinding wheels exceed expectations, they are also reasonably priced enough that people do not even have second thoughts about buying them. And seeing that Norton grinding wheels last a whole lot longer than their competitors, they make for a very wise investment.

Other Norton Products

Besides grinding wheels, Norton also offers a wide range of other abrasive products that every DIY enthusiast will surely appreciate to have in their own toolboxes.

Abrasive Sheets – Norton also offers high quality sandpaper, from regular to their top of the line sandpapers that also utilize their patented 3X technology.

Abrasive Belts – If you either have a portable belt sander, bench machine or both, Norton Abrasives has got you covered. They have high-quality abrasive belts that will fit on almost every sanding machine.

Abrasive Sponges – Have you ever had a project where you need to sand around very small spaces, so small that even various shapes of sand paper cannot even reach them? What you need is a Norton abrasive sponge, with this you can reach around even the tightest of corners, in between millwork, even around spindles, spaces where traditional sandpaper will have a hard time getting to.

Where to Get Them

If you want to know more about Norton grinding wheels and their other products, just go over to their official websites. For DIY supplies you can go to, there you can download the Norton grinding wheels catalog so you can get the full specifications and details. You may also want to take a look at their full product listing if you want information about their other product offerings.

To find out if there is an official Norton Abrasives retailer near you, you can use the store finder on their website. After putting the necessary details you will get a list of nearby establishments that carry genuine Norton products. If there are no retail stores near your location you can always order online thru and other online shopping websites.


Every workshop should have at least one good grinding wheel, not only will it enable you to keep your tools in good working condition, you can also use them in a wide variety of other applications. And because you are sure to use your grinding wheel quite a lot, you should only get the best.

And if it is quality you are looking for, there is only one brand that you can count on, and that is Norton Abrasives.

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