Millermatic 211 Guide: 211, 210, 252 & 212 Millermatic Welding Machine Reviews

A welding machine is not something that you will find in a regular garage, but then again who wants to be regular anyway? And when you think about it, there are a thousand different applications in which having a welding machine close at hand comes in handy. You can use a welding machine to fix your iron fencing, do small to major repair work on your car, or maybe you want to create wrought iron furniture for your home, the possibilities are endless. And if you are looking for a welding machine for your garage or workshop then you should definitely get only the best, and only one brand name is synonymous with high quality welding equipment, Miller Welding.

Types of Welding

There are lots of different types of welding processes, but the most popular among them are Stick, TIG, and MIG welding. These three types of welding combined make up for more than 90% of all the welding done in the world every day.

Stick Welding – Stick welding is the old-fashioned way of welding. This type of welding uses a welding rod to fuse together separate pieces of metal. To use a stick welder you need to clamp a welding rod onto the holder, which looks like an oversized clamp of a jumper cable. When the rod comes in contact with the metal it gets struck like a match, and as the rod burns it melts and fuses the pieces of metal together.

MIG Welding – MIG is the acronym for Metal-Inert-Gas, which is welding that is easier than stick welding. Instead of a welding rod, MIG welding involves the use of a thin wire that is actually travels through the business end of the welding machine. You no longer have to worry about replacing welding rods because you only need to pull a trigger and the soldering wire will get fed through automatically. Even though MIG welding is the easiest among the three types of welding it is by no means an easy process as a whole, you still need to have the proper training for you to handle MIG welding properly.

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TIG Welding – This is by far the most difficult kind of welding process, but it is also the one the produces more beautiful looking and stronger welds. TIG welding involves the uses of higher electrical currents and hotter temperatures. What makes TIG welding hard is that unlike MIG and Stick welding, the wire is hand fed into the electric arc created by the machine. You need a steady hand and lots of concentration to TIG weld.

Looking at these three types of welding, the more practical choice for a welding machine that you should get for your garage would be a MIG welder, like the Millermatic 211.

Miller Welding

Miller has always been at the forefront when it comes to quality welding machines. If you take a look inside the workshops of top car customizers and repair shops you will most likely see the familiar blue color of Millermatic welding machines. For more than 80 years, Miller has been creating high-quality and high-performance welding machines, making them the obvious choice if you want a welding machine of your own.

Different Millermatic Models for Home Use

The Millermatic 211 – The 211 is the quintessential garage and small workshop welding machine. It’s small size means that it is easy to find space in your garage for storage. And unlike other welding machines where you have to set the current passing through the machine, the Millermatic 211 has an autoset feature. This means you no longer have to guess how much electricity you need, just set the diameter of the wire you’re using and the thickness of the metal you are welding into the machine and you are all set to weld. The 211 also comes with the patented MVP or multi-voltage-plug so you can use it on any available electrical outlet in your house by simply switching the plug.

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Millermatic 212 – This has basically the features as the 211 but with more power for welding even thicker pieces of metal. Some additional features on the 212 is the manual mode settings so you can precisely adjust the electricity going through the welding gun, good for welding rather soft metals like aluminum. It also has a feature that keeps the welding output constant even if the input electricity is fluctuating.

Millermatic 252 – This is the grand-daddy of the Millermatic welding machines meant for the home. This has the most power output and can weld together materials up to half an inch thick in just a single pass; the Millermatic 252 is for the more serious garage welder. The features of the 252 include the Auto Gun Detect technology where it automatically detects the settings of a welding gun and automatically adjusts itself to the proper voltage. This Millermatic is best for experienced professionals who are seeking the use of a high-quality welder for their home projects as well.

Where To Get Millermatic Welding Machines

The most convenient way of purchasing your own Millermatic MIG welding machine is through the official website of Miller. There you will find the current Millermatic 211 price, and where you can get them from. Besides their products, Miller also provides video tutorials and other downloadable resources so you can make better use of your Millermatic.

Millermatic Welding Machines

Miller truly deserves to be on the top of the welding machine market. They continually raise the bar on performance and practicality. Case in point is their Millermatic welding machines; even though they are powerful enough to weld thick materials together, they are still quite easy to use that even beginners can use them properly. The Millermatic 211, with its Autoset feature means you no longer have to guess on what settings the machines needs to weld properly. So if you are looking for a welding machine that is simple to operate yet powerful enough to get the job done right, then the Millermatic 211 is the best choice for you.

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