Miller Weld Guide: Projects Plus MIG & TIG & Stick Welding Calculators & Estimators

Miller Electric Manufacturing Company started in 1929 with only its founder, Neils Miller operating his business.  Now with over 1,450 employees, it has grown to be the world’s largest manufacturer of cutting and arc welding equipments. During the time when Wisconsin was still a rural area, Miller already recognized and addressed the requirement for an affordable arc welder that would be utilizing the type of electricity available in their area. This type of sensitiveness and responsiveness to customers’ needs made this company a global leader in manufacturing welding equipments and it is now setting the industry’s standards of quality and reliability. As a leader in the business, Miller is continually introducing new products and technology which include the New Spectrum Extreme Plasma Cutters.

What is MIG Welding?

Metal Inert Gas welding which is also called Gas Metal Arc Welding is a welding process especially developed for non-ferrous metals and Aluminium. Through a welding gun, which is directly connected to a direct current with an electrode, two pieces of two metals are joined together. This process was introduced in 1940’s and was quite expensive but in 1971 Miller introduced the all-in-one MIG welder, which has very affordable price and is absolutely user-friendly with its Millermatic series. This innovation turned many small shops into multi-million dollar production businesses.

What is TIG Welding?

Tungsten inert gas welding is the method of bringing together magnesium, aluminium and other reactive metals. During this process an arc is formed between the tungsten electrode and the surfaced to be joined together. This process is used in both manual and high quality welding jobs. Argon or Helium or combination of the two gas shields is commonly used for TIG welding to ensure high welding speed and penetration. But since Argon is heavier than air it provides better welding coverage so it is preferred by most welders. Miller developed a series of models designed for different applications of this for this welding process. Miller Diversion models which are ideal for personal use are applied to automotive, sport aviation and motor sports. The Miller Dynasty Series which has faster travel speed and optimum puddle and arc control are designed for more serious jobs like maintenance and repair, fabrication and manufacturing. The Miller Syncrowave series is designed for industrial applications.

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What Is Stick Welding?

Stick or covered electrode welding is one of the most frequently and widely welding processes. It is also called Shielded Metal Arc Welding During the stick welding process, the flux which is used to cover the electrode is melted. Then the gas and slag are formed to shield the arc and the weld pool. Millers SMAW models include the Thunderbolt series for light welding tasks, Maxstar Series which can be used in most metals for heavier jobs and the Goldstar series which has the highest welding amperage and designed for industrial applications.

MIG/TIG/Stick Welding Calculator and Welding Estimators

Prior to any welding jobs, it is important to know its variables and parameters to make sure that the equipments and materials you are going to acquire will comply to your specifications. With the Miller weld calculators, you will get the closest and fastest approximates. These calculators got all bases covered including the thickness of material being welded, wire size, wire feed speed, shielding gas, voltage range and amperage range. Miller weld calculators are very useful references for weld specifications, wire and electrode type, process information and techniques for TIG, Stick or MIG. 3-pack (for TIG/MIG/Stick) metric calculators are available at $4 each.

Welding estimators and calculators can accurately cost welds, welding projects and components. These can also produce quick costing and comparisons thus saving you time in getting the most cost effective welding process.

Aside from cost efficiency safety of the users is a very important aspect of this business, so it is always emphasized by the people of Miller the strict adherence to manuals and instructions. There are free eTraining courses and guidelines provided.  For miller welding charts and safety tips, you can click on

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Miller Welding Projects

Miller, as part of its commitment to find ways how to best serve its customers holds an annual welding projects challenge. It does not only help the clients to express their creativity but also to have fun and active ways of realizing self improvement and cultivate their passion. Miller provides trusted and reliable plans and instructions for creative welders thus several great and very functional ideas are carried out. This company is devoted to promote welding processes and support all endeavours that contribute to the industry.

These very interesting welding projects which are divided into several categories according to usage, including:

  • At the Shop or Work Station – examples:  grinder stand, welding positioner, knife glade grinder, welding tool and cart
  • At Home – examples: custom handrail, bedroom set, wood stove, entertainment centre, decorative cabinets, different kind of chairs
  • Farm and Ranch-examples: iron table, calf shelter, snowplow extension, grapple fork, spurs and horseshoe arts
  • Metal Art – examples: school junk arts and metal figures
  • Lawn and Garden – examples: grills and fire pits, swing sets and slide flat forms, creative mail boxes, fire house smoker
  • Auto and Cycle – examples: air tank bumper, catch tank, cover for a smog tank, RV gate suspension, sub frame cradle
  • Recreation – examples: treadle pottery wheel, RC roll bar and bumper, sand wheelchair, bar trikes, bait tanks

Miller Welding Table

The new Miller Welding table which is called the ArcStation, is a very versatile working table with extensive line of clamping and tooling devices. What is more interesting is you can customize the fixtures when you order for a unit. It is modular meaning you can integrate the only fixtures that you need for your welding job. The most basic table is available at $352 while the more complex models are priced at $778.

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More than 50 years ago, the 1st welding generator powered by gas was designed by Miller. Today, the most popular products in the industry which are Miller’s Trailblazers and Bobcat are solid proofs that this company is shaping the future. Through the years it has been trusted and relied upon by customers because of its commitment to help create industry effective solutions and to deliver value.

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