Mtech Knives Review Guide: Karambit, 440 Steel, Lock Knives and Butterfly Knives

Mtech is a leading name in the manufacture and production of high quality, durable and all around well-constructed knives of all types and varieties. The folding, butterfly and fixed blade knives Mtech USA offers vary in style from stilettos to razor knives to tactical knives, and hit everywhere in between. And, as a refreshing change from the typical folding knife, Mtech not only offers different types of knife, but several different styles of handle as well; who says your knife handle must be a boring matte black to be effective?

With a selection of knives ranging from holstered to neck worn to those kept in your boot, Mtech keeps the desires of consumers in mind. Their prices are kept reasonable and affordable, but that does not equate to a sacrifice of craftsmanship or efficiency. Mtech knives come in various colors, sizes and styles to fit not only the needs of their customers but their desires as well. For instance, the oil-slick colored styling of the Mtech Ninja Rainbow Folding Fighter Knife is a unique, double sided blade that literally shines in a rainbow, making it both effective and unique. The Mtech Small Hunter is a compact, small bladed knife that will fit comfortably in your boot and features a tan sheath with a convenient cord tie. The red Mtech Fire Fighter Rescue Knife features a matte black tang encased in a bold red satin handle; the handle itself boasts of a fire department emblem on its front, along with a built in belt/line cutter for emergency use.

But of course, if you’re looking for a simpler, more traditional folding or tactical knife, you can still find these within the Mtech product line. They offer plain black bladed and handled knives, as well as those with wood or bone inlays. The Mtech Covenant Knife is a black on black survival knife that slips easily and securely into a green sheath; the Mtech Fixed Blade Boot Knife features a serrated silver blade with a black handle and sheath.  If you’re looking for a more standard knife, you can’t possibly go wrong with the Mtech Silver Folding Knife with a wooden handle. This knife is both effective and elegant in its simplicity, and folds easily and securely into the handle for safety.

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And of course, style isn’t the only necessary factor in considering what knife to choose. That’s why Mtech has worked hard to develop a relationship between modern technology and instinctive skill to provide top of its class products. Over the years it has been a trusted name for providing its customers with stylish and high quality products with an unparalleled knack for customer service.

If you’re interested in these or any other types of Mtech knives, you can always check out the huge selection offered on Amazon; you’re certain to find something that fits both what you need from your knife and what you want in it. In the meantime, here is some information regarding but a few of the knives Mtech has to offer.

Mtech Karambit

Mtech is a very popular name in the field of manufacturing knives for a wide variety of situations; the Mtech Karambit is one such innovative product. According to the majority of Mtech customers, the Karambit is the best product this company has manufactured so far. Here are some of the features of the Mtech Karambit:

1 – Length – The Karambit in its entirety is five inches long, with a blade length of three inches.

2 – Composition – The blade is composed of high quality stainless steel, guaranteed to last through rough and tumble use; the handle, which comes in various colors, is made of anodized aluminum, making it durable and resistant to scratches and dings. The handle of the Mtech Karambit also features a metal pocket clip for both accessibility and security.

3 – Colors – The Karambit is available in both solid blue and black handles, which both share similar attributes but for their prices.

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4 – MTech Slash I Karambit Camo – This Karmabit varies from the others in its size and colors, though the composition materials of the blade and handle are the same. This Camo has a total length of four and a half inches, with a blade length of two inches long. The handle of the knife also features a metal pocket clip, but the handle itself is made of a digi-camo emblazoned anodized aluminum

You can visit this link if you would like some additional information on the Mtech Karambit.

Mtech Rescue Knives

The series of rescue knives offered by Mtech are solid, durable and stylish. Here are a few of these type knives:

  1. 1.      MTech “Woody” Rescue Knife – Fire Department:

The MTech Woody Rescue Knife with Fire Department logo has a length of four and three quarter inches long. The bayonet style blade itself is composed a black 440 stainless steel; the handle is an anodized aluminum with fire department emblem and wood inserts. Other very important aspects of this knife include the seat belt/line cutter, metal pocket clip and inbuilt glass breaker.

  1. 2.      MTech Mini Karambit Rescue Knife – Sheriff:

This MTech Mini Karambit Rescue Knife with Sheriff stylization is four inches long in its entirety. The black 440 stainless steel blade of this rescue knife is a miniature one and seven eighths hawkbill style. The aluminum handle has an inlaid sheriff’s star and a built in glass breaker for emergency usage, seat belt/line cutter and metal pocket clip.

  1. 3.      MTech “Ranger” Rescue Knife – Brown Camo:

The MTech Ranger Rescue Knife in brown camouflage is four and a half inches in length, with a sturdy, partially serrated blade of three and a half inches. The black 440 stainless steel blade also includes a thumb stud for convenience and efficiency. The handle of this knife is composed of stainless steel and designed with a brown camouflage coating.

  1. 4.      MTech Grenade Rescue Knife – Sniper:

The MTech Rescue Knife with Sniper stylization is a smaller three and a half inches in length; the black blade is comprised of 440 stainless steel and includes a thumb stud. The handle is composed of a strong piece of gray colored aluminum, with a pineapple style hand grenade design. The handle of this knife also features a built in seat belt/line cutter, metal pocket clip and glass breaker; there is also an inlaid pewter colored sniper medallion included on this beautiful knife.

  1. 5.      MTech Grenade Rescue Knife / Special Forces:

The MTech Rescue Knife in Special Forces décor is three and a half inches long entirely. The blade is composed of a black 440 stainless steel including a thumb stud. This knife features a black handle with a special forces decal, built in glass breaker and line cutter and a metal pocket clip.

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There are plenty of models of Mtech knives are available online. If you want to more about various models and their prices, especially those of Mtech knives for wholesale, pay a visit to Wild Bill Wholesale.

Mtech Liner Lock Knives

Mtech liner lock knives are popular not only for their stylish designing but also for their various uses. These knives are four inches long with a blade length of three and one quarter inches. The blades are fully solid and comprised of 440 stainless steel; this ensures the blades will not rust or break soon, making them more durable and longer lasting. The handles of the liner lock knives are also made of stainless steel, and Mtech guarantees a lifetime of use out of this product. Designed in the United States but manufactured in China, this blade is currently for sale online at under five dollars, making it both a wise and frugal investment for anyone in need of an everyday knife.

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