Nail Gun Reviews: Framing Guns, Nail Gun Compressors & Finish Guns Guide

When it comes to building ventures, make certain that you use the right tools to ensure efficiency and quality into your work. It is true that superb equipments can be costly. However, it is always better to invest into something that is expensive but constructive rather than settling into something that is cheap but ordinary and will not fit in your needs. That’s like putting your money to waste and not in good use.

Now, with regards to these apparatuses, a large variety of these useful hand tool collections is available on the market for you to choose from. One of the most commonly purchased and utilized by customers is the one we call the nail gun. Although hammers are still sought-after these days, we must admit that it only works well in completing small task unlike the nail guns which is capable of accomplishing hefty jobs in an instant; for example, creating makeshift beds. So, it would really be a practical move to consider buying one.

Types of Nail Guns

There are two basic types of nail guns: the stick and the coil nail guns. The difference between the two is based upon the ability of each to hold nails for bullets. The stick nail gun can hold a total of twenty to forty nails seized collectively in a straight line. On the other hand, the coil nail gun can supply a rounded stash of 3000 nails at once.

Nail guns can also be classified according to purpose. For roofing works they are called roofing nail guns. Finish nail guns, though, are the ones use for construction purposes of cabinets and other furniture. For larger projects which require bigger materials such as concrete or steel, framing or industrial nail guns can be used. Also, there’s one called the pneumatic nail guns which need an air compressor to operate.

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Safety Precautions

When handling nail guns, safety should always be your first concern. Some injuries can be minor like wounds in the fingers, hands or even feet. But then, others can be severe which might involve internal organs of the body which can be fatal. So for protection, always let the muzzle of the nail gun touch the area of your aim. Never use it as a projectile weapon because this can be very dangerous to you or to someone around you.

Popular Brands of Nail Guns and their Reviews

Just like any other product reviews, a worthy review of nail gun brands gives you information about the tool: its price, specific features, manufacturer’s name and some testimonials of customers who have already experienced using the product first-hand. Make sure that before doing your shopping you need to know exactly what you want for a nail gun. Home Depot and Lowes both have nail guns readily available and are more than willing to assist with questions regarding their operation. Here are some of the most popular nail guns for sale:

The Stanley TRE550 Electric Brad Nail Gun

The Stanley TRE550 Electric Brad Nail Gun has a dual powering system with a high and low setting, which are used for the hard materials and soft materials. One of its features is its flush nose that enables to access even in tight places. There is a small clip which attaches directly on the ejection slot of the nail gun to disable the gun’s ability to fire if the clip isn’t lowered down; and the only time that it will go down is when the gun is point at the desired material to be nailed. This is a great feature that reduces the chances of having a misfire or an accidental fire. The product is both a staple and a nail gun so it serves dual purposes.

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Reviews from consumers who purchased this product are mixed; some claim that it is the best nail gun on the market, whereas others have issues with the construction. One operator claimed too much pressure is needed to apply on the gun in order for it to pierce through certain materials.

Dewalt Bare Tool 18-Volt Cordless Nailer

If you want to work on remodelling or framing then this product will work great for you. The Dewalt Bare Tool Cordless Nailer is one fast nailing gun with some unique features. The power of this gun is very significant, it can drive a nail even in the toughest materials, which enables you to work on sheathing, trussing, and all kinds of jobs that involves driving a nail. This nail gun also features prevention of blank fires, as there is an integrated nail trip lockout feature in the trigger.

Nearly all consumers who have purchased this nailer were satisfied with its performance, stating that they finished their job quickly and with ease because they didn’t have to put any effort into driving the nail through the given material. This is a favorite among nailers on the market for that reason alone!

Hitachi 5.5lb Roofing Pneumatic Nailer

This particular product from Hitachi offers an impressively lightweight 5.7 pound nailer with a driving power suitable for use of roofing works. It is designed for easy movement, and even the bottom loading magazine is famous for easy refill. With the device having an unrestricted complexity power controls, it surely adds to the convenience of using such a nail gun.

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Many consumers are turning to pneumatic nailers such as this because of their strength and durability. Many users also appreciate the fact that replacement parts for this model are easily found in hardware stores, or through the Hitachi site, that is if you ever need to replace anything. Additionally, not only is this model durable, but it is affordably priced compared to other nailers on the market, just another reason why it is popular.

Whether you are searching for a professional nail gun, or merely something to help you with your home projects, there are nail gun reviews which can be more then helpful when deciding what you should purchase.  After all, trusting the word of your peers and fellow professionals is better than trusting a salesman.

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