Miller Welding Helmets Review Guide: Elite Helmet, Replacement Parts & Auto Darkening

Welding helmets are the headgears that are worn during the various welding processes to protect the face and neck. Since the welding processes can be quite dangerous these helmets should provide you the safety and protection. Some of the brand names that you will come across while doing your comparison shopping are: Miller, Lincoln, Jackson, Hobart and Speed-glass as well as many other manufacturers that offer quality products. The price ranges can vary from under one hundred dollars to a couple of hundred dollars depending on the type of the helmet you are getting. Following are the descriptions of some of these known branded welding helmets:

Miller Welding Helmets
Miller welding helmets are known for its distinctive graphic designing which are not only stylish but are also made from high quality material. Following are some of the helmets by Miller:

1)      Miller 231405 Pro-hobby Eagle II Welding Helmet:

The main features of the Miller Eagle II auto darkening helmet are as under:

  • Viewing field 1-9/16″ x 3-7/8″
  • Type Variable shade #8 – #12
  • Lens Speed 1/12,000 second lens power control
  • Manual – On Auto – Off Grind Mode
  • Internal adjustment Delay Control
  • Slow/Fast Arc Sensors
  • Power Supply replaceable alkaline batteries (2)
  • 2000 hours Cover lens
  • Warranty 2 year

2)      Miller 237744 Elite Welding Helmet:

Miller elite welding helmet comes with the accessory package containing the helmet bag, replacement cover and a comfort cushion. There is an auto-On and Auto Off grind mode and well plenty of other remarkable features. It takes the 5amps Power supply and comes with the replaceable lithium battery.

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If you buy this miller elite welding helmet from Amazon, you will save around $46 and will get it only in $309.

Miller Welding Helmets Replacements Parts

The Miller electronics has a reputable name and they have also created some Miller welding helmets replacement parts, there is a famous helmet replacement headgear 770246.

It can be attached to the following Miller welding helmets:

·         Pro-Hobby(tm)

·         Miller XLix(tm)

·         Digital Elite(tm)

·         Miller Elite(tm)

·         Titanium(tm) auto-darkening welding helmet

·         Digital Elite(tm) and

·         Performance(tm)

Hobart 770424 XVS Series Welding Helmet Black:

Technical Details of this Hobart welding helmet:

  • Variable Shade 9-12
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standards
  • Total Reaction Time 1/12,000-seconds.
  • Delay Controls and Lens Sensitivity
  • Replaceable 2 AAA Batteries
  • Adjustable head suspension and adjustable delay time
  • Dark shade protection
  • Viewing area, 3-1/2″ x 1-1/2″

Lincoln K3028-1 Black Viking Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 2450 Series

This Lincoln welding helmet is solar powered auto darkening helmet and it comes with a host of accessories. Some of the features of this Lincoln welding helmet are as follows:

  • Delay adjustable from dark back to light stat
  • Magnifying cheater lens capable
  • Infinite control of shades
  • Extra cover lens enclosed

Auto Darkening Mig Welding Helmet

Product Features:

  • Due to outside sensitivity adjustments, it provides perfect vision before and during welding process.
  • It is light weight, durable and the material used is corrosion protected and flame resilient.
  • It contains the ultra-high performance filters which protects against IR and UV.
  • Variable shades in helmets from DIN 9 to DIN13
  • It complies perfectly with DIN, EN, and ISO safety standard.
  • The good thing about the Mig welding helmet is that it is only of $79.99
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Jackson welding helmets

If you are looking for some high quality Jackson welding helmets then you should go for Jackson Welding Helmet – Renegade Next-Gen Auto Dark Lens 24044.

The main features of this helmet are:

·         Very light weight only 6 ounces. Due to this reason you can work consistently for hours without having the neck tension or any fatigue.

·         Not only it is light weight but it is excellent for coverage and style as well.

·         Variable Shades 9-13 four redundant sensors in a staggered design

However if you are looking for a cheap Jackson welding helmet then you should go for Jackson Safety Welding Helmet HSL100 Hell-raiser. If you get this from Amazon, you will get in only $54 with the saving of $17.32.

The main features of this helmet are as follows:

·         It has a slim shell design which allows you to work perfectly in tight spaces.

·         It weighs 13.8 ounces only.

·         The standard shade is 10 filter places and the cover is installed at the factory which makes sure you are safe against sparks, fumes and slag.

Speedglas welding helmet

Speedglas welding helmet introduces a welding helmet specifically for women. It is known as 3M 07-0012-31WP Speedglas Women’s Wild-N-Pink 100 Series Welding Helmet.

The main features of this helmet are as follows:

·         Exceptional performance, it contains an auto-darkening welding filter.

·         It provides outstanding protection along with comfort and a standard which the women would absolutely love.

·         The Speedglas 100 welding helmet can be made use of with most arc welding processes, such as stick (MMA), MAG/MIG and TIG applications which are greater than 10 amps.

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Another good Speed-glass welding helmet is 3M SPEEDGLAS 9100XX WELDING HELMET. The main features of this welding helmet are as follows

·         It contains the auto-darkening welding filter.

·         This helmet is deeper and wider which provides greater coverage for the extended ears and the neck.

·         This does not create any pressure on the head and has multiple adjustment options.

·         The helmet is light weight and is made from durable materials providing you complete safety from sparks and flames.

A Review for Miller 231405 Welding Helmet stated that it’s the best for the learning students as it is very light weight. Another liked the Hobart 770424 XVS Series and commented that its feature of replaceable batteries is really great and it’s the best helmet for a mid-range customer. Others stated it as the safest & most stylish helmet on the market.

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