MK Tile Saw Review: Models 100,101,170,370,660,770, Diamond Tile Saw & Parts

When cutting tile not just any saw will do.  There is a need to find a quality and reliable saw maker that can help you get the job done right the first time. The MK brand has, for years, been synonymous with quality tile saws for all projects, both commercial and residential.

MK diamond tile saws are among the most commonly used in the industry.  Diamond blades are sold in various sizes and models to help you get a precise and clean cut without damaging the tile of your project. These blades are interchangeable with other blades so that they can work with various MK tile saw models.

MK diamond is a renowned name in the industry; well known for producing quality saws for concrete, metal, stone, glass and tiles. There is a complete range of diamond tile saws to match different kinds of requirements.

MK Tile Saw 100

If you are looking for a basic and easy-to-use tile saw that is capable of working through residential projects with ease, the MK 100 model could be just right for you. The 100 is capable of height adjustments and multiple positioning of the post holding the motor and the cutting heads, so that you can manipulate the saw for easy use.  Additionally there is a built-in water system that evenly distributes it to both blade sides for optimal tile cutting. The zinc-plated body means that it is durable and strong, capable of lasting you through plenty of uses. Besides the accessories of wet cutting blade, water pump and rip guide this unit comes with a 45 degree miter as well.

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MK Tile Saw 101

The 101 model of MK tile saw is powered by an amazing 12.6 amp motor which is capable of cutting up to 20 inches and up to 3 inches deep.  Similar to the 100 model, the MK tile saw 101 has an adjustable height and operators are safe as there is a blade shaft lock which makes changing your blade easy. It too is capable of longevity as it is constructed of some of the finest materials on the market.

MK Tile Saw 170

The MK tile saw 170 model is much different than the 100 or the 101.  This model is more appropriate for smaller tasks, including hobbyists or those who are not planning on cutting tile as often.  This tabletop model has a 7 inch diamond blade and a high torque motor.  It is capable of cutting up to 12 inches long and 2 inches deep.

MK Tile Saw 370

The MK 370 tile saw, and the MK tile saw 470, have been regarded by some operators as the best tile saw for the beginner to moderately experienced tile cutter.  The 7 inch blade that cuts up to 14 inches and 2 inches deep is ideal for all tile projects.  Not to mention the water reservoir that surrounds this machine is perfect for easy-clean up when you are working. An ingenious incorporation!

MK Tile Saw 660

If you are looking for a professional grade tile saw the 660 model could fit your needs perfectly. This is a lightweight, durable and powerful ¾ HP motor. It’s cutting specifications include 14 inches across and 2 inches deep. The cutting head can also be varied based on the project needs.

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If you are still looking for more power than the 660 model you can always check out the MK tile saw 770 model which is also perfect for professional and commercial use. In reviews on different sites its ruggedness and precision in cutting has been greatly appreciated by the customers, it has received similar ratings to the 660.

After you conduct research on the right tile saw for your needs it is important for you to ensure that the specifications of the saw is going to be enough for your project.  The MK Diamond site provides their visitors with a chart comparing all aspects of their products, so that you can visualize their differences with ease. The chart compares horsepower, the motor, blade, depth of cut and the rips of each machine.

MK Tile Saw Parts

If you are already an owner or operator of a quality MK tile saw and you are seeking MK tile saw parts their website is able to help you with all your needs (  There are replacement parts available in nearly all models, including water pans, electric water pumps and drain plugs.

If you are searching for more accessories for your tile saw online you can find everything from tile bits to extension cables, and even folding stands to fit your model. The following are just some of the accessories that you will find online:

  • Dressing stone
  • Foot switch
  • Universal saw stands
  • Instructional videos
  • Water hoods
  • Rip guides

When compared to other manufacturing sites for hardware tools, the MK tile saw site is quite comprehensive and offers everything an operator could need to work with and learn about his tool.

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Of additional importance to note is that owners also have access to manuals for their tile saw all online.  In the event that you need to replace parts or you need to remember how to thoroughly clean your machine, it can all be found online.

MK Repairs

Should you ever have a need for replacing any parts or you are having trouble with your MK tile cutter this is no reason to go out and spend money on another. From their website you have access to all service centers in the US and Canada so that you can chose your location and find the service center nearest to you.

There is also a comprehensive list of distributors and parts that will work with your MK tile saws in the event that you cannot find your necessary part or are not near a replacement and service center.

As you can see MK provides the perfect tile saws for every project you can think of.  With their one year guarantees and dedicated customer service you are sure to be pleased with your MK tile saw purchase.

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