Moore Maker Knives Review Guide: Knife Accessories, Cowboy Knifes and Fence Building Equipment

Moore Maker Knives are the products of Moore Maker INC., a company based in Texas that belongs to the Moore family. The company has been in the hands of the Moore family for generations.  Moore Maker is proud to serve their consumers with a wide variety of personal and cowboy tools which are durable and tailored to your specific work needs. All their products are made upon request, so you can be sure that your needs are kept in mind during their creation right through the shipping process when they reach your door.

The company boasts a large variety of knives coming in several styles and colors. The company sells knives to both individuals and corporationss and they can customize them by engraving things like individual names or company names. Moore knives make great holiday gifts for dads, brothers, grandfathers and the outdoor working women in your life, especially with a personalized engraving.

Moore Maker Knives

When you are wondering which Moore Maker knife is right for you, consulting their site at can give you some insight on their many different products and what they can do for you. Here are just a few of the items that they offer online to their consumers.

Moore Machete

This knife has a carbon steel blade, an it comes along with a Moore Maker Warantee. It has an 18 inch blade, and has a polymer handle with a lanyard hole in it. The high carbon steel blade is hardened to 55 Rockwell and it is sold for a retail $31.50 on the market.

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You can get its accessory, a Moore Machete scabbard for an extra $14. It is made of heavy polyester, and fits the machete well.

Double Bit Axe 14 in.

This is a twin sided axe made of steel that has been hardened to 50 Rockwell. It has a hickory handle, and comes with a leather scabbard. The axe retails for $49.50 a piece.

Football Knife

This is a stainless steel knife that can be customized with a name or message if you desire. It comes with a pigskin leather scabbard and is protected under the  Moore Maker  Guarantee. It sells at $123 per unit.


This knife is made in Germany for Moore Maker, and is made of carbon steel. Its aluminium and bone handles are featherweight. It is opened by a flash mounted button, and when open is between 6 to 7/8 inches long. It is 4 inches when closed. The blade is hollow ground, and you have the option of choosing either a smooth one or a serrated one. Unlike the first two, it has no warranty from Moore Maker Knives, and it sells for $133.50

Nickel Silver And Gold Trapper

This one was designed by Wayland Moore, and the silver trapper has gold linings that make it noticeable. Its blade is made of hardened steel, and its handle of nickel silver and gold. It sells at $102 a piece.

Enamelled Silver Trapper

Was also designed by Wayland Moore, and is made of HC steel. Its handles are made of nickel silver with enamelled animals in them. It has two blades, the sprey, and the main blade. This knife sells at $93 per piece.

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This knife was made with the cowboys in mind. They seemed to use the spey blade the most as compared to the master blade. This knife has twin spey blades instead of one spey blade and one master blade like the others. Theserial numbered  knife is not yet available, but will soon be, and it will come in yellow and burnt orange. The non-serial numbered knife sells at $101 a piece.


This knife targets the cattlemen in the nothern states. It has twin master blades, which are popular with cattlemen. The serial numbered knife is not yet out, but the non-serial numbered knife is out, and sells for $101 a piece.

While these are just a few of the knives and other items that Moore Maker sells, there are plenty of other items they offer their consumers.

Knife Accessories

Moore Makers also sells knife accessories, and below we will look at some of them. These accessories are used in maintaining and keeping or holding the knives. When buying them, first inquire if they come with the knife free, as some knives, for example, come with free scabbards.

–  Big sharpening stone in a box

–  Diamond sharpener with a handle

–  Double sided diamond sharpener

–  Horizontal Scabbard case

–  Knife display case

–  Knife oil

–  Knife scabbard

–  Large 10” 600 grit diamond sharpener

–  Multi –purpose eraser and knife polisher

–  Pocket whitestone

–  Thumbnail saver knife opener

Moore manufactures all their accessories with the same care and precision that their knives are made, so you know that your kife accessory is going to be tailored specifically to your knife and personal needs.

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Moore Thank Just Knives

Moore Makers also offer fence making equipment to customers as one of their ways to drive home the cowboy theme. Their materials are intended to help you with creating fences to house your livestock and other animals, just like a cowboy would do. Here are some of the items that Moore Makers offers their customers:

–  Barbwire grip

–  Bullnose fencing pliers

–  Bullnose saddle pliers

–  Fencing plier scabbard

–  Net wire tie bar

–  Plammer pliers

–  Spike fencing plier

–  Spike saddle plier

–  T-post puller

–  Wire splicer

–  Wire stretcher

Most of these accessories are used in maintaining barbed wire fences by either tightening the wires, or steadying the posts. All these products are available for sale, and you can contact Moore Maker for details.

So whether you are searching for a knife or some tools to help you maintain your land and livestock, there are plenty of ways that Moore Maker can help you accomplish these tasks thoroughly and efficiently. Request a Moore Maker catalog today to explore all that the family business can do for you.

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