Miller 211, 212 and 140 Welders: Guide, Reviews and Prices

The Miller Electric Manufacturing Company also popularly known as “The Big Blue” pioneered the welding industry in the United States. Since 1929, the company has been responsive to the welding needs of its customers which paved the way to introduction of innovative products which only Miller can manufacture. The company introduced the very affordable all-in-one MIG welder in 1971 with amazing user friendly features which is called Millermatic series. This revolutionary product is instrumental in turning many small shops into multi-million dollar production businesses. Because of this, Miller welders have not only become an indispensable ally in establishing successful business, but in building dreams as well.

The company owner, Neils Miller almost single handedly brought The Big Blue to where it is today, because he is a man with vision who can clearly anticipate and foresee the demands and requirements of welders. The trademark features of Miller welders make it an industry leader for almost a decade.

Miller 211

Millermatic 211 is an all-in-one wire welder with a breakthrough control which automatically sets the equipment to proper welding parameters. It has the capacity to weld 24 gauged to 3.8 inch thick metal in just a single pass which makes it the highest output model in its class. For other wide range applications, it can also be adjusted manually, so whether you need to weld aluminium materials or stainless and mild steel, this model is totally dependable.

 Like other premium Miller welders, the Millermatic 211 has a patented Smooth Start feature which allows suave spattering-free start up. Its multi-voltage plug (MVP), which is another Miller exclusive feature, lets the user to use the machine in either 130v or 230v power input without the need for an automatic voltage regulator tool or an adaptor. A trouble-free and quick set-up is achievable with its Double Cast Aluminium Drive Technology. Safety feature is one of the foremost concerns of this company, thus the Thermal Overload Protection is incorporated in this unit. It automatically shuts-off the welder when overheating is sensed and then readjusts when the temperature goes back to normal. The unit and its parts are also protected from damage with its original Short Circuit Protection attribute.

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Miller 211 has the most versatile capacity in small MIG welding category because it can be used with simple home welding jobs to more complicated and bigger farm and ranch welding tasks.

Miller 140

Like the miller 211, the Miller 140 is loaded with the same exclusive features which make it a stand out in small MIG category. The difference between the two models is Miller 140 has smaller output capacity, meaning it can weld 24 gauged to 3.16 inch thick mild steel. This model is very ideal for simple garage and home welding jobs. Unlike the Miller 211, it can only be operated on 115V power input with welding amperage range of 30 to 140 amps. In terms of quality performance and durability however, it is one of the best small welding equipment available in the market today. It is very handy and yet powerful enough even after long hours of usage. Considered as a little mean machine, it can effectively do its welding task whether you are just a beginner or an experienced welder. It can easily be transported thereby allowing a remote or off site task easier in just a short time,

Miller 212

Miller 212 is also an all-in one auto-set welder but is more heavy duty as compared to Miller 211. Its application is more suitable to farms and ranch which require larger and more serious welding tasks. It can be operated on 208V to 230V power input with rated output of 160 amps. Miller 212 is equipped with long 15 ft. M-25 MIG gun for larger work area and it additional features include the EZ Change Low Cylinder Rack which a trademark feature for miller welders, so there is no need to lift the cylinder when rolling it on and off the rack. There is also a cooling system incorporated called Fan-On Demand which works only when needed thus minimizing operating cost and maintenance. This model does not only provide precise welding settings in an instant, it also comes with the best warranty coverage in the industry.

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Miller 211 for Sale/Price

Base model price for Miller 211 starts at US$1272.  Applicable taxes, delivery fees and set up are not included in this price range. has complete model and pricing details for this model. It has also suggested accessories and attachments which you may require for your welding needs. is currently offering this model at a specially reduced price of US$972. Spool guns, optional consumable kit and cover are sold separately.  offers it from $1035 to $1269.25 price range depending on shipping arrangements. You can avail this model conveniently from these online stores and can even request complete details and information about the product before purchasing it. The price range of Miller 211 is regarded very reasonable especially if you are going to take into consideration its helpful and very useful features which cannot be found in other brands within the same category.

Miller 211 Reviews

Miller 211 so far has been receiving fantastic reviews both from novice and experienced welders. Its most amazing feature for them is its auto set control which takes welding job to another level. It produces excellent and deeply penetrating welds and its MVP plug system is deemed to be a must for all other electronic equipments. Considering its quality, durability and performance, Miller 211 is a bargain and a very good deal as you acquire a real all-in one welder in the truest sense of the word. You will be able to get more than of your money’s worth as it can be used for a long time even if you will be using with occasional serious welding jobs. Parts, accessories and attachments are also readily available so is the company’s efficient after sales service. This gives customers a sense of security when it comes to unexpected breakdowns and upgrading matters. Even professional welders are affirming the reliability of this model and conclude that Miller 211 is the epitome of reliability and longevity.

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