Nolreco Replacement Blades Product Review: Including hq9 & hq6 Shavers.

Depending on what make your Philips razor is, you should easily be able to find the replacement blades that you need. You must be aware that not every blade will fit every razor as the razors come in different shapes, sizes and are used for different styles and methods of shaving.

Replacement blades are very widely available but you will need to take a close look at the razor you wish to find the blades for, so you are aware of the specification and model number before you purchase the replacement blades that you need.

The Philips Norelco HQ8 Spectra Tripleheader Replacement Heads are excellent blades that fit the Norelco Spectra Razor and cover most of the 7000 series and the 8800 series of razors. The razors claim to last an entire year without having to be replaced, but if you have a beard that you like to trim frequently then they may need replacing a little more often.

If you’re looking for a quick shave then the Philips Norelco HQ9 SpeedXL Replacement Heads may just be what you are looking for, they are compatible with the SpeedXL and SmartTouchXL  razors and can give you the very fast shave that want. These blades do the job very well with just one drawback and that is because the outer and inner rings have different speeds which can cause frustration and the length of your beard or stubble to be slightly uneven should you not have the time to run the razor over it.

To get more of an idea about the cost of the nolreco replacement blades and which razors they need to be used for, you should take a look at the Philips website as it will go into greater detail.

Personal Care

Finding the right norelco shavers when it comes to your personal care is so important because it can help you get the look that you want. The Norelco Speed 8240 is perfect for a smooth and close shave that won’t take long to get rid of your unwanted hair, but because the blades are shorter than some of the other models it can prove difficult to use at first.

The Norelco 7310 is one of the cheapest shavers you can find in the Norelco range and although it does not promise very smooth or fast shaves, it is a very good razor that delivers its promises. The Norelco 7310 does not look like a cheaper model and although it is considered to be a ‘Budget’ razor it does the job properly and can be somewhat more reliable than the more expensive models.

Norelco shavers replacement blades

The Norelco Hq56/52 Reflex Plus replacement blades are suitable for use with the 6843XL despite being made for use solely with the hq55. If you do not shave every day, you can expect these blades to last a lot longer than the recommended six months, which can save you about $20 from time to time. You can expect the Norelco Hq56/52 Reflex Plus replacement blades to be hard to find however as they fit a razor that has been on the market for a number of years. proudly stock these excellent razor heads and they can be found here at a reasonable price.

A Really Good Shave

For a really good shave the Norelco hq8 Spectra and Sensotec replacement blades promise exactly what you want, they provide the user with a close and smooth shave without them having to replace the blades for a year at a time. These particular blades can be slightly more expensive and put people off buying them, but you get a great shave for your money thanks to the quality of this product.

Another high quality set of blades are the Norelco replacement blades hq9 that like the hq8 promise a close and smooth shave. The hq9 blades however are a bit more expensive but they are somewhat more reliable and shave just that little bit closer providing you with an even shave in a shorter amount of time. These blades work with a few of the 8000 series of Norelco razors as well as the SmartTouch-XL, and the Speed-XL sets too.

A Wide Selection For All

There is a wide selection of Philips Norelco replacement blades for everyone and you can be sure to find a razor that suits whatever style you are looking for and speed you prefer to shave with. There are varying prices and they all reflect the quality of the shave to a degree, you may be lucky and find a lower priced replacement blade that works exceedingly well for you.

There may of course be some difficulties in you try to use a replacement blade with a different razor as they are not all made to fit each and every one, but now and again you may just be lucky. There are cheaper replacement blades that come with a different brand name, but their performance will not be as good and you could in fact, end up damaging your razor permanently. It is therefore recommended that you always tick to using the Norelco replacement blades when you use a Norelco razor and shaving system.

Long And Short Hairs

Because our hair can often be of different lengths the Norelco replacement blades hq6 caters for this and it gives you the opportunity to switch between shaving long and short hairs at different times. After time the effectiveness of the blades is altered and you may need to replace the heads more frequently than is recommended on the packaging if you shave every day, but if you follow these guidelines you will find the Norelco replacement blades hq6 will work hard for you and give you the shave that you need without taking up too much of your time.


Finding the right razor for you is so important so you get the look and the level of comfort that you need and the right Norelco razor replacement heads can easily help your razor last for many years.

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