MK Wet Saws Review Including 101, 212, 170, 660, 770 And Diamond Tile Saws

A wet tile saw will shape ceramic tiles with clean edges and to exact specifications of the mason and the project he is completing. Tile cutting is usually done to ensure that the area being worked on will be covered with tiles including the uneven edges with designs that will be desirable and pleasing to look at. Saws that are being used for other purposes like wood and other harder materials will render the thick and brittle ceramic tiles useless. A special type of saw must be utilized like the MK wet saw, which is designed and made purposely to cut ceramic tiles as to the desires of the user. A masonry wet saw will cut the tiles without breaking them, saving money and time during construction.

The MK wet tile saw line is one of the best brands of wet saws available on the market today. The MK diamond tile saw is just one example that is easy to set up, operate and also offers the advantage of being tucked away without any hassle. When the decision is made to purchase this product it comes with cutting guides and accessories allowing the operator to create tile designs that are unique to their project. The MK product line at, the company’s own website also offers tech support for professionals and first time users alike.

Guidelines for Using an MK Wet Saw:

  1. Place the saw in the position that is most comfortable, perhaps the table which comes with every purchase of the MK 101 wet saw. The GFCI must be plugged in to the power supply and water must be poured into the reservoir together with the MK wet saw pump and plugged in to the motor housing outlet.
  2. Mark the tiles according to specifications with the use of a china marker. Other types of markers will be erased by the water that comes out of the reservoir as it is fairly abrasive, and this includes permanent markers. If there are several tiles to be cut with the same specifications a cutting guide must be utilized so that the measurements will all be the same.
  3. When the tiles are already placed on the table with the markings for cutting turn on the MK wet tile saw, however the blade must be in its full speed before commencing to cut. Don’t push the tile being cut, allow the machine to cut the tiles at its own pace to prevent damage to the tiles and to the MK wet saw itself.
  4. After use turn off the MK 170 wet saw, or any other type of saw being used, to prevent accidents and make sure that the machine is unplugged before leaving it so that unauthorized operation cannot be done by others, especially children or other individuals who have no knowledge in operating the tool.
  5. Before tucking away the machine empty all the water that is left in the reservoir and clean all other MK wet saw parts, as they must be dry to prevent oxidation that can damage the machine. has other suggestions and recommendations in using the MK wet saw.
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The MK Diamond Wet Saw Line

At is the full line of MK wet saws for sale including accessories, different types of blades, manuals, tile bits and other essentials that are necessary in operating these products.  The website also has a tool talk blog that users can use to exchange ideas and showcase their handy work while using the machine.  It also further lists the features of the MK diamond series which includes:

  • A motor that is fan cooled and enclosed with a high torque capacity
  • A 12.6 commercial amp motor
  • The shaft bearings are heavy duty and permanently lubricated and dual sealed
  • The MK 660 wet saw or any other diamond 101 series allows the operator to position the head for convenience and ease of use
  • The water system design of the MK wet saw can deliver water to both sides of the blade
  • The variable adjustments of the cutting head will allow the operator to perform plunge cuts on the tiles
  • The MK 101 series which includes the MK 212 wet saw can accommodate profile wheels with a size of 6 inches and 8 inches
  • In order to utilize the full power of the motor it has a micro V-belt drive design
  • The blade shaft lock will allow for the blade to be removed with ease
  • The blade guard and motor post is made of cast aluminum
  • It has a one piece steel frame and is reinforced with zinc to make it more durable
  • The MK 770 wet tile saw which is part of the series are all proudly made from USA
  • The features of the MK wet saw line include a one year limited warranty
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Further technical features of the series and accessories are also listed on the company’s website for the perusal of its prospective clients.

Other websites that carry the MK 101 series includes and they offer MK wet saw sale items to their customers. The website also has wet saw reviews where customers can read and compare different wet saws that are available in the market. The reviews that the series received from the costumers of Amazon stated that the tools are excellent and can be used for professional tilling jobs. Another review that was given was that the MK wet saw is rugged and can be used for a long time, some consumers claiming many years of use from one machine. One negative review stated that the series “has the power but not the engineering”. But even with this statement most of those who have used the tool have rated it 5 stars based on its performance and efficiency.

Another website that also offers MK tools is, although there seems to be no MK wet saw reviews. Even then the website has listed the features of the series in order to enlighten its consumers before deciding on purchasing the product.

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