Mitutoyo Calipers Review: Guide to Digital Caliper Parts, Batteries and Catalogs

A caliper is a mechanism used in measuring the length and width of objects. The tips of the caliper are used for placing on each side of the object you want to measure to securely and efficiently measure in any measuring system you’d like.

There are different types such as the inside caliper, the outside caliper, the divider caliper, the oddleg caliper and the vernier caliper.

An inside caliper is used to measure an objects internal size. An outside caliper is used to measure the outside size of an object. A divider caliper can be used to measure the distance between two points on a map or for marking out suitable pieces of working material. An oddleg caliper is used for scribing a distance along the edge of a workpiece.

A vernier caliper is the most used type and the most well known and has the best imagery. These are used for getting a direct measurement with the utmost accuracy. There are many different ways of reading the measurement, making this a very hand device and much handier than an ordinary ruler or meter stick for measuring.

Mitutoyo Calipers

Mitutoyo is a company that sells machinery for woodworking and metalworking such as calipers. In fact, they specialize in calipers and have many different types of them available to consumers nowadays from many different sources too.

They have many different products shown on their webpage at, and always offer the assistance you need with your caliper questions as well.

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Some of the calipers they have include the caliper series 500. This one is waterproof and can be exposed to any indoor conditions without so much as a scratch afterwards. They have an advanced design and styling and they come with a perfectly fitted case to keep it in! The measurements are also completely accurate.

Another one of these is the caliper series is the 573. This one is designed especially for the use of measuring items center to center or from the edge to the center, unlike its counterparts. It has jaws on the back of the slider to make reading the measurements easier, and it comes with a wooden case to store it safely in.

Yet another example of the calipers that Mitutoyo supplies is the caliper series 551. The jaws of this one are rounded, making accurate ID measurements far easier to achieve. It has an SPC output and parallax free vernier type of caliper makes it easier to get a positive reading on the scale. It also comes with its own fitted case for safety purposes.

The snap caliper series 573 has a spring mechanism inside of it that allows quick and efficient methods of checking up on more difficult parts. It has a SPC data output and comes with its own fitted plastic case, like the others. This is just another great example of a caliper by Mitutoyo.

The vast array of Mitutoyo products is available through their site on, and they have other machinery and equipment that they produce, different brands of calipers included. Some of these other services that Mitutoyo offers are mentioned below, in the next section.

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Other Mitutoyo Services

Mitutoyo doesn’t just offer the service of selling some of the best calipers on the market. They offer a wide variety of services as well as the products they sell. Here are some examples:

Digital Calipers

They don’t only sell the normal manual calipers, you know. There are digital ones you can get too these days!

These digital calipers come with an LCD screen on them that tells you the exact measurement of what you are measuring. This way, there are no more mistakes because you were looking at the reading from the wrong angle. This saves a lot of people a lot of hassle, professionals and fanatics alike!

Digital calipers are soon to be more popular than the original manual ones, which is a little sad since Mitutoyo is so great at making the old ones. But luckily for them, they make some pretty great digital ones too!

Spare Parts

For all the equipment you buy off of Mitutoyo, they also have the spare parts available for you, in case something goes wrong or you break a part of the machinery piece off. All spare parts are created specifically for your model of caliper, so that you can be certain you are getting the right part the first time. Should you have questions regarding parts from Mitutoyo you can also seek online or over the phone customer service.


Digital calipers each take different battery sizes and brands, therefore it is important to know which ones you need! Luckily, under the product information on Mitutoyo’s website, they tell you what batteries you need to use for that particular item. You can also purchase the batteries from their website if you don’t have anywhere else local!

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Mitutoyo Catalog

Like most good companies these days, Mitutoyo has a catalog available online also! This is far better than trawling through the online shop looking for deals, as you can now find all the bargains under one heading through the catalog. To request a Mitutoyo official catalog here is the website where you can enter your information, Their catalog will contain prices and images of various models that can be chosen from, however the website still contains a full listing of all their products.

While you can hold high expectations for the Mitutoyo company and the calipers that they produce, you can also expect to get the same service from some other companies, like Starrett and their Starrett calipers. However, Mitutoyo stands by their products thoroughly and they know what it takes to be a reliable business.  Consumers often seek to do business with Mitutoyo over and over again, their calipers never let you down.

Familiarize yourself with Mitutoyo and their products more online through their site, or you can request a catalog.  You are certainly going to like what you learn and you will definitely be impressed with their calipers.

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